Thank you Global Pet Food NF on Intake Dog Eve

Intake Dog Eve is the night before new dogs come into BCFS. An eve full of anticipation and delight, which we wouldn’t have without the May 2017 donation from Global Pet Food at 3643 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls, ON L2J 2K8.

sil and neil global donation 2017

The dogs are coming from our favourite SPCA in Erie County and we know they’ve done their best by these canine critters, but these select few NEED BCFS. The SPCA Serving Erie County is holding their open house this weekend at their new location! (May 13, 2017).  New Location: 300 Harlem Road West Seneca, NY 14224.

BCFS is Needed

The animals need the space our facility provides to roam and find the smells to activate their brains into thinking again after staring at nothing but wires and brick.

We know in one more sleep we’ll be saving not one, but four little souls who have no place left to go.

We are the Island of Misfit Toys for rescue animals. 


Nobody wants you? We do! Welcome Pug Thing One!


Nobody cares? We care!Welcome Pug Thing Two!!


Nobody appreciates your mix? We will! Welcome Pug Thing Three!!!


Nobody needs you? We Do! And a Chihuahua for good luck!

These are the moments we live for when the cage door is open and the animals can move freely. They can build muscle and begin to heal.

We will never stop looking until we find the perfect home. Even if it takes years or maybe these dogs need to stay at the sanctuary? We will welcome them with open arms with your support.

The intake of these four dogs is possible thanks to Global Pet Foods on Portage Rd in Niagara Falls who donated just over $900 in their Hearts for Paws fundraiser. Many thanks to all the customers who donated and to the staff of Global and Neil for thinking of BCFS.

These four dogs listed above are the souls you are saving. When you look into their eyes know they are headed for a better life thanks to you.


Thank you!!!

Please Share so we can find these babies forever homes! 

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Cole Finds His Forever Home!

Cole, a 13-year-old Cesky Terrier, was welcomed into BCFS’s foster-care program in February 2017.


Cole’s previous owner was entering a nursing home due to advancing dementia, leaving Cole without a place to live. None of the previous owner’s family were willing to take Cole, so a caregiver contacted BCFS about surrendering him to our care.


After shuffling around a bit, Cole found a wonderful foster home, with a lovely senior lady looking for company after her best canine companion passed away.

image1 copy 2

In addition to receiving lots of love, Cole was also brought up-to-date on his vaccinations, dewormed, and had extensive dental work (including the removal of 11 abscessed teeth).


In between bouts of enthusiastic tail wagging, rolling around on his back waiting for belly rubs, and chasing after his ball, Cole loved to snuggle in his crate or on the couch with his foster mom. He adores being pet; a sure-fire way to become his new best friend.

While doing great in foster-care, Cole was ready to find his forever home. We wanted to be sure to find the right match for Cole; a place where he could happily live out his retirement. Well, we are now happy to announce that we have!


Cole’s new family has extensive pet-related experience and prior involvement in rescuing dogs. It was clear to see their love for dogs and just how well Cole will fit into their family. Cole even has his very own ‘playground’ awaiting him, equipped with agility courses and plenty of space to continue chasing a ball. Congratulations to Cole, Kara, and Katie!

image2 copy

While it was very exciting for Cole to move on to his forever home, it was also a bittersweet goodbye for Cole’s foster mom. We are grateful for the love, companionship, and security that she provided Cole. Saying goodbye is never easy, but foster homes serve an invaluable role in helping our dogs find their way to loving fur-ever homes, and for that we are very thankful.


Alistair Has Been Adopted!

Alistair, a 5-year-old Chihuahua, was welcomed into BCFS’s foster-care program in February 2017.

Alistair Frederick 003

Alistair’s previous owner started a new job with long hours and she felt it was unfair to leave this sweet boy home alone for such long periods of time. She made the decision to surrender him into the care of BCFS where he could find a new home with the right lifestyle match.

While living in one of our caring foster homes, we quickly realized that Alistair is a real charmer; an affectionate little guy who loves to snuggle and spend time with his people.

Allistair2 001

Lucky for Alistair, his foster mom decided that she just couldn’t see him leave and decided to adopt him. Alistair’s foster-turned-adoptive mom told us that Alistair has proven to be an incredibly loving dog, who has fit right into the mix with her two other dogs.


Alistair has gotten into the routine of going to bed with his mom every night at 7:30 and continues to be a good eater who loves his fruit and vegetables. In addition to getting plenty of rest and eating healthfully (way to go, Alistair!) some of his favorite things include cuddles, car rides, and chasing birds and squirrels in the backyard.

Alistair4 002

Congratulations to Barb, Alistair, and family on finding the perfect match.


HarrietteDSC01924.jpg Harry

5 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

When thinking of adopting a dog, the immediate picture that comes to mind is a cute little puppy. We all seem to forget how much work it takes to care for a puppy – housetraining, chewing, sleepless nights and constant cleaning. Senior dogs can be an immediate joyful addition to a household – without all the work.


Although there are many reasons that senior dogs are given up, common ones include owner illness or no longer being able to financially afford a dog. Not all mature dogs have problems and many times you can find an instant family friend.

1. Save a Life

Let’s face it, senior dogs are often overlooked and left to live out the rest of their lives in shelters (or much worse in some cases). You can only feel good about rescuing an older dog and helping him live out his final days in love and comfort. Yes, you may not have as much time together as you would with a puppy, but the joy of seeing a mature dog enjoy his last years is a reward in itself.


2. Established Personality

When you meet your new senior dog, you can see what you are going to get. His size and personality have become stable as he matured. The dog will probably relax over time as he settles into your home, but there shouldn’t be any big surprises like having a sweet puppy that grows into a barking maniac within a year.

3. The Puppy Phase is Over

Older dogs have grown out of the chewing, nipping, and jumping phase. This can be a real advantage for families that have young children. Older dogs are often calmer and more patient with other pets and children.


4. Built-in Training

More often than not, senior dogs have been trained by their previous owner. They may not have perfect manners, but old dogs CAN learn new tricks. You can always teach your new dog how you want him to behave, but it is a definite bonus if he comes housebroken, knows basic commands, and even a few tricks of his own.

5. Less Exercise Required

Not everyone is capable of addressing the needs of an energetic dog. Most older dogs require less exercise than younger dogs, which may be ideal for busy families or older people who don’t mind walking a dog but are not up for a run every day to get the young dog craziness out. If you like to cuddle on the couch rather than constantly throw a ball, a senior dog might be the perfect companion.

walter sept 16

Puppies are not for everyone, and for practical reasons just won’t work with a lot of lifestyles. A senior dog comes with a lot of benefits and can be the perfect solution for anyone looking for a loyal companion.