Update on Allura, Now Jenny

Back in September 2016, Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) welcomed two Jack Russel / Shih Tzu mix puppy mill survivors from the Furever Friends Rescue of Western New York. Allura and Delena, a mother-daughter duo, came to us shy and fearful after having spent the majority of their lives in confinement.

Screen Shot 2017-10-20 at 1.55.51 PM

After having some time to learn what it means to be a dog in the care of BCFS, Both Allura and Delena found loving and patient forever homes. We are fortunate to have received a recent update from Allura’s forever family:

“My boyfriend (Grant), our dog Murphy, and I adopted Allura (Jenny) one year ago this week! We wanted to send you all an update on her adoption anniversary and let you know how well little Miss Molly is doing.


She is such a different dog now. When we first adopted her she was quite shy and nervous. Now she’s a happy go lucky girl and she has blossomed into an amazing little dog. Her confidence has also come a long way. For the first while she didn’t accept belly rubs from us, but now it’s one of her favourite things! She is so loving and she’s such a happy girl. Her tail is always wagging and her and Murphy are the best of friends. I could watch them play all day, it’s pretty funny when they get going. They are an absolute match made in heaven. We always get compliments on the pups while we are out, especially if it’s chilly and they are wearing their cute sweaters. Molly is a huge hit especially with the seniors we meet on our outings.


In the year we’ve had Molly she has come a really looooooong way. She walks really well on leash, she knows some commands and she has even been to the grooming salon for a haircut and bath with all the bells and whistles and even got a fancy bandana! Molly also LOVES to snuggle. She also really enjoys playing and loves dog toys (especially ones that squeak). She has such a great personality and watching her get excited is pretty funny. For example; when we leash the dogs to go out, she will jump around and make noises that sound like a monkey because she’s so excited and she will pick up Murphy’s leash and pull him around. It’s also funny to see her carry around the bigger dog toys that are as big as she is.


We took her and Murph to PetSmart yesterday evening to celebrate her adoption anniversary so she could pick out a toy and treat. She came home with a squeaky pig and a smoked rib bone.


Thank you for giving Molly a second chance by rescuing her and providing her with a great start to her new life. We are forever grateful to have been chosen to provide her with her furever home!”


Thank you to Jenny’s family for the wonderful update and providing this sweet girl with such a lovely home!



We have four fundraisers planned for fall! 

We’re very excited to announce our Halloween Fundraiser on Oct 21, 2017 at 88 St Paul St in St Catharines. Its a costume party with dancing and bands!


Our second Fundraiser is a yoga and bracelet making party taking place at the farm in Wainfleet. This will take place November 19, 2017.


Our Third Fundraiser is our Facebook auction to begin November 1, 2017 and ending November 19 at noon.


Our fourth fundraiser is through Petvalue in Port Colborne who selected BCFS to be their thanks-for-giving month of October! Please donate at the store from our wish list!

BCFS volunteers and a few animals will be at the Petvalue in Port Colborne on October 14 and 15th from 1pm till 4pm.

21761822_1937609139832507_4460052057040336562_nIt’s October and it’s our THANKS-FOR-GIVING month…and we are thankful for BEAVER CREEK FARM SANCTUARY located in Wainfleet, Ontario for all the amazing work they do rescuing all unwanted and uncared for pets and helping them find adoptive homes or providing them with a sanctuary to live the rest of their lives with food, comfort and Love. THANK YOU!!!❤
PET VALU PORT COLBORNE will be collecting Donations of items from BEAVER CREEK FARM SANCTUARY WISHLIST. Please visit the store to find out more!!!!

We look forward to raising some funds to help us help the animals.



Saying Goodbye, Blue

My eyes burn from tears and my body feels heavy. I’m tired. Its been a tough day and the emotional stress has taken its toll.

We said goodbye to a permanent resident today. We euthanized a dog with love and tears. He was orphaned suddenly and unexpectedly and we took him in knowing he was in advanced renal failure. We knew his time would be short and our hearts were heavy with grief.


But, we roll on. We continue to care when our hearts are bleeding and broken. We talk about taking in more animals on a day we say goodbye to one. A day where we question our choices as we hiccup and sniff back tears.

The vet gave him a sedation to make him comfortable and then started an IV. Dr Marissa said: let me know when you’re ready and we’ll give Blue a lethal dose of anesthetic.

Blue goodbye

The tears landed on Brent’s arm as I bent over to kiss Blue’s head. I told him he was very loved and that we’d miss him, but his mama was waiting. I nodded at Dr. Marissa and she slowly pushed the plunger on the syringe.

The dog took a deep breath, more of a sigh, as we whispered sweet words of affection. Surrounded by love he took his last breath and rode my tears to his next adventure. I asked him to let me know when he was safe and the moment he took his last breath my cell phone chirped signaling a text message. We laughed uncomfortably.

blue black and white

It was a long while later when I looked at my phone to find a message from my mother-in-law wishing Blue a safe journey into Karen’s arms.

My cell phone chirp is a barking dog.

It was a clear message that Blue was safe and with his mama. We raise a glass to a classy lady and her heart dog reunited forever.