Cricket! Adopted! Not Kidding!

The most amazing things happen in animal rescue. We found a wonderful lady who found the love in Cricket.


A bit about Cricket: 

Cricket is still a typical one person chihuahua, but he’s more accepting of company. He listens to corrections quickly and wants to please.

We’re very happy that Cricket is a happier dog. He climbs stairs, rides in the car and is more accepting of visitors, but it takes time for his to warm up to strangers.

On the sweet side Cricket is a champion cuddler, he’ll sleep snuggled with you all night on your bed and he’ll never be the first one up. He’ll sleep all day with you.


BCFS can’t explain how thrilled and excited that after ten months Cricket has finally found his loving forever home.


He’s getting extra cuddles and love everyday with fresh food, water and a comfortable bed – although, he prefers to sleep with his new mama. Curled up in her tummy sending her warm dreams.


Thank you to Cricket’s forever home for giving him a chance and waiting out those first few difficult days. He’s become just the dog you were hoping for.

We love when this happens! 





Tralee, our puppy mill survivor, was adopted early March 2018.

It was quite evident that Amanda and Tralee had a love connection at their very first meet.  Her present dog Peanut was curious about Tralee and vice versus.


We received an update the evening of the adoption from Amanda:

He does this Koala thing.  He wraps his arms and legs around me tight.  He is very strong.”

doubleHe’s already had a pee & poop outside and we had a great first night.  Everyone slept through the night.”


The very next day Amanda was able to get Tralee to walk on a leash around the block.  For a puppy mill dog, who was not leash trained, this is amazing in such a short time.  Amanda said  “Peanut is a good teacher”.

The video below is short but powerful:


Puppy mill survivors learn much quicker in a home with another dog(s) as they learn behaviour from the dog(s).


One week post-adoption we received this update from Amanda:

“Tralee is adjusting to his new home.  He is showing great signs of progress.  We are still working to overcome some of the trauma that he has endured but he is building trust with his new family.  He even wags his tail now!  Tralee is wearing a leash/harness and is now able to go for walks.  He takes treats (which he didn’t do initially).  He even does a little dance when he sees the bag!  He has also found his voice and will bark when someone approaches the house.  He sleeps well through the night but we are still working on potty training during the day and remains a work in progress.  He is a sweet and cuddly boy who loves belly rubs, and scratchies under his chin and ears.  His older fur brother Peanut (11) has been so patient and understanding towards Tralee.”  


BCFS would like to express our sincere gratitude once again to Amanda, David and Peanut for giving this adorable little boy a new lease on life.







Tralee, a bichon puppy mill survivor – Adopted!

The first picture we got of Tralee was a very sad looking bichon . He looked lost, forgotten and unloved.


Would BCFS take in this poor frightened puppy mill survivor, rehabilitate and find him a forever home? Did we have a spot open? Could we possibly turn him away? We couldn’t…

tralee side view

Our foster home welcomed Tralee with open arms, although it would take a few weeks for Tralee to welcome affection, we were patient.

We did notice his breath still smelled after having dental surgery, so we took Tralee to the vet for an assessment, blood work and antibiotics.

From the foster mom:

In terms of his physical health, he has three sets of stitches that will need to be removed sometime soon so will need contact info for the vet. He had many teeth extracted according to his accompanying papers but breath is quite rank. He enjoys his meals and in fact licks the bowl clean, is drinking, pooping and peeing. His urine is odiferous and concentrated.

Behaviourally, he remains quite anxious. He will not come out of his crate on his own in the morning, not even when coaxed with food. He continues to cower and run when I approach him even though we’ve spent hours cuddling. At least the above “run” is exercise otherwise he sleeps.
He has to be carried outside and simply drops and shakes, refusing to move, meaning that he is relieving himself indoors and occasionally in his cage. I’ve cautiously tried him on and off the leash outdoors with no luck.
I don’t see any of those joyful moments that I’m so used to in other dogs. He seems flat and only mildly responsive to tender touches……definitely evidence for a case against puppy mills.

Tralee’s blood work came back normal and the antibiotics were healing his mouth infection. Now that Tralee was on the road to recovery we found he became more outgoing. Foster mom talks about the first time she came home and he barked…  hope.


Leaps and bounds from the foster mom:

Tralee has been great today. Firsts barks out of the boy when I came home from shopping. Just so excited he couldn’t contain himself. Too funny!! Also took his first steps of many outside today. He had a good hour of exploring out there and seemed to really enjoy himself.

Breath is much better and gums are responding nicely to the antibiotics. So good!!
He’s really a different dog today. Is more curious, tail wagging when I approach and leaning in to sniff….all milestones since he’s been here


Even before we could advertise we had a family interested in Tralee from a single picture on Facebook. They were excited to open their home to Tralee and get their bichon a fluffy little brother.


Many thanks to Tralee’s foster mom for her dedication and patience to see this little man come into his own. Thank you!


We knew Tralee would need a very special home and a lot of patience and we are very happy that he has found the perfect home.  Congratulations Tralee and thank you Amanda and David on giving this special survivor a chance at a good life!  We are sure that their present dog Peanut and Tralee will become fast friends.


Update on Lacey


Lacey a Sweet 9 year old Shih Tzu was adopted in January of this year by a lovely couple, Ross & Marie.   I was lucky enough to visit Lacey in her new home to take pictures and do an update on her progress.


Although Lacey loves both Ross & Marie, she really has become very attached to Ross and follows him everywhere.  She is his shadow.


She loves to play with her squeaky toys but instead of making them squeak with her mouth, she prefers to roll on them until they squeak.


She is a good sleeper, loves her walks and loves to go for car rides.  If Marie does not wake up when Lacey is up she likes to put her paws up at the side of the bed and peak up at her.


Her favourite spot is under the coffee table.


All of us at BCFS are very happy that Lacey has adjusted extremely well to her new home.