Tucker: 10 month old fox/coon hound mix

This handsome boy is something else! We have no rush to rehome this beautiful boy. He’s submissive to all other dogs and even a bit fearful of our wee 8 pound shih tzu Jackson.

He has high energy and needs a canine companion to help him burn off the energy, but his true love is people. So, if his people have the time to run, bike, hike, jog, kayak and paddle board with Tucker he could go into a home on his own.


Tucker is a people dog. He thinks he’s a lap dog and will slowly stand on two legs to come at you for a hug. There isn’t a mean bone in this boy’s body and we can’t believe how wonderful he is at only 10 months.

He was surrendered for anxiety, but we have worked through those issues (or rather Sawyer, another hound mix, has helped work through these issues).


I can’t think of a better home for these two hounds than on a farm where the two boys could live together playing and napping in the sun.


Both are neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, dewormed and ready to go home.




Pippi! Twelve year old Shih Poo

Pippi came to BCFS after her owner passed away. Pippi is sweet, kind and loving. She’s great on a leash and loves her walks. She lived with her last owner since she was 4 years old and loved him dearly.

Pippi gets along well with everyone including other dogs and cats. She’s a senior, but still has her vision and hearing. She’s a good eater and we’re working on some muscle building.


Pippi needs a loving home where she would get lots of attention. Don’t let her age fool you, she’s has a lot of life left.



Something Special about Northern Dogs

Our contact in the North asked us to take in two Northern dogs and we jumped at the chance. You ask anyone with a Northern dog how special they are and you’d better sit down and buy a coffee because you’re in for a wonderfully long tale.

It turns out one of the dogs is the Mom to Whiskey. Do you remember Whiskey? What an odd mix of a dog and now that we’ve met his mom – we know why.  Below is a picture of Whiskey.


And this is his mom…


And his brother (Monique’s son)….


Families are often very different.

The mom to the two boys is named Monique and she’s a mini version of Whiskey. I thought for sure he was one of a kind, but it turns out he has a mini-me in his mother.

Monique took 24 hours to adjust to a new life and she’s embracing it! She can finally relax and know she’s getting 3 squares a day.

Her son, Boozoo is about a year and a half old and wonderfully delightful. He does have some front leg issues we talked to Aunt Rachel about and she feels that if he’s moving well don’t mess with nature. Boozoo will have early onset arthritis due to his odd looking front legs. It makes him unique, special and a perfect dog to come through BCFS.


Both of these dog came in spayed / neutered and dewormed. We brought them up to date on their vaccinations on November 3, 2016 and they’re ready for adoption!

Boozoo is good with kids and other dogs. We aren’t sure about cats, but we don’t believe he’d be good with cats. The northern dogs tend to have a higher prey drive and he’s never seen a cat before.

Monique is about three years old and very healthy. She’s wonderfully unusual.


If you’re interested in adopting Monique or Boozoo please fill out an adoption application. A fenced yard is a good idea for these dogs.

We’d love to see them adopted together as they tend to bring each other comfort.







Tashi Adopted

From Amy’s Desk

To be honest… I wasn’t really prepared for this adoption. I didn’t honestly believe we’d find a home for a wee senior shih tzu who came in emaciated with a broken jaw. She was old and smelly. I obviously loved her dearly. I’d kiss her head and then say “oh, you are a stinky little girl” and she’d wag her tail.

tashi 3

I’d cuddle her close and she’d fall asleep listening to the comforting sound of my heartbeat. Her broken, fragile body finally relaxed heavily on my chest and I could only sigh with love.

I watched her heal and begin to trust. It was something amazing that makes you feel a little humble inside. She fought back through incredible pain to not only survive, but enjoy life.

tashi outside

She loves walks and she loves to bark. She’s an expert cuddler and boy could she eat!!

I was surprised when I got an application for her and thought: “no way. Tashi is blind and mostly deaf. Nobody wants her.”

Never had I been so wrong. Susan and Chuck opened their hearts, their home and their lives to adopting and helping senior dogs.


My kitchen is now empty and my house short a heartbeat, but I know she’s where she’s supposed to be and where she’ll be loved til the end of her days.

I grieve a little for Tashi, but take comfort in knowing she’s loved and I gather strength from knowing there are incredible people out there willing to love an old, lost, forgotten, blind, deaf, infected and dirty dog.

Tashi with her new sibling snoozing between mom and dad on the couch:


Thank you Susan and Chuck. My cup is full again and I will carry on helping animals. Your love and smile show it all.



Hounds! Sawyer & Tucker

Sawyer, unlike his name, came from the North – Upper Credit Humane Society to be exact. They called him an akbash/lab/hound mix and he was just shy of two years old. He’d been adopted out three times and brought back for guarding. He guarded strange things like keys, a toy and once a bible. Sawyer had run out of options and needed a special place to work with him.


Tucker came from the South, SPCA Serving Erie County to be exact. They called him a Coonhound, Treeing Walker and American Foxhound. He’s nine months old and we’re told he’s destructive with separation anxiety. He was deemed unadoptable and if BCFS couldn’t take him… let’s just say we were his last hope.


Two hounds from two different countries. North verses South. How would these two males get along? Could they help each other given a chance? Was BCFS the place they needed to heal?

On initial intake Sawyer was more unmanageable, more highly strung and more violent at times. He decided to stand his ground with me and when I refused to back off he growled deeper and snapped his jaws at me, but didn’t bite. I noticed as he was trying to be a big tough threatening guy, he was also peeing himself. Sawyer was merely, afraid. This we can work with by teaching him to safely back off and building his confidence. He’s already responding to signals to move back and away from things; when he gets praised he’s the happiest boy in the world.


Sawyer has huge energy. Probably more energy than any dog we’ve come across. He’s big, healthy and strong. He pushed around all our livestock and we had to segregate him to a separate area. He pined for a friend.

It was then we got the call about Tucker.

He transported beautifully, he was a gentleman on leash and was soft and sweet. He melted in your hands like soft butter ready to be shaped. He wants to be the best dog he can be and you can have this devotion if you never leave him.


From his previous family:

Tried to confine to the kitchen, but he chewed up the gate, a keurig and his dog bed. He ate the carpet from an adjoining room.  He’s very energetic and crazy. Can be very sweet at times, but usually not very affectinate. Loves to play with toys, treats and bones. Loves to be outside. Would do best in a home with another dog. He is very vocal. Good in the car, hates baths.

Sometimes when faced with a challenge the best one to find the solution is another dog.

We introduced Sawyer and Tucker slowly. They shared a fence line for a few hours and both demonstrated interest in the other with positive body language. We took the big step and introduced the two.


They played hard. Very hard like a pair of brothers. They kept up with each other and played hard for hours. They played until they both flopped on the ground and took a long nap.


After 24 hours we were happy that the boys seemed to have a calming effect on each other. If one started to get anxious the other began to play with them.


I wasn’t sure if this was true until I walked into the barn and Tucker started howling at me and Sawyer jumped on him and dragged him outside – I’ve never had a better, more timely correction than Sawyer.

Tucker had the energy to keep up with Sawyer that allowed his anxiety to burn off, so that he could relax.

This is a great match!

Youtube Video of Sawyer and Tucker 

We brought North and South together and found peace.