Everything has a Price

For every animal we rescue there is a price. Each animal takes  a piece of our hearts, our souls and a bit out of our pocketbook.


For every story of suffering we hear, for every night spent sleepless worrying over funding, for bruised souls, bruised legs, squished toes, sloppy kisses, stinky hugs, fleas, lice, ticks and worms…

…there is a price.


Behind each of the aches and pains is a small life that has been discarded. There is a soul abandoned and suffering. Behind the worry lines and the laugh lines there is a being who will never be able to speak their pain, defend themselves or stop loving the people who hurt them.

Rescuers are warriors.


We fight a silent battle every day with our emotional, mental and physical selves. We wage war to give a voice and protect our charges. We choke down the grief of Nobody’s Dog, we wipe our tears away and charge forward.


Rescuers look deeply and dramatically into the eyes of an animal and can see our soul reflected back in theirs. The answer to every question, the key to every lock and the secret to life is: Love.


That’s all they want: Love

To be allowed to love and to be loved in return. If the entire world took a page out of the book of dog we’d live in a much better place.


If rescuers were out of a job we’d be overjoyed with happiness. No more suffering, no more pain, no more battles to be won. The war would be over and we would struggle to put down our swords. Our shields would fall and be replaced with flowers.


Could you imagine such a world?



Bergen Seeks His Forever Home – And a Word About Securing Pets

We have a happy update on Bergen, one of the members of a family of five whom BCFS rescued from a puppy mill. Bergen is the last of the family members in our foster care program after his mom, sister and two brothers were successfully adopted.

5dogsbcfsresizedsmallerBergen’s family, clockwise from upper left: mama Delana, sister Allura, Bergen, and brothers Ruger and Fenton

Bergen is a survivor. He survived life in a puppy mill and then he survived three days running loose all by himself after he escaped the home of the family who adopted him from BCFS on October 30th. The day after his adoption, Bergen went missing and was out in the cold and rain by himself.

Through the team efforts of BCFS’ founder Amy and her husband Brent, BCFS volunteers who posted missing notices on social media, Bergen’s adoptive family who were out searching for Bergen, and the kindness of residents of Hunters Point in Welland who fed Bergen and reported his whereabouts on social media, we were able to set a live trap for Bergen in the vicinity where he’d been spotted.

Amy and Brent’s live trap failed! But, one of the families in this subdivision managed to trap Bergen in their fenced backyard. They put out food and watched and waited until he took the bait and then they shut the gate! Got him! 

Bergen was captured and BCFS was called. Amy and Brent had ear-to-ear smiles as they brought him back safely to BCFS on November 4th, 2016.

bergenamybrentrescueBCFS’ founder Amy and husband Brent with Bergen, safe and sound

He was tired and a little thinner but luckily uninjured from his time spent loose on his own. Bergen’s adoptive family decided he wasn’t a good fit for them and we were happy to have Bergen back in BCFS’ foster care program.


We decided Bergen needed time in a specialized foster home (that BCFS is lucky to have!) who are working with Bergen to socialize him further and minimize his flight risk.

One of our most experienced foster families, Raye and her husband Paul, are now fostering Bergen. Raye and Paul have done wonders for several of BCFS’ rescued dogs, spending many months rehabilitating them in foster care, caring for our permanent Cushings foster Harriette and have adopted Pippa/Abby from BCFS.

bergenatrayes11-24threeBergen is now relaxing with his canine foster siblings Pippa/Abby and Harriette, and gaining confidence.

Raye updates us on Bergen:

“He has settled in and is not trying as hard to escape. He loves walks and has started to stay still for me to leash him. He and Ben (senior rottie) have done romping in the back yard and he gets along well with all the animals and people. He even licks my toes in the morning to say hello. I would suggest he not be adopted to a family unless they have both a fenced yard and a companion dog for him to play with. He will take some time bonding but I am sure he will make a wonderful addition to the right family who will spend time with him.”



Bergen needs to go to a home with another dog and a securely fenced yard.


He’s a sweet boy, a handsome cross who is three years old and healthy.

bergenatrayes11-24Bergen, right, curls up on the couch with his foster siblings

This boy will need a bit of time to come out of his shell and bond closely with you but with love, patience, attention and care, he’ll make a wonderful family member.


Are you Bergen’s forever family? Can this sweet, shy boy find a place in your heart and home, with a dog friend and fenced yard? If so please download an adoption application and when completed email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at:


Thank you to everyone who helped Bergen and aided in his safe capture, and thank you for considering adopting Bergen.

Bergen’s Escape: A Lesson for All

We’re relieved that Bergen came through his escape and capture unscathed. We think Bergen’s escape from his adoptive home and subsequent capture is an opportunity to help educate all adoptive families, whether you adopt from BCFS or another rescue or shelter, because all animals are potentially at risk of escaping or getting lost.

That’s especially true when you first adopt a new animal. The heartache and fear for your animal’s safety when they’re lost is something we hope you never experience, and educating adoptive families is the key to prevention.

In our adoption application we note: “Rescue animals will go through a period of adjustment when entering their new forever home.” That is very true – this is a first for a BCFS dog to go missing after adoption but most newly adopted dogs who go missing are lost in the first 24-48 hours.

It’s important to understand things from a rescue dog’s point of view. He or she may come from a puppy mill where they’ve been caged and bred for years and have never known freedom, or from a loving home where their owner died or became too sick to care for them, to spending weeks in a noisy shelter before they arrive at BCFS. They may then be fostered by us or one of our foster families, and then they move one more time into your home.

It’s a lot of big changes for rescued dogs and they may feel a bit bewildered and insecure until they settle in and bond with you. Their impulse to run may be heightened during their adjustment period. All adopted animals need time, patience, love and most importantly diligence from you to ensure their security as they adjust to their new home and family.

From a dog’s point of view, new surroundings and new people, no matter how kind, can be confusing and unsettling. That can increase their flight risk.

As adoptive families we all need to take extra care to make sure our new four-legged family members are secured in our homes, cars and on our properties, especially when they’re first adopted.

Make sure your dog’s collar or harness is correctly fitted, your leash is strong enough, double-check doors and gates to make sure there’s no chance of escape, and if you have a fenced yard it’s a good idea to do a close check to make sure the entire perimeter of your fence is sturdy and secure. Some dogs are diggers and can dig their way out under a fence so regular checks are advised.


BCFS microchips every dog before we adopt them out and we recommend microchipping your pets. Microchipping is safe, inexpensive and can identify your pet if he/she is lost and brought to a shelter, animal control, or veterinarian’s office, to help you be reunited.

Every year, thousands of dogs, whether newly adopted or longtime family members, go missing. It’s a heartbreaking event for any family to lose a pet. Lost and found networks online list countless dogs and cats who escaped their homes or yards, who were left unattended or even jumped out of a car and ran away during a stop on a road trip.

As animal guardians we must all be careful and vigilant to protect the ones we love.



Boozoo – A very special guy

Boozoo came down from the north and is not quite two years old, but he’s a remarkably quiet boy for his age. He’s quite happy to cuddle up and relax. He loves people.


Boozoo isn’t a “normal” dog. He was born with his front legs deformed. We didn’t realize the deformity extended to his shoulders until the x-rays came back.

Boozoo’s right front leg looks very deformed and the x-ray shows his ulna is floating held in place by soft tissue. His left front leg looks more normal, but his wrist joint is very twisted up. Boozoo was born this way.


We considered surgery, but our vet advises us not to put him through the trauma. He’s still able to run and play. He loves to walk and will stick right with you. He will develop early arthritis and will need anti-inflammatories at some point in his life, but for now, he’s happy and otherwise healthy.


Boozoo is a beautiful soul in a broken body who needs a special loving family. Boozoo runs and plays. He can climb stairs and jump into the car and onto the couch.


We find he limps and seems uncomfortable after long walks, so he’s not a running or hiking buddy, but his mom is if that’s what you’re looking for (see Monique).


Boozoo loves to hang with his people. He’d be very happy as an only dog with plenty of human attention. He gets along well with other dogs, but we’d suggest dogs smaller than Boozoo, so they’re less likely to knock him over.

Boozoo is very good with children, but young children who might climb on him would not ideal, but kids over 7 who can enjoy a walk and cuddle would be heaven. He loves to sleep on soft surfaces, so a plush dog bed or perhaps your bed would be ideal.


All you need to do is meet Boozoo to fall in love. Please fill out an application and we can arrange a date!



Update! Ruger Loves His New Family!

We love when adoptive families send us updates on BCFS rescue dogs. On Monday we shared the good news that Ruger found his forever family with new mama Allison, her daughter Shannon and their dog Mabel. Shannon sends new photos of Ruger and Mabel with this happy update:

“Ruger is doing very well, he is settling in really nicely and adjusting to his new home quickly. Mabel and him have become the best of friends, they are completely obsessed with each other and it is very rare to see the two of them apart.


He is still slightly nervous with people but we can already see the improvements he is making, his tail is up almost all of the time now, even when there are strangers around. He lets us pet him and even hops up on the bed for snuggles, he becomes more and more affectionate every day.


He gets in and out of the car without hesitation and we are working with him on basic commands like sit and stay. Ruger loves his walks and playing ball in the park, although he is still a little nervous when playing ball with Mabel, she is a lot bigger than him and very bouncy so who can blame him? 😉


I have been trying to get a good picture of the two of them but it is quite difficult to get them to both stay still long enough to get a picture that isn’t blurry, they are quite the rambunctious pair.


rugerupdate11-21sixcolorfixcropsharpRuger and Mabel finally all tuckered out

The little guy is doing great and he improves every day thanks to all the incredible work the foster family and rescue group did with him, we can’t thank you enough!”

BCFS can’t thank you and your mom enough, Shannon! We’re so happy to see Ruger happily adjusting to his new family and home, and that he has a BFF in Mabel now!


Please always adopt, don’t shop, when you bring a new companion animal into your family. There are so many in need of good homes. Ruger’s brother Bergen is still in our foster care waiting for his forever family, could that be you?

BCFS… saving the world one animal at a time…


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Nobody at BCFS takes a salary, we are 100% volunteer based and all the funds go directly to help the animals.


BCFS predominantly takes in special needs animals who need behavioural training or extensive medical cases. We take in dogs from euthanasia lists at shelters and give them the time and love needed to rehabilitate and find a loving home.


Many thanks to our fellow rescuers, forever homes, volunteers and supporters!

Happy Bidding till 8pm tonight! 


Fenton Update – by Spencer H.

BCFS received this lovely update from Fenton’s family (okay, the truth is we request it). We knew that Spencer and his sister Lily had put together a presentation to his parents on finding a loving canine companion. Spencer was determined to find a rescue dog and he sought our advice long before Fenton found his way to BCFS.


This is one inspiration young person: 

After a month of living and being around Fenton, it has made my house a lot better and calmer.

High school is very stressful and having Fenton helps me keep my mind off of all my stressful homework. Even though he does not know how to play yet, he is a great couch buddy and we are now gaining more trust for each other.

Fenton is the cleanest and friendliest dog ever! Whenever I take him for a walk he always makes new friends. No matter the size of the dog, Fenton loves to play with other dogs and run around. He always wants to play with the female whippet across the street… instead of me. LOL.


I will always remember the very first day when I was walking Fenton at the park and we bumped into a man walking his shih Tzu, he asked how long I’ve had him for and he just could not believe when I told him “yesterday”!

Now that Fenton is more comfortable around me, we have been jogging daily around the block to prepare me for my winter rowing training. He just never runs out of energy!

Just to make this clear, although his eyebrows make him look sad, on the inside he is happy and thankful for being with our family . His tail just won’t stop wagging when I get home from school! (He goes in his crate when asked and only goes in the rooms where he is allowed.


Whenever I am studying Fenton always loves to sit on the couch beside my desk. It does not matter how long I take, he will wait for me and when I finish he is extremely happy that his tail almost wags himself off the couch!

The first week was painful for all of us because we just wanted him to sit with us. He didn’t know how to climb up or downstairs, he wouldn’t let us pick him up, and he was very shy with us.

As of now Fenton let’s me brush his fur, he can climb stairs, he lets me pick him up whenever, and he loves to run and play.


My cousins brought their dogs to come meet Fenton after his first week with our family. The one was Marco, a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles spaniel bichon frisee mix. They were both so calm with each other. The other was a white 9 month old yorkiepoo named Daisy. All she did was bark and Fenton just watched. He was way too cool about it , he even tried to play but daisy was the one that was scared.


This just goes to show that in a good home with good patient people, a dog who didn’t have a good start of life can thrive and be a happy dog that even himself never thought he could be.

~Spencer Harrold

We are so happy that this young person was able to put into words and understand the amazing relationship that can grow between a dog and his family.

Wish there were more fifteen year olds in this world like Spencer.


A Forever Family and New Sister for Ruger!

Ruger is the eldest son in a family of five that BCFS brought into our foster care program through our good rescue friends at Furever Friends Rescue of WNY, and we’re happy to announce Ruger has found his forever family!


Ruger is the quintessential bossy big brother who likes to push around other male dogs like he did his younger brothers, especially his youngest brother Fenton, while in our foster care. BCFS recommended that a family with a strong female dog would be ideal for this tough guy who was known to be a bit of a bully.

A strong female dog will keep Ruger in line and not let him get away with any shenanigans, especially since Ruger prefers the ladies and treated his mama Delana with respect.

ruger1expclarityRuger with his mama Delana behind him

We got lucky! Ruger now lives in an all-female household with his new mom Allison, her daughter Shannon and their lovely dog Mabel!


Ruger is only three years old, a shih tzu cross who’s a little shy but thinks he’s a whippersnapper. His new sister Mabel is the perfect match for Ruger.


His sweetness and vulnerability came through when we groomed and bathed this little guy..

ruger4Ruger still damp after his bath

Thank you to Allison, Shannon and Mabel from BCFS for giving Ruger his loving forever home!  Happy trails, Ruger!



Pippi Adopted!

Never have I see a dog “fly off the shelf” like Pippi. We’d barely gotten her dental done before she met her new mom and dad.


Pippi first jumped on the couch in her foster home to sit next to her soon to be mama; then she walked demurely over to sit with her soon to be papa.

Not, so much sit with papa as curl up on his lap for a sweet slumber. It was as thought Pippi had chosen her new family.

pippiadopted11-14-16newfamilyPippi’s right at home with her new mama and papa


Pippi is a sweet kind soul without an ounce of meanness. If you want her food, I believe she thinks:

Please take it. You must need it more than me.

If you want her toys, her water, her sweater or her leash?

Please take it. You must need it more than me. My cookies? Of course, please take it as you must need it more than me.


We all could learn a lot from Pippi.

Congrats Pippi on your new family. You certainly deserve it.


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Sawyer 18 month old Akbash/hound/ lab mix

The first time I walked Sawyer in public I had just gotten him out of the car to cross the street on my way to the vet.

A woman in a car stopped in the middle of the intersection and asked what kind of dog Sawyer was and I gave a list of possibilities.

She said “He’s stunning.”


Its true. Sawyer is stunning. His pictures don’t do this blonde babe justice. He’s amazing to look at, but with these good looks comes a dog chock full of attitude.

He will look at you while you are calling him and walk in the opposite direction. He will completely disregard any dog in his way and bowl them over.


He works hard. Plays harder and sleeps deeply.

With Sawyer its on or off. He’s either running around like a mad man or snoozing the day away.


Once we get a chunk of his energy out, he’s a very smart boy. He walks amazing on a halti and knows sit. He’s food motivated and easy to train – as long as that training is what Sawyer wants to do at the time.

This boy has his own mind and will challenge his people. If he doesn’t want to do something he wont’ – not because he’s afraid, or shy, he’s just stubborn. He’s part mule.


Sawyer loves to be outside and his forever home would be a place with lots of safe, fenced area to roam. He can pick up a scent and follow it until he grows bored.

Sawyer would lover another large dog companion. He plays rough, so the other dog would have to be a tough one as well. Sawyer has helped Tucker (hound cross) with his separation anxiety to the point of curing.


If Tucker started to whine and bark, Sawyer jumped on him and encouraged him to play. If Sawyer got anxious Tucker would jump on him and distract. Its a dog lover’s dream.

We’d love to see this pair go together as they’ve helped each other so much; and we’d love to see them go to a farm with lots of love and room to run.


Sawyer is not a city dog. He wouldn’t do well in an apartment and he won’t do well with cats. He likes the quiet country life.

Think you have what it takes to manage Sawyer? Fill out an adoption application! Dog Savvy home is a must.