A Big Change

Due to personal reasons and life struggles Amy Bremner is opting to tentatively step down as a board member and President of BCFS.


Amy will always be the founder and hold a special place in the hearts of many, but she needs to take some time to work out the next phase of life.

Brent Lindhurst has been appointed by the board of directors to be the interim President and board member.  Silvana Cronier will be donning many hats beyond her role as Adoption Coordinator. Ellyse and Lori are working on grants, fundraising and posts for the website. We have a new writer Shelley Labreaque, a professional writer, who will be contributing to BCFS posts. Megan and Lauren will continue to care for the permeant residents in Wainfleet.


We appreciate all those who are stepping in and stepping up to keep BCFS a float during this time of change. We’re proud to say BCFS is more than just Amy Bremner, its a whole crew of animal lovers looking to change the world… ¬†one animal at a time.


Thank you.

6 thoughts on “A Big Change”

  1. Amy, so proud of you for knowing when you need ME time! Well done! May this time provide you with all the love, support,healing and nurturing you need!

    Big hugs,
    Deborah Bonk

  2. Sorry to hear that you are stepping down. You take care of yourself. Take some time for some much needed rest. Love you

    1. Sometimes you need to take time for yourself to be able to take care of others!! All the best to Amy and family! Hope that Jackson is going to be ok considering the injuries he sustained. Keep in touch when you can and let us know! Best of luck for the future!

  3. I will miss the stories that you write about the animals, but you must look after yourself first, take I feel as a much needed rest. Will send healing and love to all that is involved in the BCFS for the rest of time. It is also great to have such wonderful people that you can count on, that my friend in today’s world is the best feeling and to know you yourself that you are loved deeply.

  4. Take care of you and your family and you have putt the lives of fur babies of all kinds first for so long. Best of luck and thank you.

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