A Family and Home for Popcorn!

All dogs deserve a loving forever family, but it’s a little more poignant when a dog who was neglected finds his true loves. Popcorn was left in a hallway for a year without grooming or care until BCFS rescued this sweet bichon cross, and now he’s happily in the arms of his new family!

popcornadopted1-19-17cropsharpNew parents Dean and Penny adopted Popcorn 

It’s gratifying to see Popcorn find his new home and know he’ll never suffer neglect again. Popcorn’s foster mom and her dogs provided the stability, care and socialization Popcorn needed to overcome his neglect.


Popcorn learned to walk well on a leash, played well with his foster siblings and loves his toys!


His foster mom said he was quick to bond, and after a short time he got used to being picked up. This handsome little guy is a charmer.


popcorn12-8fromtammy2We love Popcorn’s winning smile!

In foster care 4-year-old Popcorn had the chance to blossom and heal, and he became a happy-go-lucky little guy. Now he has even more reason to be happy.

Thank you to his new family Dean and Penny for adopting Popcorn!

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