Sweet Pea and MT up for Adoption!


Sweet Pea is an adorable little white goat that loves people. She’s about 2 years old and is bonded with her duck MT. They must be adopted together.


MT is a bit shy and doesn’t like cuddles, but he sings a sweet song and loves his goat.


This funny pair is looking for a home together on a farm only. Having other goats would be a delightful bonus, but both are familiar with horses and pigs too.


If you’ve got a hobby farm and you’re looking for new friends check out BCFS!



Scarlett: Blind 2 year old Shih Tzu ready for Adoption! – ADOPTED

Scarlett was trying to find a new home in NJ and it just wasn’t happening, since she went blind she started pooping in her crate when left alone. This sweet girl is about 8 pounds and very tiny for a shih tzu. She’s a gloriously happy little dust mop!


Scarlett lost one eye in December 2017 when it prolapsed and needed to be removed surgically. Sadly, in February 2018 she went blind in her other eye – unknown reason. Foster mom believes she has some vision in the one eye.

This sweet girl is cuddler and a lover. It took a village to get her from NJ to BCFS, but we managed. Special thanks to Janice & Marcia, Jill & Mechille, Mandy, Jeannine and Nadia. Without people volunteering to help transport would have been impossible.

Mandy did the first leg picking up in NJ and meeting Janice & Marcia in Long Island where Scarlett was driven to Albany! So many thanks!

Scarlett would be picked up by Jill and Mechille and kept over night. She spent her night cuddling and watching Netflix. In the morning her journey continued, driven by Jeannine, who brought her to Rochester where Nadia drove the final leg to Scarlett’s new foster home. Over 450 miles all done by volunteers who drove and paid for gas to get this sweet girl into the care of BCFS.


From Scarlett’s foster mom:

She is piddling all the time outside, pooping outside if gone for long walk and no snow (doesn’t like snow) getting the hang of grass slowly, has separation anxiety when left alone so poops in kennel, extremely cuddly and affectionate And can eat everything. Loves to be with you all the time…has some vision but can’t do stairs or jump off furniture. She is a cutie Pattie.

She has excellent hearing and rarely barks!


Do you have lots of time to cuddle sweet Scarlett? This little one would do well in a house with another little dog. Due to her size children and big dogs would be unsafe. Open your heart and your home to this wee discarded dog.


BCFS Visits Pet value April 20-22!

Pet value is running an event to help support our local rescue Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary! Friday will be a bit of a quiet starter from 3-6 pm and will feature the bunnies of BCFS.


Saturday we will be there from 11-4 with a clown for entertainment from 12-2pm. We will also be running a bake sale to raise funds, so bring some pocket change to pick up a cupcake or cookies! Featured on Saturday will be Peppa the pig, the bunnies, dogs and kittens!


Sunday is all about the wrap up! Come get good pricing on bake sale items and meeting the bunnies and Peppa.

Come out, make a donation and buy some baked goods!! We really need your support! We are 100% volunteer based and nobody takes a paycheque. We are supported by donations and events like these. Over 75% of funds raised go towards vet bills. Please help!


Pet value has run events for us in the past that helped raise hundreds of dollars and a huge donation of product was donated!


We thank you Pet Value Port Colborne!



Scout 4 month old female mix jack russell adopted!

Scout is a still a baby at 4 months and yet is heading into her fifth home already. She’s a high energy baby who comes with a lot of love!


She has been passed on from home to home because of her energy level, which is very very high. She’s a wonderfully happy and curious pup, who tends to get into …. everything. lol.

She’s cute and has puppy breath. All she wants is your love and attention… and that squeaky toy, sneaker, blanket, kibble, food bowl, leash, garbage, plants, ball… 


Thank you to Jacklynne Russell Photography for the amazing pictures!

From Scout’s Foster Mom: 

Scout is very friendly and playful. She is a happy little girl full of love. She loves to play tug of war, or hide your slippers. Her tail never stops wagging and she’s constantly puts a smile on our faces. 


She gets along well with our pups and is always game for an adventure. She’s good in the car and her house training is coming along nicely. 

no beer was consumed
no beer was consumed

She’s great with kids and people of all ages. I will her as a foster pup, but I’m happy to see her go onto the next chapter in her furever home! 

Congratulations to Scout and her new family!


Happy Family!!!!

scout with family


Kevin: The little Bunny – Adopted

Kevin is a Netherland Dwarf rabbit who was an owner surrender to the Humane Society. He wasn’t socialized well and doesn’t like to be held. He is a cutie and on the small side.


He’ll be looking for a quiet loving home who will cherish his unique personality.   Kevin will require bi-annual dental care due to a broken tooth.

From Kevin’s foster mom:

Kevin is still not a fan of being picked up. He doesn’t mind being pet a little bit and loves his carrots! He also loves to play with toys.


If you’ve got a quiet home with lots of patience Kevin might be the guy for you!





Keller & Cricket Update

Keller and Cricket have a lot in common: they are both Chihuahuas, they both spent approximately 10 months in foster care, and they both were adopted by the same wonderful woman!



We are fortunate to have received some insight into the new lives of these two pups.


According to their new mom, Keller (pictured above) is very busy, loves to be under the covers, and has proven to be a real bed hog. He is even refusing to sleep in his crate when he knows he can instead be under the covers. Can you blame him?


Cricket (pictured above) is a cuddle bug. It took a few days, but he warmed up well to the family and now loves belly rubs. He has even been described as the “perfect little dog” and exactly what his new mom was looking for.

It took a little patience, but we are so happy that Keller and Cricket are now living the lives they deserve with their forever family.