Special Thanks to Susan and Soul Sisters

We had a lovely visit from Susan Winning and Soul Sisters who brought a donation to help the animals at BCFS.

susan winning

The money was collected at a psychic & Wellness expo presented by the Souls Sisters, Louise Michaud and Susan Winning.

The FB page is called Souls Sisters if you’d like to learn more about wellness!!

Thank you Susan! Every penny raised goes directly towards helping the animals as BCFS is 100% volunteer based. We’d like to thank our volunteers for the great work they do to help animals in need.


Thank You Carlos’ Cause

We are grateful to have been chosen as a recipient of a Carlos’ Cause grant in the amount of $500.

A charitable branch of RC Pet Products, Carlos’ Cause provides financial support for organizations that work hard to find loving homes for cats and dogs and reduce the number of pets euthanized each year.

Given that BCFS is run entirely by volunteers, 100% of the donations we receive go directly to helping our animals. We receive no government funding and are completely reliant on donations to continue our work.


Financial support, such as that received from Carlos’ Cause, assists us in covering veterinary costs for rescue animals in our foster care program and in caring for the resident animals on the farm. Further, such support allows us to continue to grow in life-saving work, community support, education, and engagement.


From all of us at BCFS – humans and animals alike – thank you to Carlos’ cause for your support!

Rescuing animals is a group effort and we’d like to send a special thank you to Katie Boychuck who notified BCFS about the grant possibility. We’d also like to thank BCFS volunteer Ellyse for writing the grant proposal and doing all the leg work. (Ellyse pictured below with her trio of happy blondes!). Great work!

Ellyse & Dogs
Ellyse with her dogs – Heidi, Pedro, & Gracie.

Dozer Has Been Adopted!

Unsurprisingly, our sweet Pug/Pom boys are moving fast! Just a few short days ago we announced that PeeWee had been adopted, and now we are happy to share that Dozer too has gone to his forever home.


Dozer, a 1-year-old Pug/Pomeranian mix, was welcomed into BCFS in May 2017 along with his brothers, Milo and PeeWee. Weighing in at around 28 lbs., Dozer is the largest of the bunch. He is true to his name, with his bulldoze-through-life mentality.

Who me? A bulldozer?

Dozer, Milo, and PeeWee were transferred to BCFS from the Erie County SPCA after being surrendered by a family who had bred two dogs and found themselves unable to rehome all of the pups.


During his time spent on the farm and his brief stint in foster care, we learned that Dozer is friendly, confident, and quick to love. He was the first of his brothers to run up to BCFS’s Amy, put a paw on her knee, and try to kiss her face.


We are thrilled that Dozer has gone to an active family with children who are sure to spoil him with love and attention. His adoptive family plans to bring Dozer for long walks, camping, and to watch the children’s baseball games. Sounds like Dozer will be living the dream!


Congratulations to Dozer, Melinda, John, and family!


PeeWee Has Found His Forever Home


PeeWee, a 1-year-old Pug/Pomeranian Mix, was welcomed into BCFS just a few short weeks ago. PeeWee was accompanied by his two brothers, Milo and Dozer. PeeWee is the smallest of the bunch, weighing in at around 14 lbs. He is also the most ‘pug’ looking of the crew.


PeeWee, Milo, and Dozer were transferred to BCFS from the Erie County SPCA. They were originally surrendered by a family who had bred two dogs and found themselves with a litter of six puppies. They were able to find homes for three of the six puppies, but surrendered PeeWee, Milo, and Dozer to the shelter after being unable to rehome them.


During his time spent on the farm, we learned that PeeWee loves to cuddle. He adores people and is quick to love once he makes that special connection. After that, he will soon become your shadow and keep you safe and happy. While at the vet for his first check-up, he quickly warmed up to one of our volunteers and wiggled his way right into her lap (and heart!).


PeeWee didn’t even make it into foster care before being scooped up by his forever family. A little guy this cute and loving – we can’t say we are surprised!


We have already heard from PeeWee’s adoptive family that he is doing well in his new home. The picture below captures PeeWee having fallen asleep in his new human’s lap (how cute is that!). PeeWee deserves a wonderful life and we are delighted that he has found his perfect match.


Thank you and congratulations from all of us at BCFS on adopting PeeWee!


Cricket 7 year old Chihauhua

Cricket was found as a stray on the mean streets of Buffalo, NY and spent some time in the kennels at the city pound. Cricket did not handle the stress well and would lash out biting at the staff.


Cricket is not quite five pounds and has little in the way of defence, so when he feels threatened he goes straight to teeth.

In Crickets best interest he was moved to the SPCA Serving Erie County to see if they could rehabilitate the little ball of fury.


It didn’t take long to realize that Cricket would not thrive in a kennel situation and that’s when BCFS got a phone call asking if we had any space.

Cricket Bites

“He bites” said our contact at BCFS.  “He’s territorial and guards toys & food” continued our contact “did I mention he bites whenever we try to handle him?”


The BCFS Board of Directors discussed it and decided to accept this tiny powerhouse into our Foster Care Program for rehabilitation.

Cricket is a work in progress and we’re hopeful he’ll learn to trust again.


Bergen Has Been Adopted!

Bergen – a puppy mill survivor – was transferred to BCFS from Furever Friends Rescue of WNY back in October, 2016.  Although he may not look it, Bergen is a shih tzu cross, weighing in at about 25 lbs.


Bergen’s mama (Delana), his brothers (Fenton and Ruger), and his sister (Allura) were also BCFS residents. A family affair! Bergen was the last in the family still looking for a forever home.

Bergen’s family, clockwise from upper left: mama Delana, sister Allura, Bergen, and brothers Ruger and Fenton

While Bergen was adopted out in late October, the day after his adoption he escaped the house and was missing for several days. After spending the first three years of his life in a cage at a puppy mill, Bergen possessed a strong instinct to flee new surroundings.


With help from volunteers and the community, BCFS was thankfully able to bring Bergen home safely. At that point, Bergen’s adoptive family decided he wasn’t a good fit for them and Bergen was put back into our foster care program.


Bergen was placed in one of our specialized foster homes where he received plenty of love and socialization to minimize his flight risk. Bergen’s foster family, Raye and Paul, have done wonders for several of our dogs including our permanent Cushings foster, Harriette and their own adopted dog, Pippa/Abby (BCFS alumni).


Bergen became quite comfortable in this foster home and eventually stopped trying so hard to escape. His foster mom reported his love for walks, playing with his foster siblings, and romping in the backyard.


It was crucial for us to find Bergen a home with a fenced yard and another dog who he could play with and continue to take cues from on how to be a dog.


Given the connection between Bergen and his foster family, you can imagine how pleased we are to announce that Bergen has been adopted by Raye’s daughter. We are overjoyed that Bergen will be staying in the family; a family that he knows and loves.

Congratulations to Bergen and his furever family!

Bergen with his siblings, Buster and Frank.

Milo 1 yr old Pug/Pom Mix – Adopted

The three pug brothers came from the SPCA serving Erie County. They were surrendered by a family who had bred two dogs and had six puppies a year ago. They kept all six puppies and eventually found homes for three of the six puppies. The other three were taken to the shelter when the family could not long keep the three boys.

Oh Milo… what can I say about your sweet face? Your delightful underbite and your loud bark? Sweet boy is what comes to mind.


Milo is the most outgoing and most anxious boy out of the three brothers that have come into BCFS’s foster care program. He’ll need the most reassurance in his new home with a loving and patient family. Milo barely tops the scales at 20 pounds and has a lovely longish brindle coat with those beautiful big pug eyes.


Milo’s tail waves the great happy wave of a Pomeranian while his front end is all pug. Milo showed little interest in cats and gets along well with other dogs.

He looks a little like Dozer and a little like PeeWee  (pictured below)


Milo is great with other dogs and loves people, but might take a moment or two before he’s comfortable with strangers. Milo loves to hear his own voice and does bark a fair bit, so he wouldn’t be suitable to apartment life. He does stay close and walks well on a leash.


PeeWee a 1 year old Pug/Pom Mix – ADOPTED!

PeeWee is the wee one of the three brothers brought into the BCFS foster care program. At barely 14 pounds he’s the smallest and most “pug looking”.

The three pug brothers came from the SPCA serving Erie County. They were surrendered by a family who had bred two dogs and had six puppies a year ago. They kept all six puppies and eventually found homes for three of the six puppies. The other three were taken to the shelter when the family could not long keep the three boys.


PeeWee is quick to love once he makes the connection and will be your shadow to keep you safe and happy. He’s a champion cuddle and whoever adopts this boy is getting a wonderful family dog.


PeeWee loves people and gets along well with other dogs. He’d be good with kids and grew up with a toddler. He was a bit fearful of cats and would be fine in a home with dog savvy cats.


Snuggle bunny!


Dozer behind

Dozer – 1 year old Brindle Pug/Pom Mix- Adopted

Dozer is the biggest of the three brothers. at 28 poundsHe’s friendly, confident and ready to love. Dozer is the perfect name for this tank-like dog who powers through life.

The three pug brothers came from the SPCA serving Erie County. They were surrendered by a family who had bred two dogs and had six puppies a year ago. They kept all six puppies and eventually found homes for three of the six puppies. The other three were taken to the shelter when the family could not long keep the three boys. 18449372_10158588248695316_3665359030653660863_o

He is very much like his name – an absolute tank. He tends to bulldoze his way through situations and was the first to run up, put a paw on my knee and try to kiss my face. He pulls on leash, but is easily corrected as he only wants to please you.

IMG_3523These dogs are great with other dogs and raised with kids. Dozer is rough and tumble and would do well in a busy home with lots of activity. Dozer would be fine with a dog savvy cat and most any other dogs. Dozer would be fine on his own as long as he got lots of attention and exercise from his family.


Dozer does bark at new people and new situations, but is easily reassured. It won’t take much for this guy to wiggle his way into your heart.

Dozer is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, dewormed and is a healthy dog.


If you think you’re the right family for this tummy rubbing boy please fill out an application! His adoption fee is $300.



Mother’s Day

From the Desk of Amy,

On the eve of Mother’s Day with a newly rescued dog napping peacefully on my lap I think of my mother as I open the recipe book she gave me when I turned eighteen.

The simple yellow spiral notebook included all our family recipe from spaghetti to banana muffins. Each recipe is written in my mother’s beautiful cursive writing that connects me to her in a way I never imagined.


The loops and pages lead me to her recipe for chocolate chip cookies. This recipe is merely the instructions from the back of a package of chipits, but to me its a secret family recipe. 

I mix the ingredients and stare at the loops of her writing feeling her near me. She left us far too soon fifteen years ago and I can still hear her unique wind up laughter as I bake and she dances in the kitchen.


I never had children, but if I did I’d write them a recipe book complete with my favourite recipes for Happy Children and Elephant Stew.


Thank you mom, for life, for the love of animals and for the stained, ragged yellow spiral notebook that contained your most precious words in your unique writing.

I feel happy and fulfilled with my life, with my family and with my yellow spiral notebook.

For the Ultimate Dog Mom 

My Heart Sister, Karen