A Family for Fenton – Adopted!

Fenton loves people. Really, really loves people. Fenton is pure friendliness and in BCFS’ foster care program he was the first to come running to greet us with his tail wagging. Now Fenton’s found the perfect person to give all his love to – new dad Tim!

Tim and sweet, submissive Fenton totally clicked when they met at BCFS’ Little g Ranch.

fentontimimg_3340 People-lover Fenton gets scritched by new dad Tim

Fenton got ready for his big adoption day with a grooming. He came into our foster care program with shaggy medium-length hair:


But then he got picture-perfect with his spiffy new haircut!

fentoninbarnHandsome boy!
fentonimg_3337It felt good to get all that hair off! Fenton relaxing afterwards

Even with his shaggy hair, Fenton’s friendliness shone through and Tim knew Fenton was the dog for him and his family.


BCFS’ resident rescues Taz, Jackson and Zig were so impressed with Tim the day he came to take Fenton home that they hopped right into Tim’s car like they wanted to go home with him, too!


But alas, they had to say farewell to Fenton who was safely placed in a travel crate for his journey to his new home.


fentonimg_3355expsharpFenton contemplates the new life that awaits him

Fenton is a quiet boy who desperately wants to be loved. We think he’ll bond quickly to new family and be a shadow to Tim’s son Spencer and daughter Lily. Fenton is only three years old, healthy, neutered and up to date on his vaccinations and we think he’s going to have a wonderful life ahead of him with his new family

Thank you for adopting this sweet boy who is so deserving of the love he craves!


Fenton’s two brothers Bergen and Ruger are still available for adoption! Both are a smidge larger than Fenton at about 25 lbs. Bergen tends to boss Fenton around so he’d do best with a confident family and a strong female dog to show him how to be a proper gentlemen.

Ruger is very much like Fenton, shy, but wanting to love. Ruger is in a foster home and looking for his forever home. He’s house trained, leash trained and waiting for love.

Happy trails, Fenton! Thank you Tim, Rosy, Spencer and Rosy!


Nestled in Love – Allura’s New Family!

BCFS is happy that our rescued shih tzu/Jack Russell cross Allura has not only found loving new adoptive parents, but she’s gained a big furry canine brother named Murphy and two kitty siblings, too! Puppy mill survivor Allura is now playing and snuggling with her new family!

allurafromadoptivemomamanda2expHow sweet it is: Allura, left, and her new brother Murphy

Allura’s new family has renamed her Molly and mom Amanda sends us these sweet pics and updates – her first one came shortly after her adoption:

I wanted to give you ladies a quick update and let you know that everything is going really well and we had a great first night. She and Murphy are really enjoying each other’s company and they’ve had a few good plays together. It’s quite funny to watch them romp around together. We lifted her into our bed last night and she plopped right down in the blankets beside Murph and slept the whole night. It’s a good thing we have a king size bed, so there is lots of room for us and the fur babies. Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to adopt such a sweet dog. We are so happy to have her here and look forward to our future together.

Allura/Molly is settling in beautifully with her new family and we’re especially glad she has another dog to play and live with and to learn from. Dogs are the best teachers for other dogs, especially puppy mill survivors who are shy and just learning what it is to be a normal dog.


As happy as we were with Amanda’s first update, her new one makes us smile from ear to ear:

Now that we’ve had Allura for a week I thought I would give another update. We did decide to change her name to Molly and she is already responding to her new name! She is such a smart little girl and she catches on very fast!

In the week we have had her she has come a long way. We crate her when we go out and if I say “Molly, cage” and snap my fingers by the door of her kennel, she goes right in. She also now goes up and down the stairs mostly on her own with a little bit of encouragement.

Murphy loves having a friend and Molly looks to Murphy for guidance and cues on how she should act in different situations. We couldn’t have asked for a better match with Murphy and Molly.


We also went to Grant’s parents’ house yesterday for his grandfather’s birthday. We brought Murphy and Molly so we could expose Molly to some new people and a new place (this is where the dogs will go when we need someone to puppysit). They have a massive backyard and they both ran around all afternoon and they had an amazing time!

Molly also met some new people of all ages and she was really good with everyone. She is shy at first, but after a pet or two, there was a couple people she kept going back to for more pets. She is such a wonderful girl! When she was running around with Murph yesterday with her tail wagging and a big smile with her tongue hanging out, it actually made me tear up a little to see what a happy little girl she is. I know, I’m a sap :)

Also, this morning when we woke up, she was bouncing around on the bed wagging her tail and she gave me my first couple kisses on my hand. That was a great start to our day!

Thank you so much for allowing us to give this special girl her forever home! We couldn’t ask for a better furry addition! :)

And we at BCFS couldn’t ask for a better forever family than Amanda and Grant, Murphy and their kitties. A perfect match!

Allura/Molly is five years old and came into BCFS’ foster care program in September along with her mother Delana, seven years old. Both girls were shy and scared.


Allura had known little of the outside world and was initially fearful.



A strange new environment, new people, new sights, smells and sounds – getting used to the peace and safety of BCFS. Our other rescued dogs like Naji and Walter helped Allura and Delana come out of their shells. Both girls made big strides in just weeks.


Allura’s mom Delana and her brother Fenton were adopted recently and now Allura (renamed Molly) has a forever family of her own, too.

Thank you to new parents Amanda and Grant and to their dog Murphy for making Allura/Molly their own, and for your wonderful updates and photos!

Please remember to adopt, don’t shop. These are the precious lives saved when caring people choose to adopt.



November 1, 2016 Facebook Auction!

Just when we thought our auction wasn’t going to rock our good friends of BCFS stepped up!

Everything from Coach bags to bicycles. From framed prints to pet car seats. It’s going to be so amazing and is coming just in time!

roo and brent

Great place to shop for Christmas gifts and save a few lives in the process. We are 100% volunteer and 100% of our funds go directly to help the animals.

Keep an eye on Facebook for our start on November 1st, 2016.



Adopted! A Family for Delana

Delana is a seven year old shih tzu/Jack Russell cross who has gone from living in a box to fostering at BCFS to her loving forever family and walks in the park!


Some big and very happy changes in a short time for this puppy mill girl we rescued in September along with her daughter Allura and later, her three sons Bergen, Ruger and Fenton.


Delana was initially very shy and fearful when she arrived in our foster care program but it wasn’t long before she was romping around, enjoying her newfound freedom.


Puppy mill dogs always do better when they have other dogs to socialize with, and both Delana and Allura were happy to hang out with our other rescues like Naji and Walter.



Have we mentioned how grateful we are for people with big loving hearts who adopt older dogs like Delana? Her new mom Marilyn sent us this short update on how Delana is doing in her new home:

Dalena is adjusting. She had a walk in the park this morning and she did all her jobs outside. She is very curious about her surroundings in and out. She certainly is food oriented both for wieners and cheese but not dog food yet. At the moment she is enjoying private time behind the couch. Thank you for our beautiful girl!

Delana may always have a shy streak but with patience, kindness and love, she’ll continue growing and learning what it is to be a dog and living a normal, happy life.


No more boxes or puppies for Delana. She’s been spayed, brought up to date on her vaccinations and is a healthy girl with lots of life, lots of love to give and a future to look forward to.


Thank you to Marilyn for adopting Delana and giving her the second chance at happiness she deserves!

naji and hershel

Meet and Greet Etiquette

When bringing your dog to meet any foster dog, or even just to visit friends, please take your dog for a walk first. This allows the first burst of energy to be expelled along the walk, as well as expelling a great quantity of urine and feces.


Basic Rules

1. Nothing more embarrassing than meeting a new canine sibling with a good bum sniff and having to have a poop. Did you know when a dog is defecating they are the most vulnerable?

2. Do not bring any food or treats into the meet and greet area. You know your dog, but you don’t know about the other dogs in the situation. Often food or toys can set off aggression.

3. Do not bring your purse or other bags into the meet area. If you set them down they may become an object of interest, a place to pee or perhaps you have a simple item such as gum that is toxic to dogs.


De-escalate a situation.

Everyone involved wants to have a positive meet, so do everything you can to ensure success!

Watch your dog. Watch their body language and be prepared to step in to prevent unwanted behaviour – like humping: it’s not funny.

If you don’t stop your dog from showing aggressive or unwanted behaviour we will step in. The correction should come from you, so don’t hesitate to correct or redirect your dog.

BCFS staff are on hand to answer your questions and help manage the dogs.

This is a safe sanctuary for animals. Please help us keep it that way.


Dog Park Rules Apply!

  1. Poop n’ scoop is mandatory;
  2. Dogs must be kept on-leash until inside the gated area;
  3. Dog owners and handlers are subject to Ontario Dog Owner’s Liability Act and local bylaws
  4. Park users and dog owners assume all risks related to off-leash dog area usage;
  5. Owners must have dog tags indicating that their dog has been vaccinated and the dog is currently licensed;
  6. Do not bring unaltered dogs to BCFS. We do not welcome intact males or females. We have a strong spay and neuter policy.
  7. All children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult
  8. No food (this applies to both the human and canine variety), is permitted in the off-leash dog area;
  9. Off-leash areas are smoke free areas;
  10. Choke, spike, chain or pinch collars are not allowed in off-leash area;
  11. Dogs must be under control. Owners must be under control.
  12. Owners must pay attention to their dogs and not their cell phones.
  13. Humping must be stopped.




tashi outside


I’m laying in bed relaxing and I have Tashi between my knees, so I know she won’t accidentally fall off the bed.

She’s so grateful for the cuddles. Grateful to be clean, dry, warm and healed. She loves deeply, but it takes her a long time to trust.

tashi 3

Tashi is over a decade old and has likely lived through some terrible times. Her damaged body tells the story of too many puppies and abuse. How does a seven pound dog get a broken jaw?

It took weeks before she finally trusted me and weeks more before she was happy to see me.  Now, weeks later she looks for me. She wants to be near me and she wants love.

It’s all dogs ever want. Love. Kindness. Acceptance. You’re a fool to think they want to fight – unless they think their fighting makes you happy – then they fight. For you. For your love and happiness.

Dogs are like children in their thoughts. What child doesn’t want happiness for their parents? What did you want when you were five years old? To see your mom. To see her smile at your macaroni art.

Tashi wants nothing less, but when she’s lived her life year after year doing what she thought would make you happy only to survive with broken bones, blindness and infection.

tashi close up

Still she only wants your happiness.

Sometimes I pity dogs and their devotion to people. Humans don’t deserve such devotion. Such unconditional love.

Go hug your dog and tell them how happy you are to have them in your life. Go hug your kids and tell them the same thing.

Tashi is looking for a loving home, but think hard if you’re worthy of her devotion.



Thank you to the Wonderful Reiki Practitioners who made the second Pet Reiki Fundraising Workshop a great success.  The world is a better place when people focus on helping to heal animals.


Silvana (pictured above with her canine partner Lexi) is a Reiki Master and animal lover who is passionate about using Reiki energy to help heal the animals at the Sanctuary.  The success of the last Workshop in May of 2015 prompted her to continue teaching other Reiki Practitioners how to best help the animals.

Silvana Explains the Process

Animals are Divine Beings with souls that play a very important part in our lives. Animals will respond to Reiki quicker than people.  This is because they do not have blocks like we do from rigid mindsets. They are able to accept the Reiki energy for what it is without trying to analyze it.   A few examples of how Reiki healing can help animals is with pain relief, minimizing stress caused from changes of ownership or other home circumstances, it helps with grief, and it has been shown to boost the immune system.


The Workshop! 

The morning of the workshop was spent going over the practical part of Pet/Animal Reiki, using the manual Silvana put together as a guide.   After going through the manual it was time to do a mediation to prepare for working with the animals.  The practitioners where also given a picture of an animal to give distant Reiki to and then they all shared the impressions they received.  All the practitioners received wonderful inituitive information about their animal.  After a light lunch it was time to use the newly learned information to help the animals at the farm.

pic9The BCFS Farm 

Each animal accepts Reiki in their own way.  Some enjoy hands-on while others prefer Reiki beamed to them from a comfortable distance.

Splash enjoying hands on Reiki with Rhonda, Shelia and Lili


Hershel loving his hands on healing from Theresa.
Hershel enjoyed receiving Reiki and loving attention from Susan, Julie and Theresa.
Nelly saying thank you to Julie for the healing she received. Nelly has a tumour in her utter and after receiving energy from a group of the Practitioners she was moving around pretty good and enjoying some carrots.

What the Students had to say about the Workshop:

“Thanks for the great day, Did my Reiki on the birds at the rescue and for the first time in 10 years the room was quiet, even the one that attacks everyone, he just whistled. The big McCaw Thumper is really sick with a skin infection and he fell asleep.  We have a pair of breeder Goffins and they are not friendly at all, they just want to bite you, but they came to the front of the cage and just stayed there for the whole time. That made my heart skip a beat.  I am doing it from home every morning for my feathered friends.   Thank you very much for the experience.”   Susan

“Thank you so much for offering the workshop, Silvana. It was very informative, fun and I met so many great people. Working with the animals was thoroughly enjoyable and the highlight of my day. ”  Rhonda

“Thank you again for the workshop yesterday. I enjoyed the networking and being with the animals.  I liked the information presented. Some of the information was new to me and some confirmed that I was doing things right so far.  I look forward to working with you and BCFS again soon. ”  Sheila.

A Special Thanks!

A special thanks to Silvana who donated $400 (half of the registration fees plus an extra $50 from Susan Winning, thank you Susan) to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary that will go towards paying for Tashi’s spay, our very special senior dog.

tashi sleeping

Another Pet/Animal Reiki Workshop is in the works and hoping for late June of 2017.  See you then.


Pet Reiki Fundraising Workshop – Last Chance to Register

Last Chance to register for this workshop.  Open to all Practitioners that work with Energy.

silvana cronier at open house october

Adoptions Coordinator & Reiki Master Silvana Cronier will be running another Pet Reiki Fundraising Workshop with half of the registration fees being donated to BCFS to help care for the animals.

silvana reiki for animals

Calling on all Reiki Practitioners who are animal lovers and feel a strong connection with the animal kingdom to come out and learn valuable skills in giving Reiki to animals.

animal reiki workshop horse

The Workshop will run from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at BCFS’s new farm location in Wainfleet.  Workshop fee is $100.00, with half going directly to BCFS and a charity donation receipt will be provided to each Practitioner.  Practitioners will receive a reference manual and be able to work hands on with the animals at the farm during the workshop.  Practitioners will be required to have their Level 1 Reiki to attend.  Pre-registration is required before Wednesday October 12, 2016.  Lunch will be provided. Please email Silvana at scronier@rogers.com for a registration form.

Follow this link to read about last year’s workshop:



2016 Facebook Auction!!

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary has had limited opportunity for fundraising in 2016. We will be holding our annual fall Facebook auction starting November 1, 2016.

We have some items for the auction, but not as big as hoped. This is our big fundraiser this year and if we don’t do well we may have to pause in accepting more animals into our foster care program.

roo tippa close up

Many things have changed for our founder Amy and her family. Unfortunately, due to injury the family will not have the available funds to supplement BCFS for the foreseeable future.

Amy has a gift for helping animals and would love to continue her goal of helping animals, but this won’t happen with out the support of BCFS friends.


Sadly, money is a factor as money pays the vet bills, feed bills and accommodations. Amy is terrible at asking for help, so we’re doing it for her this year.

Please donate generously to our Facebook auction. Think of friends and family who might enjoy a christmas gift from our auction. Rather than look for a good deal, consider adding a little that will go directly to supporting, feeding and caring for the BCFS animals.


Nobody at BCFS takes a salary. We are 100% volunteer. We are 100% here to help the animals. You won’t find many registered charities where all the funds raised go directly to the cause.

We are one. 

delana showing interest


Ruger: Three year old neutered male shih tzu cross

We got a call from our good rescue friends at Furever Friends Rescue of WNY that they were bringing in over twenty dogs from puppy mills and could we take any?

The relationship we’ve built with this group in conjunction with the SPCA serving Erie County has lead to the rescue of many puppy mill animals and we were about to get a family.

Ruger is believed to be Delana’s oldest son. He certainly bosses everyone around like an older brother (I know. I have one).


Ruger is another handsome boy with longer legs than his brothers Fenton and Bergen. He’s shy, but often acts like a tough guy and should be placed in a home with a confident family.

Don’t get me wrong, Ruger is an awesome boy, but he’s known to be a bit of bully. If push comes to shove, he’ll back down, but won’t be happy about it. He likes the ladies more than boys and is very respectful of his mama Delana.


He pushes his little brother Fenton around a bit, so we think Ruger would do well in a home with a strong female.

We haven’t tested him with cats or kids, but young children might move too fast for Ruger.


Ruger’s hair grows and he doesn’t shed much (that we’ve noticed). He’s recently been neutered and his house training is a work in progress.