Cricket: The Wonderful Chihuahua

When Cricket first came into rescue he was a challenge, but now? He’s changed. Love can do that.


Cricket is still a typical one person chihuahua, but he’s more accepting of company. He listens to corrections quickly and wants to please.

We’re very happy that Cricket is a happier dog. He climbs stairs, rides in the car and is more accepting of visitors, but it takes time for his to warm up to strangers.

On the sweet side Cricket is a champion cuddler, he’ll sleep snuggled with you all night on your bed and he’ll never be the first one up. He’ll sleep all day with you.


He’s doing very well with his housebreaking and takes himself out through the dog door to potty. He’s turned into quite a lovely little boy and gets along well with other dogs.

From the Foster Mom: I’d had a rough couple of days and was trying to rest, but couldn’t settle until Cricket came up on the bed and curled into my tummy. I could feel his warm body and I relaxed. He’s an amazing friend.


He’s not the typical nervous Chihuahua, he’s got a cool confidence that he voices on occasion, but he’s not a horrible barker.

He’s curled up sleeping beside me on the couch as the snow falls gently outside and I feel warm and loved. Good dog Cricket. Good dog.

Do you need a friend? A genuine friend who absolutely adores you? Consider Cricket. The cute four pound chihuahua.





Update on Dexter

Dexter, our 150 pound bundle of love, was adopted in January 2018 by a wonderful couple. We have heard from Dexter’s new parents, Aaron and Sonja, that things are going very well:

“Dexter has done amazingly well and has fit right in with our family.


He walks well and loves the snow.


The cats have warmed up and Dex knows to ignore them. We are so much in love. “

We are so happy to hear that things are going so well for Dexter, Aaron, Sonja, and the kitty siblings!


Roxanne (Now Annie) Has Been Adopted

Roxanne, a 2-year-old Terrier Mix, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in July 2017.  Roxanne came to BCFS an incredibly reclusive and fearful dog with a mysterious past.


While we don’t know too much about what happened in Roxanne’s early life, we do know that she eventually ended up at the Erie County Humane Society. The shelter environment proved incredibly stressful for Roxanne. Even after working with their behavioural department, Roxanne remained terrified. It was therefore decided that a foster home would be the best environment for Roxanne and she was transferred to BCFS.


With the love and patience of her foster mom, Roxanne slowly began to open up and show her true personality. Roxanne loves to go for walks and has developed quite a fan club in the neighbourhood, with everyone asking how she’s doing when her and her foster mama are in the elevator or outside.


The bond that formed between Roxanne and her foster mom, Lynne, was so strong that ‘foster home’ quickly turned ‘forever home’. Roxanne has become Lynne’s little shadow and is never too far away. At night time, Roxanne insists on sleeping right next to Lynne (even the foot of the bed is too far away!).


Congratulations to Roxanne (now Annie) and Lynne on finding the perfect match!


Life with Rescue Animals

About 90% of animals that join BCFS are healthy and well adjusted enough to be adopted out and the 10% left behind to become sanctuary animals are usually pretty quirky.

Zig the Dog

Take Zig for instance. He’s a little dog with a lion’s heart. He has an extensive bite history and we tried to adopt him out, but he couldn’t overcome his behavioural issue. He lives at the barn and keeps everyone safe. He’s small for a guard dog, but he’s very effective.

zig aug 16

Cute Fact about Zig: He loves to go face to face with people. Not a good idea with a dog with a bite history, but we can’t seem to explain it to him.


Heidi the Mini Horse 

Heidi is a mini horse who had to go to Milton Equine Hospital to have teeth removed. Its pretty tough to take out horse’s teeth, so she had to go see a dental specialist and a surgeon. She’s on a special diet of slurry hay supplements. She’s in her early 20’s and she’ll stay on here with us until her end of days.


Fun Fact about Heidi: It takes her about half an hour to eat her meals  with her few teeth and she usually has so stop part way through and have a pee.


Aggie the Cat

Aggie is an older cat who was so fearful when he came to BCFS he spent all his time hiding in a box. He refused to come out until a volunteer did reiki with him and now he runs the barn. He’s chill with new dogs and is a champion mouser. We adore our barn cat Aggie!


Interesting fact about Aggie: He loves kids. He actually loves all people and actively seeks attention, but he gets down right excited when kids come in.

Larney the Horse

Larney is a big horse we recently took in with extensive injuries to his hind leg. He’s absolutely beautiful, but its his personality that really shines. He loves people. He’s actually a horse person with more personality than many people. He’s even articulate with his affection nibbling boots and giving cheek kisses.


Fact about Larney: He loves to pull off his blanket. He’ll grab it by the front and pull it until its half off and half on. Apparently he’s warm enough. He’ll also help take your boots off if needed.



Dexter Was Adopted

Dexter, a 7-year-old St. Bernard, joined the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster program in December 2017 as an owner surrender. Weighing in at approximately 150 pounds, this big bundle of love is truly young at heart and has proven to be incredibly sweet and affectionate.


This gentle-giant just wanted a home where he could live out his retirement years surrounded by love. We are so happy to announce that he has found just that!


Dexter was adopted by a lovely couple, Aaron and Sonja, and will be welcomed by two kitty siblings, Dolce and Jimmy. Dexter’s new home has a large fenced backyard for him to romp around in and a nearby trail for him to explore on his daily walks. What a lucky boy!


We have already heard from Dexter’s new mom and dad that things are going very well so far: “First night went well.  Dexter slept through the whole night with no accidents. Cats are adjusting well, Dexter does not even really acknowledge them which is quite fine with Dolce but Jimmy has to get used to not being the biggest in the house. “


Thank you and congratulations to Dexter, Aaron, Sonja, Jimmy, and Dolce! This charming boy deserves a wonderful life and we are delighted that Dexter has found his perfect match.


Barn Yoga

We were chatting with a good friend from BCFS, lets call her Tonia, and she was telling us about her experience doing yoga in the barn with all the animals.


She said it was amazing. Listening to the animals snort and stomp and talk. A duck quacked, a goat bayed and a horse nickered. It was a very rich environment and full of positive energy.

Tonia was totally enjoying her barn yoga when she heard the plop. Her yoga mat was right beside Splash the blind pony and just as the scent of manure hit the air the yoga instructor said, “now take a deep breath.”

splashTonia thought: oh no. No that’s not going to happen.

She glanced at the next yogi beside her and made a face, which set off quiet laughing.

We guess there are some drawbacks to having yoga in the barn. lol.




Lacey 9 year old female shih tzu – Adopted

Sweet Lacey was napping in her bed when we went to meet her. There had already been so much change in her life and here we were to make even more.

Lacey was an owner surrender by a family unable to care for this sweet girl. There was nothing wrong with her… or so we thought.


Once in her foster home Lacey refused to eat and had diarrhea. We took her to our vet and did some tests to find out she has C. Diff – an infection in her intestines. Three weeks of antibiotics should do the trick! She’ll be retested prior to adoption.

DB77A827-9981-4ABC-B408-E8FA5C5B874ELacey was so sad and so sick initially that she would just lay in a corner with the most forlorn look on her sweet face.


After medications were started and a week went by Lacey started to feel better and began to play and look happy.

She is housebroken and even figured out the dog door in the first few days. She loves car rides and is good with cats and other dogs.

She’s smart, sweet, a cuddle button and a lover.


She’d love a home where her family was with her most of the time as she’s lived with a retired couple for her entire life. She’s calm, relaxed and excellent on leash. She’s a perfect little shih tzu.


We have an adoption pending for Lacy!


Panchito Update

Originally from Mexico, Panchito was welcomed into the care of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in December 2017. It did not take long before this sweet lad was scooped up by his forever family!


Life for Panchito started a bit rough – he was rescued from the streets of Yucatan, Mexico as a young pup and had to overcome a severe mange infestation and Ehrlichia. However, based on the update we have received from his new family, it seems Panchito’s luck has turned and he is now thriving.


In the words of Panchito’s new mom and dad:

“Things are going great! He’s a very sweet, happy little guy and very smart. He is just a joy and loved by everyone he meets! House training is going very well, he sleeps very well through the night, and he’s already learned to sit after just 3 attempts. He LOVES to play fetch and has discovered the toy box. He takes one, plays with it for 5 or 10 minutes, then goes back for another one until it’s empty. So fun to watch. He’s just been a pleasure since he came home.


I’m glad the cold snap is almost over so he can enjoy being outside more as well. We haven’t been able to take him for a good long walk yet but he seems to be less adverse to cold weather every day. Once it starts getting near or above zero, I think we’ll be able to take him for what will become his daily long walk in the afternoons.

We are starting obedience classes tomorrow, he’s very well behaved and smart, he has picked up on our routine nicely. But he needs some confidence building and leash work, I have no doubt that he will blossom the more we work with him. Also his coat is continuing to grow in,  and although I think the hair follicles have been permanently damaged in some areas, he will be a different looking boy by the summer.


We are thrilled to hear that things are going so well for Panchito and his new family and that he is living the life he deserves!



Puppy Adoption Stories part Two

The intake and adoption of eight puppies from the far north of Ontario has been a whirlwind adventure of kindness and love.

“Kindness is love wearing work boots”

We’ve taken care of and watched the personalities emerge from each puppy. We’ve seen a glimpse of who they will be and how they’ll handle the challenges of life.


One of the sweet calm ones in the pack, Scarlett loves to play. She is very petite and little, so that had her at the bottom of the pile frequently. She learned to be sly and she learned when to walk away. She’s a bright, loving and cuddly star of the group.




Scarlett now Michiko “Michi” is settling in great!  She is a cuddly, sweet girl who loves to play with all of us especially our two boys.  She is starting to understand walking on her leash and loves to play in her backyard!  She is the perfect addition to our family!




Oh what can we say about sweet Red?!?! She’s a doll, a lover, not a mean bone in her body. She’d rather nap on the couch than play most of the time. She was relaxed, watchful and rarely complains. Red would enjoy a quiet home with lots of cuddles and relaxing time, so it was rather fortuitous that her new mama has a peaceful home.



Red was an angel celebrating the holidays and has brought nothing but smiles to his new mama’s face. She’s a cuddle bug who is picking on house training quickly.

We predict a long and loving relationship!



We named him aptly as Brute has lived up to his name. He’s the biggest puppy of the group and plays just as hard. He’s a bit rough and tumble and could use a young person to play with. Luckily we found the perfect young man to take Brute into his home and call him a good boy.



Brute is the biggest and busiest pup in the litter and is doing his best to keep his new dad on his toes. He’s into everything and loves his family – good thing he’s cute!



One of the sweetest, busiest little blonde girls in the group of eight Goldie needed to go to a busy home with lots of activity to keep her entertained. She was always getting into something, pushing limits and absolutely loving life.



Things are going great here, Amy! Nate and Goldie getting along well, lots of playing. Nate is so incredibly tolerant!


Goldie bites his lip or his ear and he just stands there tail wagging. He hasn’t shown any aggression whatsoever.


Goldie goes for her vaccinations and deworming this aft. She’s doing pretty well with housetraining too. Been taking her out every hour or so, she’s learning! It’s a lot of work but it will pay off in the end!



Ashling Has Been Adopted!

Ashling, a blind 2-year-old American Eskimo with a cleft lip, was welcomed into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) foster care program in December, 2017.


Unsurprisingly, Ashling quickly won the affections of his foster mom and dad, Leah and Nathan. He loved to cuddle, play, and go for walks. But most of all, he loved his people!


It was this mutual love between Ashling and his foster parents, that led to Leah and Nathan adopting him. Leah and Nathan have been long-time fosters with BCFS, but said that there was just something about Ashling that they couldn’t say goodbye to (can you blame them?).


In the word’s of Ashling’s mom, Leah:
“Sometimes a dog comes into your life and chooses you. I knew in those first few days that I probably wouldn’t be able to give this guy up. With every application that came in I felt sad: something I am usually excited about for my foster dogs. I kept making excuses as to why I shouldn’t adopt him. After a few applications dropped out or didn’t follow up I decided that I could no longer ignore the signs. Nathan said if he could learn our stairs and learn to use our dog door we would talk about adopting him. Well this extremely smart pup figured both of those things out which is no small feat for a blind dog. Today we made it official. Ashling is now part of our pack!”


We are so happy for Leah, Nathan, Ashling, and the rest of the fur-family!