Sooty Makes Fast Progress!-Adopted

Please read the amazing update from foster mom Leah about our Mexican born foster dog Sooty!

From Leah’s Desk… 

Happy summer solstice! Just wanted to send an update. Sooty is doing wonderful. He is slowly coming out of his shell more and more each day. I get so excited seeing him learn how to be a happy puppy each day. With every bit of progress I feel like a proud foster momma!!!


He is currently chilling in the kitchen on the window seat as I type this (best dog spot ever Amy… they all love it). He is now eating most meals inside the house which is a huge deal because it used to be very difficult to get him to even step foot in the kitchen let alone stay and eat a meal with other dogs and humans around. He is also sleeping inside not every night but most nights. I always thought he was sleeping in the breezeway but I think he was sneaking in in the middle of the night and jumping on the window seat. I know this because I came downstairs late one night and he was sound asleep then when he saw me he jumped up but I just kept praising him and giving him some treats so he stayed in and actually went back to the window seat!!!!


With his leaps and bounds of progress he has recently started coming upstairs every morning and yesterday he decided to leap right up on the bed with me and snuggle in. He is doing so much better on walks as well and he waits patiently for me to clip the leash on him. He is still pulling but not nearly as much. He did his first off leash walk last week and did amazing.

He ran like the wind with our pups. I let him do one loop leash less then i clipped him back up for the other two. He did amazing at the vet last week with Dr. Rachel. She really likes him and was very impressed with his sweet demeanor as he was very good for blood work, exam and nails!

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 5.33.31 PM

He was however not so good getting in the car. He is still extremely fearful of the car. He’s great once inside and will lay down and try and nap. But getting him in and out is not the greatest. I have to pick him up and carry him in and out of the vehicle so that is a challenge.

He has chewed a couple minor things but hey he’s a pup. He would not do well in a crate as he becomes very fearful. Would do better with dog gates in a designated area with no shoes lol!!! He is completely fine in our kitchen when we are gone at work. He still shows no aggression.


Wall-E growls at him regularly as he gets annoyed with young dogs and Sooty just continues to kiss his teeth and face. Wall-E constantly has this look of “are you serious” on his face! He would need a patient person who has time to spend with him and who knows that it may take a few weeks before you see the amazing dog he is!


Thank you Leah and Nate for giving Sooty the time to rest, relax and recover. I know we’ll find him a forever home soon!

If interested in adopting Sooty please submit an adoption application from our website! Thank you!


Trail Night for Splash

Splash is having many wonderful adventures this summer and attending trail night at Rivendale Farms is a highlight.

We’ve never done much training for obstacles that you’d find in a trail competition and we were so impressed that Splash took everything in stride.

A trail class entails navigating obstacles, open and closing a gate without letting go of the rope. Backing up through an L shape course and walking over bridges. Splash barely batted an eye!


Megan has taught Splash to step over things like logs by using the words “step up” or “step down”


There were many horses at trail night and only 3 managed to navigate the kiddie pool filled with water.  Splash managed it with little hesitation!


Is there anything this pony can’t do? We’re so proud of team Megan and Splash and can’t wait for their next big adventure!

splash barrels

Splash Competes in Barrel Racing!!

It was a warm morning as we got Splash ready to go to her second horse show. The first horse show was two years ago and she was shown in a halter class by Sydney.

After years of working with Splash and building a relationship Megan was ready to show us her mad skills in barrel racing.

We were excited as Splash was bathed, clipped and given a full spa day treatment. She sparkled with health and happiness.

She walked onto the trailer with no hesitation and we started our drive to Dry Lakes Saddle Club in Cayuga for some barrel racing!

splash walking

Splash was definitely the most colourful pony at the show with her spots shining and Megan got many compliments on Splash’s beauty.

Splash continues to amaze us by negotiating the crowd of horses and walking around the practise ring like a pro.

Splash is the pony with no eyes.

It was Megan and Splash’s turn to try barrels and their nervous excitement radiated around them as they entered the right and got ready to race!!

splash barrels

The team took on the barrels with careful ease and managed to nail the turns close to the barrel before racing to the next.

splash barrels1

The team negotiated all three barrels and then ran to the finish line to celebrate their first barrel race!

splash barrelsred

All of us at BCFS are gushing with pride!


Update on Jesse & Jenner

Jesse and Jenner, a pair of bonded hound mixes, were welcomed into the BCFS foster care program in January 2017. These brothers were transferred to us from a shelter after being found as strays, likely having been a puppy mill dump. The shelter felt they were in need of further rehabilitation and thus contacted us in hopes that we could provide them with specialized care.

When these boys first joined us they were terrified. They cuddled together for comfort and didn’t want to come out of their crate. The world was a very frightening place for these two, so we knew they would need a special foster home that would provide a safe space for them to gradually come out of their shells.


We are happy to say that Jesse and Jenner are flourishing in foster care. Having spent considerable time with these special boys, we asked Jesse and Jenner’s foster mom for additional insight as to how they are doing and the type of home they would be best suited for.


Their foster mama told us they remain very frightened of the world and leery of people. They likely missed key socialization as young pups and thus need time and patience to warm up to their caregivers. That being said, they have learned to take treats, to cuddle, and to make doggie friends.


Neither Jesse nor Jenner have shown any aggression towards humans or other animals. They love to go for walks, but tend to pull on the leash (there is just so much they want to explore and they want to get to it as quickly as possible). House-training is ongoing, as they are still learning to ask to go outside to do their business.


Jesse and Jenner need a stable home with someone who will patiently guide them in becoming more comfortable with the world around them. They would benefit from the guidance of an experienced dog person who can continue to show these two the ropes.


Thank you Chiropractic on Fourth!

It was a bright Saturday morning when Dr. Tracey Dryden from Chiropractic on Fourth (1931 Fourth Ave, St. Catharines, ON L2R 6P9 Phone: (905) 641-3000) with a large pot of geraniums – a barn warming gift she said. Delighted as always with Dr. Dryden’s professionalism and personalized care we proceeded to look at our first patient:



Chevy is a warmblood to came to BCFS through another rescue after being abandoned and left to starve. On arrival he was very shy and would run away from us. As the winter months passed Chevy started to trust us, but we noticed he wasn’t walking quite right.


Tracey said he might be from his damaged right leg, but not in the way I thought. The damage in his right leg happened because of the limited movement in his left leg. Compensation caused the damage. Once it was pointed out we realized Chevy had muscle wasting on his left side.


Tracey did many adjustments and gave us some exercises to do to build muscle on the left.A week later Chevy is moving better and transitioning smoothly into the canter – something he seemed unable (not unwilling) to do prior to Tracey’s care.

With the big horse taken care of Tracey moved onto the dogs.


Cricket is an 8 year chihuahua who was a little powerhouse in the front end and very thin in the back. Tracey did an adjustment to help engage his hind end.18954640_10158714267540316_7060840939984007087_o

A week later Cricket is more bouncy and his backend is starting to fill out with a tiny bit of muscle.


Jackson is an approximately 7 year old shih tzu mix who had a traumatic brain and spinal cord injury in March 2017. Jackson spent 11 days in ICU in Toronto and had spinal surgery. He has left side weakness and Tracey gave Jackson an adjustment to open up his neck and back to movement.


She also gave us some exercises to help him regain muscle on the left side. A week later Jackson is running faster than prior to treatment and is even able to bounce for a cookie!


BCFS can’t thank Tracey enough for all her help with our animals.

PicMonkey Collage

Update on PeeWee, Dozer, & Milo

Within what felt like the blink of an eye, we welcomed and then found homes for PeeWee, Dozer, and Milo.

Pug:Pom Mixes

These pug/pom brothers were not with BCFS long before finding their fur-ever homes. Each of these sweet boys hit the jackpot and were welcomed into caring and fun-loving homes.

PicMonkey Collage

We are fortunate to have received updates from each of the adoptive families. Included below are pictures and a quick write-up about how these charming lads are making out in their new homes.

From PeeWee’s adoptive family:
“PeeWee has been renamed Pepper and he has just started to really play with the kids today.  Barking and running…it’s great.  House training is a little difficult but I’m sure in time he will be fine.  We love the little guy.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to be his family.”


From Dozer’s adoptive family:
“Everything is going well. He has adjusted very well so far and is definitely a much different dog than when he first arrived. He has a lot of new dog friends around the neighborhood already as well as new human friends.”


From Milo’s adoptive family:
“Milo has been a fantastic addition to our family.   He has already bonded with our daughter and never leaves her side.  Milo and Marmite (our other dog) get along fantastically and enjoy spending time together  in the yard or on the sofas when they think we aren’t looking.  Lily the cat is still deciding how she feels about having another animal in the house but is frequently found lying close by the other dogs.  We are thrilled we adopted Milo and appreciate all the work that went into finding him a good home!”


We are delighted that PeeWee, Dozer, and Milo are thriving in their new homes. Thank you once again to the adoptive families for welcoming these boys into your homes and hearts!

PicMonkey Collage

A Warm Welcome to Sooty – Adopted

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our newest addition to the BCFS foster care program, Sooty. This handsome lab/whippet mix is approximately one-year-old, weighing in at around 45 pounds.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 5.33.31 PM

Despite being so young, Sooty has endured quite the journey in his life thus far. As a puppy, he was abandoned at the gates of Evolucion Shelter in Mexico, along with his brothers and sisters. After recently making the trip to Canada and into a local shelter, it was soon discovered that Sooty did not do well in a kennel setting. Sooty is very timid and the shelter was an overwhelming and frightening experience for him.


Upon realizing this, Sooty was transferred to BCFS, where he could be cared for in a foster home while waiting for his forever family.


Sooty has been with his foster family since Friday and already we are learning a lot about this sweet young boy. He has been eating well and appears to be in good overall health. He has not shown any aggression towards his foster parents or fur-siblings. In fact, he seems to gain confidence from his doggy siblings as they continue to show him the ropes.


It is clear that Sooty is a very nervous pup, who will require a special home with someone very patient. His foster mom mentioned that he appears very excited when she comes home from work and has even sat in her lap and covered her with kisses. After a few moments, however, he seems to realize once again “oh right, people are super scary.”


In addition to requiring love and patience, Sooty will need a securely fenced yard as he does seem to be a flight risk. With a little time and understanding, we are confident that Sooty will make a wonderful companion.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 5.32.51 PM
Sooty showing off his modelling talent and learning some important English words

If you think you might be the right match for Sooty, please send a completed adoption application to our Adoptions Coordinator, Silvana Cronier (


Handsome Yellow Lab – Here’s Mayo! – Adopted

Please say hello to Mayo! Mayo is an 8-year-old yellow lab and the newest pup in BCFS’ foster care program.


He’s a handsome, big fella about 100 pounds who loves people and other big dogs, but needs a home without cats or small dogs.

True to the nature of this playful breed, Mayo loves the water and playing fetch.


He’s looking for someone to play with, who’ll throw him balls and sticks and maybe even romp with him in a pond, lake or pool. Would that be you?

This young at heart boy is healthy and hoping the perfect family comes along to love.

If Mayo could be your best friend, please download an adoption application  and when completed, email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:

Thank you for considering Mayo, and please remember to share our posts online!

silvana cronier at open house october


From the Desk of Silvana

Thank you to all who responded to my Reiki/Angel Reading Fundraiser for Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary.  I am happy to report that $300.00 was raised and donated to Beavercreek which will go directly to helping the animals.


Heidi pictured above had several abscess teeth removed and is doing wonderfully now thanks to Beavercreek’s continued commitment to help all animals in their care live a happy and healthy life.


Beavercreek rescues companion and farm animals, many who find their last chance of survival here.  Beavercreek is 100% volunteer based and all money raised goes directly to housing, feeding & vet care for the animals. Vet bills can really accumulate as they go above & beyond.

silvana reiki for animals



Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 9.59.50 AM

Milo Has Been Adopted!

What a whirlwind! First PeeWee, then Dozer, now Milo has found his forever home! Not surprisingly, these three were scooped up fast.


Milo, a 1-year-old Pug/Pomeranian Mix, was welcomed into BCFS in May 2017 along with his brothers, Dozer and PeeWee. These sweet boys were transferred to BCFS from the Erie County SPCA after being surrendered by a family who had bred two dogs and found themselves unable to rehome all of the pups.


Weighing in at around 20 lbs., Milo has a soft brindle coat, a charming underbite, and big beautiful pug eyes. It was hard not to fall in love with this handsome boy!


During his time with us, we learned that Milo is the most anxious of the three brothers and requires extra love and patience to reassure him and build his confidence.


We are delighted that Milo has been adopted by friends of his foster mom, Leah. Milo has hit the jackpot with wonderful adoptive parents and both fur and human siblings that will show this charming lad what it means to live the good life!


Congratulations to Milo, Kim, Wayne, and family!