Orphaned Kittens Adopted


Tiny black and white kittens were surrendered to the Humane Society after being found motherless in April 2018. They were so little at 2 to 3 weeks old and surprisingly hungry.


The Humane Society asked if BCFS could take these two tiny beans and the answer was yes.  They ate well, were de-wormed and treated with Advantage for fleas.


They thrived in the foster home being bottle fed by foster mom Leisa.  Initially, the black female kitten was touch and go, but she fought for her life and is now a spunky explorer.


The black and white male kitten purrs loudly and loves being a lap cat.

We are happy that the kittens have been adopted together.  Riggins, Natalie & Michael’s 3 ½ year old Austrlian Shepherd/Collie mix, can’t wait to be with them as he misses their previous cat dearly.


A big thank you to Leisa for fostering these 2 little kittens and thank you to BCFS’s volunteer Elisabeth for kitten sitting as needed.

Congratulations to the sweet orphaned kittens for finding their forever home with Natalie, Michael and fur-brother Riggins.






Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop Fundraiser

silvana cronier at open house october

Adoptions Coordinator & Reiki Master Silvana Cronier will be running another Pet/Animal Reiki Fundraising Workshop with half of the registration fees being donated to BCFS to help care for the animals.

animal reiki workshop horse

Calling on all Reiki/Energy Practitioners who are animal lovers and feel a strong connection with the animal kingdom to come out and learn valuable skills in giving Reiki to animals.


The Workshop will run from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at BCFS’s new farm location in Wainfleet.  Workshop fee is $100.00, with half going directly to BCFS and a charity donation receipt will be provided to each Practitioner.  Practitioners will receive a reference manual, a certificate and be able to work hands on with the animals at the farm during the workshop.  Practitioners will be required to have either their Level 1 Reiki or any other Energy Healing Certificate to attend.  Pre-registration is required before Friday September 14, 2018.  Lunch will be provided.bun

Click on link below  to register on-line

Registration Form

Follow link below to read about previous workshop

Previous Workshop




Update on Scarlett


Scarlett, a blind 2-year-old Shih Tzu, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in April 2018 after travelling over 450 miles from New Jersey.  Weighing in at approximately 8 pounds, this teeny girl was having difficulties finding a home in NJ and was therefore transferred to the care of BCFS.  This story has a very happy ending as Scarlett found her perfect forever home with new mom Joy and fur sister Hailey.


Joy is simply ecstatic to have Scarlett in her life.  She is just a tiny cling-on wanting to be by her side constantly.  She has a very good appetite.  When she finishes her food she goes to Hailey’s dish to sniff and finish off what she has left.  Scarlett also finishes her treats before Hailey and then likes to stand by in case Hailey does not finish hers.


Joy is still working on housetraining.  Scarlett suffers from separation anxiety and Joy does not leave her for too long and does take her when and wherever she can.  Scarlett just loves the car rides.


Within a short time, Scarlett navigated around the house remarkably well.  Her blindness does not seem to stop her as she climbs up the steps outside to come in the house and she climbs up 5 steps from the lower level to the entrance landing and then another 5 steps to the upper level.  She jumps up on all the couches, but  going down is difficult.


All of us at BCFS are very happy that Scarlett has found her perfect forever home.


Saying Goodbyes

We say goodbye to an animal being adopted.          Tears of Joy.


We say goodbye to animals who have died.   Tears of Sorrow.

283841_10150699591380316_6932176_nIts been a few days since we have said goodbye to Nelly and my heart still aches at her empty stall. A few tears fall onto the dusty ground and I walk on…

168293_10152789822605316_1101165871_nI’ve said goodbye to so many animals over the years and I’m not sure how many more my strong heart can manage. Today is a sad day for me.


I know tomorrow will be a better day. I know tomorrow brings the much needed time to help these feeling pass, but today? Today I grieve.

gus face

For all those grieving a loss take some time to grieve, but don’t let it bury you. Give it time. Sweet time to help ease the ache.

Autumn and me

Today is rainy and bleak and matches my mood. I’m going to wallow in today and let tomorrow bring what it will…

To all my loves… I miss you. xoxo Mom. 


scout with family

Scooter (Scout) Update


Scout renamed Scooter, a 4-month-old Jack Russel Terrier mix, was adopted April, 2018.  She joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in March, 2018 as an owner surrender. True to her breed, this sweet pup is a bundle of energy.

We received an update from Adoptive dad Bob


She has a lot of energy and is doing well with training, usually one accident a day. (not unusual for a young pup).  She loves the grandchildren and loves to play fetch and be outside.  She is a bit of a handful, always into something, but she adores Bob and goes wherever he is.


Scooter can be mischievous as seen above stealing a shoe.


On one occasion as Bob was feeding the birds some bread, Scooter decided to steal it and not give it back.


Lucky for Bob he has two young grandchildren and a grand puppy to keep Scooter entertained.

Thank you Bob, from all of us at BCFS, for your patience with this very busy pup!



Roscoe: Available for Adoption! – Adopted

Handsome sportsman looking for love and friendship.

Interests include: playing fetch, jogging/running, retrieving sticks in the lake, chewing fun toys, learning and showing off tricks, figuring out how stuff works, keeping an eye on things.

Loves: playing, attention, affection, belly rubs, naps, foster dad.

Meet Roscoe!  (Yes, he really is this good looking).


Roscoe is a five year old Labrador and Border Collie mix.  Intelligent, playful, joyful, exuberant and friendly are all excellent descriptors for this sweet fellow.


He has plenty of energy and would do best with an outdoorsy person or persons.  Likely too boisterous for younger children.  Would be great with active teens.


Is housebroken, and walks well on leash. Has had obedience training and is doing very well with refresher lessons.  Has lived with a cat and apparently is respectful of felines. Likes other dogs, but may need some direction to ensure he plays in a mannerly way.  Enjoys his food and treats but is not a foodie and does not beg.


Challenges with Roscoe have been: some separation anxiety (to do with his foster dad more than his mom), some excitability, and some barking while outside–but usually for a reason.  He has a healthy pair of lungs, so may not be suited to close quarters with neighbours.  Ideally he would have a large yard to play fetch in, and someone in the home who runs regularly and would enjoy an enthusiastic running partner.

He is quite able to be calm and relaxed and just hang out as well.  He simply needs to have exercise and some mental work for his Border Collie brain, and then he settles beautifully.


His ideal people or person would be willing to continue with some training to polish up this rough diamond.  He is very bright and catches on quickly.  Enjoys learning and having jobs to do. He has given himself the job of guarding his foster home, for example.


Do you have room in your heart and  home for this lovely boy?




Baby Kittens

The same day we took in two orphaned kittens the Humane Society called BCFS to ask if we could take 6 ten day old kittens. The mother was injured and slated to be euthanized.

mama and kittens

The phone tree was activated and we looked for homes to help with these babies. Our cat expert asked if the mother could be saved, a quick call later and we were accepting the mother too.

We immediately took the mama and six kittens to the vet for assessment. X-rays didn’t show any bone damage, but the mama was having difficulty ambulating on her hind end. Partially paralyzed.

mama kitten

The vet would keep mama and the six babies overnight for observation and fluids. Mama was still nursing and caring for the babies.

mama and kittens

After two days at the vet hospital Mama and the kittens were moved into the loving care of a foster home. We always hope for happy endings, but unfortunately this isn’t a story with an entirely happy ending.


Three of the kittens quickly deterioriated and passed quietly in their sleep. Mama deteriorated as well and was become aggressive. She no longer cared for the kittens and was uncomfortable…. suffering.

The board, foster family and our veterinary discussed the possibilities and it decided with heavy hearts to have Mama euthanized. The vets at Dunnville put their heads together and decided that it was likely a spinal cord injury from trauma.


Three healthy survivors will be looking for homes. These are very special kittens who managed to thrive with the help of our wonderful foster home.


Would you consider one of these babies to be your own? They have been bottle fed and are very people oriented.




Scarlett was Adopted!

Scarlett, a blind 2-year-old Shih Tzu, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in April 2018 after traveling over 450 miles from New Jersey. Weighing in at approximately 8 pounds, this teeny girl was having difficulties finding a home in NJ and was therefore transferred to the care of BCFS.


Scarlett lost one of her eyes in December 2017 when it prolapsed and needed to be removed surgically. One year later she went blind in her other eye for unknown reasons. She seems to have some vision but can’t jump off furniture or do the stairs. That being said, Scarlett has great hearing and rarely barks.


Since being in foster care, she has proven to be extremely cuddly and affectionate. She prefers to be with her humans all the time and has separation anxiety when left alone, causing her to poop in her kennel. She has mastered peeing outside and will poop outside if taken on a long walk. She does not seem to enjoy the snow (can you blame her?) but is starting to get used to the grass.


It didn’t take long before our sweet girl was scooped up by her forever family. Joy, a lovely woman with past rescue dog experience and a Maltese-Shih-tzu mix named Hailey, welcomed Scarlett into her new home just a few short weeks after joining our rescue. Congratulations to Joy, Hailey, and Scarlett on finding the perfect match!


We have already received an update as to how Scarlett is adjusting in her new digs. According to Scarlett’s new mama:

“She is the most adorable precious, cutest, good natured little dog I  have ever seen.  So sweet!!  I have had   her outside a few times.  We had visits with my neighbours and their little dogs and she is so likeable with them. She is eating well and plays with the toys I have.  She is simply glued to me at all times.  So good natured.  She slept on the bed with me and Hailey last night and all night, although I was extremely nervous of her falling off, it was a success.  she will be going to my vet this week.   Hailey is very respectful towards her so that is a good thing.”

We are thrilled that Scarlett is doing so well already and appears very well loved by Joy and Hailey.


Goodbye Nelly…

Nelly arrived on our doorstep in the spring of 2009 after losing her equine best friend. Nelly had spent ten years in a field with a horse, until the horse passed leaving Nelly alone.


Nelly’s owner pulled into our driveway with a chubby white goat in the back of a pickup truck and said:

Horse died, she said in tears. Goat is sad and lonely. I see you have a horse in your field, do you think Nelly the goat could come live with your horse? She’s 10 years old…. Please. She loves horses. 

Just out of the blue. She saw the horse in the field and stopped with a glimmer of hope to find a home for Nelly.  It would likely be a good match as goats and horses are both herd animals…

… so I said yes and Nelly became one of our first unofficial residents. 

Nelly bonded to our old horse Autumn and the pair kept each other company for years. We moved to Wainfleet and Nelly came with us.


She started to deteriorate in 2017. Slower to rise, tougher to eat, urinating blood. We had the vet out, started her on antibiotics and pain medications for the arthritis. Nelly bounced back with life and vigour. She was busy bossing everyone around and making sure the young goats did not step out of line.

17446_367298765315_5229478_nIn March of 2018 Nelly’s front legs became deformed, due to arthritis causing mobility issues. She had bad days, but seemed to bounce back. We had to give Nelly her own stall with private paddock because Sweet Peas (also a goat) was beating up on Nelly and Nelly could no longer defend herself.

Nelly became fragile.


May 2018

In May 2018 we knew it was time. Nelly wasn’t eating and the light had faded in her usually bright eyes. The kindest thing we could do was give Nelly a peaceful end of days.

nelly in stall 2018

In the morning of May 11, 2018, in her twentieth year, we laid Nelly to rest with the help of our trusted large animal vet Dr. Sherry.

Dr Sherry was very kind, gave condolences and a big hug. She smelled fresh, like soap and freshly cut hay.

nelly in hay 2018

Nelly was one of the original animals who saw the creation of BCFS. She is the last one remaining of that core group. We’re sad at Nelly’s passing and wish her a safe journey over the rainbow bridge. Autumn has been waiting for you.