Papi Has Been Adopted!

Papi, a 4-year-old Chihuahua Mix, was welcomed into BCFS just a few short weeks ago. This sweet boy was transferred to us from the Erie County SPCA, and came to be known as ‘Happy’ by his foster parents due to his consistently cheerful nature.


When asked to provide insight as to how Papi was adjusting in foster care, his foster mama could not say enough positive things about this bundle of joy. It quickly became clear that Papi is an incredibly sweet dog with a lot of love to give.


Some of Papi’s favourite things include going for walks, playing, and spending time with his people. In fact, he even tried to escape over the fence to get closer to his foster mom! He also likes friends of the four-legged-variety and got along swimmingly with his foster doggy siblings.


Unsurprisingly, Papi did not spend long in foster care before being scooped up by his forever family (we didn’t even get a chance to post him on our website!). Congratulations to Papi, Bill, and Mary on finding your perfect match! Wishing you all a future filled with love and snuggles.




Update on Sooty

Sooty, a 1-year-old Labrador/Whippet Mix, arrived at BCFS a very timid and fearful young lad. With love and dedication, he gradually began to come out of his shell while in the care of his foster parents. We were overjoyed when Sooty found a fur-ever family and are now happy to report that he is doing well and truly living the good life in his new home.

According to Sooty’s adoptive mom…

“Sooty’s name we have changed to Blue to represent his fresh start in life. He also reminds us of a bigger version of our former Italian Greyhound, Misty Blue!

The day after we brought him home, we hit the road in our RV (our 2nd home) and it has given all of us a chance to really get to know and bond with him. He has done extremely well on the long drives. He loves sleeping with the kids and waking them up with kisses in the morning. He is still tentative about going out of the truck or the RV but once we pick him up and get him out he is loving his many walks and meeting new people and other dogs. In Lake George he experienced a very busy boardwalk with lots of people and noises and he did well. We enjoyed dinner on a patio and he was calmly at our feet checking out everyone walking by. After we walked on the beach and he went up to his belly in the water! We are now in Quebec City (beautiful) and he has loved learning some French! He has his own chair when we are at the campfire and just chills with us as we tell ghost stories. This weekend we are back home and he can get reacquainted with our three cats, Maple, Marco and Polo.


We all love him so much and can’t believe what a great fit he is for us! Thank you for all you do to save these animals and finding them forever homes!”

It sounds as though Sooty, now Blue’s, adventure in life is just beginning!

Pug:Pom Mixes

Dozer – how has this guy not been adopted?

He’s an entertaining jester with a big smile and a love of life. This is Dozer and we can’t believe he’s been returned (cat issues, so he’ll need a home without cats please).

Pug:Pom Mixes

He loves dog savvy kids, perhaps on the older side because he does have some energy. Dozer loves to cuddle, is house broken and enjoys long walks. He’s a good boy who sticks close and would be a great camping buddy.

PicMonkey Collage

At under twenty-five pounds he’s a portable big dog in a small dog body. He gets long well with other dogs and will play with anyone. He’s good with big dogs or little dogs, but not cats. He’ll chase a cat.


If you love the outdoors and are looking for your next adventure buddy Dozer is your guy.

Fill out an application on the front of our website!



A Warm Welcome to Keller

We would like to extend a warm Beaver Creek welcome to Keller. This blind 9-year-old Chihuahua is the newest addition to the BCFS foster care program and is already snuggling…I mean settling…in quite nicely.


Keller’s foster mom has informed us that he is eating well and getting along splendidly with his foster doggy sibling. Keller’s visual impairment does not seem to affect his attitude or zest for life – he still bounds down the stairs and runs for the door.

Photo Credit: A & K Dog Photography facebook.com/akiraandcodogphotography

According to his foster mama, some of his favorite things are cuddles, walks, and other dogs. He does well on his walks and does not pull on the leash.

Photo Credit: A & K Dog Photography facebook.com/akiraandcodogphotography

Keller is continuing to learn how to be a proper house guest and to go outdoors to do his business. He is not thrilled about going into a crate, but does settle nicely after a little while.

Photo Credit: A & K Dog Photography facebook.com/akiraandcodogphotography

Be sure to watch for further updates as we continue to learn more about this sweet boy!


Sooty Has Been Adopted!

Sooty, a 1-year-young Labrador/Whippet Mix, was welcomed into Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) in June 2017. Although Sooty is just a pup, he has endured quite the journey in his life thus far.

PicMonkey Collage

After being abandoned at the gates of Evolucion Shelter in Mexico, Sooty made the trip to Canada and into a local shelter. However, it was soon discovered that Sooty was very frightened in a kennel setting, so he was transferred to BCFS where he could be cared for in a foster home while waiting for his forever family.


With special attention and patience, Sooty made considerable growth during his time in the BCFS foster program. Despite being a very nervous and timid boy, Sooty slowly began to gain confidence under the guidance of his foster parents and doggy siblings. As time went on, Sooty started to come out of his shell and even came to enjoy snuggling in bed and sitting on his foster mom’s lap (covering her with kisses!).


Making leaps and bounds of progress, Sooty was ready to find his forever home. We knew he would need a special family that would approach Sooty with patience and understanding as he continued to blossom into the happy-go-lucky puppy he was destined to be.


We are thrilled to announce that Sooty has found such a family and has now gone to his forever home. Congratulations to Sooty and his new family – Christine, Dave, Valentina, and Santiago!




We Can’t Make Everyone Happy

I suppose this is a pre-emptive strike for a family who was not selected to adopted a popular Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary dog. They are terribly upset and are threatening to spread “the word” about Beaver Creek. I’m guessing this word has four letters.


We can only apologize and explain that rescue dogs come first. This might be the only time in their lives where they matter more than people, more than situations and more than money. For Beaver Creek the animals come first and this often upsets unselected families.

We are sorry for the disappointment, but there are so many rescue dogs that need hope and a home that we pray these families go on to find their rescue forever friend.


We might not be the rescue for you, but not to worry their are many different rescues out there to chose from. Rescues come in a variety of flavours and sometimes people need to find the one that works best.

We’re never going to make everyone happy and we’re never going to save all the dogs, but we’ll do our best to change the world for the ones we can save.


Our hearts are big and so are our shoulders, so if you’ve got bad things to say… we understand its passion and we’ve got it too.

Please adopt.



From the Other Side of the Rainbow Bridge… by Gus

From Gus…

Hello all! I can’t tell you how much I miss each and every one of you folks who took an interested and fell in love with me on earth. I’m not there, in the physical sense anymore, but I’m still protecting my flock from over the bridge.


What can I tell you about this side? Well, we’re all young, healthy and  pain-free. The sun shines without being hot, there are no bugs and you can eat as much as you want without getting fat!

The water is incredibly fresh, clean and clear. You can swim all day like Misiu does, without getting tired or wet! You can lounge under an apple tree and watch the sheep all day without worry of a predator.

Nobody eats anybody here on the other side of the bridge, but we’re all full and never hungry.


The flowers come in such colours and surround a waterfall into a crisp pool of water. If you want a bed all you have to do is think about it and the softest, best smelling bed is suddenly ready for you to take a nap.

Of course I miss everyone and I’m waiting for my special people, but this is a lovely place to wait. All the animals that have ever been loved are here and ones that weren’t, come too. Everyone is welcome on the other side of the bridge.

Gus last pic

I have this wonderful sense that everyone I have ever loved is safe, warm, fed and happy. This is the best feeling in the world. There is no worry, because everyone is loved.

There’s no need to to rush as time has little meaning over the bridge. I’ll be here, waiting, so to speak.

gus greengrass

Much love to all,

Gustav the Kuvasz




Update on Mayo – Adopted

Mayo, an 8-year-old Labrador Retriever, joined the BCFS foster program in June 2017.  This 100 pound bundle of love is still searching for his forever family – could it be you?


To help you answer this question, Mayo asked us to pass along a few quick facts about himself:

#5: True to my breed, I love to frolic in the water and play fetch – sticks, frisbees, balls, I will chase ’em all!

#4: I love to hop up on my human’s bed in the morning for a quick snuggle. While we are on the subject, I really love humans (but also don’t mind a little me-time).

#3: I love to eat and especially love what the humans refer to as ‘treats’ (all food seems like a treat, but apparently these small bone shaped ones are particularly special).

#2: Not to be too picky or anything, but may I request a home without cats or small dogs? Don’t get me wrong, I do like other furry friends, I am just a bit particular. I currently share a home with other labs like me and love to wrestle and cuddle with them.

#1: I love shoes! Being a gentleman, I don’t chew them or anything, I just like to collect them and store them in my bed along with my leash. I am being considerate you see – when my human is ready to take me on a walk I am ready with all the items she will need!


If you think Mayo could be the pooch for you, please send an adoption application to our Adoptions Coordinator, Silvana Cronier (scronier@rogers.com).



Jesse & Jenner – Adopted!


Jesse and Jenner, a pair of bonded hound mixes, were welcomed into the BCFS foster care program in January 2017. After being found as strays, these boys were transferred to us from a shelter in need of further rehabilitation.


When Jesse and Jenner first joined us they were terrified. They huddled together for comfort and didn’t want to come out of their crate.  We knew they would need a special foster home that would provide a safe space for them to gradually gain confidence.


With love and patience, Jesse and Jenner flourished in foster care. While remaining frightened of the world and leery of people, they learned to take treats, to cuddle, and to make doggie friends. These lovable pups were ready to find their fur-ever home!


We are happy to say that Jesse and Jenner have been adopted together into a dog savvy home, where they will continue to be surrounded with stability, patience, and love. Jesse and Jenner now not only have a wonderful mom and dad of their very own, but a big dog brother too! We extend our congratulations to Mandie, Jason, Soloman, Jesse, and Jenner!


We are fortunate to have already received a pup-date on Jesse and Jenner. In the words of Jesse and Jenner’s new mama:

“We are doing amazing!!  Jesse and Jenner had a great truck ride home!  Jenner snuggled right in to me the entire time (over an hour and a half!) Jesse on the other hand was Mr. Inquisitive!  He either had his head out the window checking out all the cars or was exploring the back seat of the truck! 

Soloman greeted his little brothers as they made their way into their home for the first time!  

Soloman, Jesse and Jenner-01

Our first night was wonderful!  Jesse, Jenner and Soloman all slept in our king sized bed together! Jesse and Jenner have found two safe spots at home; our bed and a sofa!  We can see their anxiety lessen and they stretch out relaxed in those safe spots!  


Their personalities have really started to show. Jesse is our little detective and Jenner’s our little chill sufer dude!  They are eating, walking, enjoying the great outdoors, snuggling and sleeping!! They are starting to play with us and toys and Soloman, and we expect this to take some additional time, for them to feel safe and secure and really to let down their guard.”

We are thrilled to hear that things are going so well for Jesse, Jenner, and their new family! These boys deserve a wonderful life and we are delighted they have found their perfect match.


Foster Homes Needed

“Fostering an animal isn’t a lifetime commitment…it’s a commitment to saving a life”

image1 copy 2

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary (BCFS) is a registered charity animal rescue that helps farm and companion animals through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, long-term care, and education.

BCFS operates primarily through a foster-based rehabilitation system. Our animals are cared for in loving foster homes – not in kennels – before being placed in their forever homes. These foster families help with basic obedience and socialization and show our animals what it’s like to feel loved and secure. In this way, foster parents serve an invaluable role in our rescue.

We are currently seeking additional foster homes in order to assist us in continuing our life-saving work.

What better way to understand the value and impact of being a foster parent to an animal in need, than to hear from some of our long-time fosters? We are grateful to Leah and Raye for not only opening their homes to many of our dogs, but for taking the time to write testimonies regarding their experience as part of the BCFS foster program.

From Leah:


Why did you decide to foster with BCFS? Why is fostering important to you?
I believe that BCFS shares some of the same core values I have. Adopt don’t shop. Educating people about adoption and the importance of sterilization of pets. Educating the public to be aware of puppy mills to ask questions and find out where that cute puppy in the window is really coming from. I love and respect the work Amy and her volunteers do. I love that she takes in many animals not just dogs. I see a huge importance in her Rescue regarding top notch vet care. I think it is very important for animals to be healed physically and mentally before being adopted out. One thing that fosters can really provide is one on one time. I love that Amy never puts an animal up for adoption unless that animal is ready and has made big process healing both physically and mentally. I see the importance of big shelters but some dogs do not do well in a shelter environment. They do much better in a foster setting and get the extra time they need to heal. I like that animals are never pushed through this rescue everything is very thought through. I think it is very important to have a board of directors and BCFS has one made up of some pretty great people. People who know what they are doing and want to always do what’s best for any animal in BCFS care. I foster because it is close to my heart and I love BCFS.”

What has your experience been like as a foster parent? (joys, challenges, etc.) 
“It has been extremely rewarding. It has been something I have wanted to do for many years and I feel very blessed that BCFS has helped me fulfill that dream. It is challenging but it a good way. It can be tough on my dogs from time to time as they really are the three amigos and they sometimes get a little jealous of the newcomer. I have a hard time also with letting go of the dog I have been fostering. It has now been a full year of taking in fosters at our farm and I fall in love with every one every time lol! I trust in BCFS adoption process. I know they will do everything in their power to find the best possible home for my foster pup so at the end of the day it will be happy tears I will crying! I love when adopters give me pupdates on my previous fosters. It brings me great joy and happiness to know they are so loved and safe and it also opens the door for me to take in another which I will no doubt fall in love with!”

What would be your advice to anyone considering being a foster parent?
“I would say what are you waiting for? It has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. You are truly saving a life. Every time one of my foster dogs makes any sort of progress I feel so proud. It is so much fun to see these dogs learn well how to be dogs again. It is wonderful seeing them enjoying their lives the way it should be safe, happy and with lots of love and snuggles.”

From Raye:

Tia was a little chilly in the pumpkin patch; she got a snuggle from foster mum Raye!

Why did you decide to foster with BCFS? Why is fostering important to you?
“I became a foster mom for BCFS because I met Amy B at canine camp getaway along with Lisa T and we became friends on facebook. Then one day I saw a desperate post from Lisa about this toy poodle named Sophie. She had bought her from a back yard breeder mill situation to save her but had a bulldog who did not take to strange dogs. She needed a rescue and  foster home. I contacted Amy with the idea I would foster her if Amy would intake her into the rescue. Amy quickly agreed  so  my Hubby and I headed to Buffalo NY to meet Lisa at Timmies and bring Sophie back.
Sophie stayed with me for a couple of weeks until I got her neck healed up and then we took her to Beaver Creek to meet her forever family. Amy is a very savvy lady and passed me a lovely spaniel saying  if I won’t mind for a couple of weeks. Taffy was adopted within a week so back to the farm for a meet and greet.  Amy somehow had 2 Chihuahuas in my car to foster before I left the property and a foster home was born.
Fostering is important to me. I have learned a lot about myself and about humanity. It gives me the chance to help heal some of the injustices humans inflicted on animals. They are innocent and need of our help. I find the more I see the more I prefer dogs.”

What has your experience been like as a foster parent? (joys, challenges, etc.)
“Fostering is not for the weak of heart. The biggest challenge is not to keep them all. You must keep telling yourself that if you keep one that spot could of helped 10 others. That being said I have adopted some of my foster dogs. One was a puppy mill mama who was so shattered emotionally that by the time she could function enough to face the world she was so bonded to me I would crush her if I sent her away. The joys are watching the wagging tails as they walk down the road ,  or as they come to you truly glad to see you. The challenges are getting them to overcome neglect, both physically and mentally, house training, destructive behaviors, and gaining their trust while maintaining a space reserved for their forever home.”

What would be your advice to anyone considering being a foster parent?
“Be aware these animals may have health or behavior issues and as fosters you are offering to help them. You are not alone though BCFS will help give you the tools to work on the issues they also will do their best to let you know what to expect with each new intake. Occasionally something slips under the screening but it is not through lack of trying or dedication.  That being said some of the dogs just need a quiet place to relax and be a dog. As you gain experience you may want to foster the more challenging cases or you may enjoy continuing being a loving quiet place for a lost soul. You may also want to take breaks to recharge between souls. Fostering can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do.”

So, to quote Leah, “what are you waiting for?” If you are interested in fostering for BCFS, please submit a complete application to our Adoptions Coordinator, Silvana Cronier (scronier@rogers.com)