There were many people involved in the rescue of Roxanne and we only know a small chunk of the story. We know she ended up at the Humane Society Serving Erie County where she was terrified.

She went through their behavioural department as they tried to break through her shell to reach the inner dog, but their efforts were in vain.


Roxanne stayed firmly in her shell. With a feeling of sadness the team realized Roxanne needed a foster home. Roxanne needed BCFS.

We got the call asking if we could take in this seemingly reclusive dog who was incredibly fearful. BCFS accepted Roxanne into our foster care program and it wasn’t long before love and patience won.


The bond that formed between Roxanne (Annie) and her foster mom was so strong that it was a short foster and a long forever home.

We don’t know what happened to Roxanne, but we know dogs live in the moment and at this moment Roxanne is happy and loved.

Our dreams come true.