silvana cronier at open house october

Adoptions Coordinator & Reiki Master Silvana Cronier will be running another Pet Reiki Fundraising Workshop with half of the registration fees being donated to BCFS to help care for the animals.

silvana reiki for animals

Calling on all Reiki Practitioners who are animal lovers and feel a strong connection with the animal kingdom to come out and learn valuable skills in giving Reiki to animals.

animal reiki workshop horse

The Workshop will run from 10 am to 5 pm on Saturday, October 15, 2016 at BCFS’s new farm location in Wainfleet.  Workshop fee is $100.00, with half going directly to BCFS and a charity donation receipt will be provided to each Practitioner.  Practitioners will receive a reference manual and be able to work hands on with the animals at the farm during the workshop.  Practitioners will be required to have their Level 1 Reiki to attend.  Pre-registration is required before Wednesday October 12, 2016.  Lunch will be provided. Please email Silvana at for a registration form.

Follow this link to read about last year’s workshop:




2016 Facebook Auction: Donations Please!

Summer has wrapped up and the kids are back to school. It’s time to start thinking about Christmas gifts and the BCFS Fourth Annual Facebook Auction!

We’re hoping to start the auction October 20, 2016 at noon and keep it going till November 3, 2016 at 8pm.

We are currently looking for Auction Items.

We’re hoping to have 20-30 big prizes to win, so if you have something you’d like to donate and/or are willing to be a pick up/drop off location please email

Pick up/Drop off Locations:

We’re hoping for drop off/pick up locations in Port Colborne, Welland and St. Catharines. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, would be to accept donations for the next few weeks and deliver the items to the Wainfleet HQ before or on October 16th.

At the end of the auction your location will become the pick up spot for items in your city. BCFS will email you the name and contact info of the winners and you will facilitate the delivery or pick up of the winning items.

BCFSDOGCOLLAGE48DONEresizedsharpEvery dollar we raise goes directly to help the animals.

We are 100% volunteer based and nobody takes a paycheque. We help rescue, rehabilitate and re-home special needs animals. We also care for a number of animals who would have come to a horrible end of days without the help and support of BCFS volunteers, friends and supporters.

naji and hershel

We consider you family to a misfit crew of unwanted souls.  

This is your time to shine. Please help. Everyone knows what it’s like on day one in a new place when you need a friend.

roo and brent




Cuddly Calico Kitten Roo Tippa Adopted!

We couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome for wobbly calico kitten Roo Tippa than to be adopted by one of our previous adoptive moms – and this lucky kitty gets two adoring cocker spaniel siblings, too!

Roo Tippa’s new mom Ann was looking to adopt a dog-friendly cat for her dogs Taffi and Lacey who love kitties, and this wee girl is now ruling the roost!

Who’s the Boss? 


Ann shares her new photos with us and reports that Roo Tippa is the boss and doesn’t tolerate any silly business from pooches Taffi and Lacey! Both dogs were raised with cats and Ann says Taffi would cry when she saw a cat and loves to wash Ann’s sister’s cat. How sweet is that?

Wee Roo Tippa is so adorable and has a good prognosis for her recovery from malnourishment that she didn’t spend very long in BCFS’ foster care program. Ann realized Roo Tippa was the perfect kitty for her and her pooches and is now Roo’s new mama!

rooimg_0678expcropresizedA perfect match: Roo Tippa in mom Ann’s arms

How could Ann resist an adorable, spunky and cuddly girl like Roo Tippa?

roo tippa close up

Roo Tippa is making herself right at home with Ann, Taffi and Lacey. The pooches are clearly enamored of their new family member.


Roo Tippa came to BCFS through our rescue partner the Niagara Falls Humane Society due to a problem using her back legs.

roo and brent

They weren’t sure if Roo would have bladder and bowel control but after we found a litter box with a low side, Roo was a champ and showed us that YES! she does indeed and uses it! Roo Tippa earned her name by tipping over so much at first, then jumping like a wee kangaroo with a good push of her back legs.  She loved cuddling up with BCFS’ foster shih tzu Tashi and after awhile, Jackson decided he had to snuggle with her too.

roo and jax

BCFS was fortunate to have two veterinarians and an animal physiotherapist visit, and as founder Amy wrote, “After an assessment and a lot of cuddling it was determined that the kitten had been malnourished and was unable to develop the muscles needed to walk. Good food and lots of exercise would get this kitten on the road to recovery!

Roo Tippa went to her foster home and by day five she was mastering the stairs! She strengthened her muscles by walking on the slippery laminate floors and gained some traction on the carpeting.


We’re hopeful that with a continued nutritious diet, exercises and love that Roo Tippa will continue her progress and enjoy life to the fullest. So far she’s reveling in her new home with her cocker spaniel friends and mom Ann.

rooimg_0681expcropLet’s play!!

Roo Tippa is well on her way, loving all the attention from her new family.


Thank you to foster mom Tonia, and to adoptive mom Ann for giving little Roo Tippa her forever home and adoring dog siblings to play with and boss around!




Longtime BCFS Foster Yorkie Poo Verena Adopted!!

Timid yorkie poo Verena, whom we rescued after she spent 8 long years in a puppy mill cage, exemplifies the “three R’s” of what we do at BCFS: RescueRehabilitateRehome. No matter how long it takes.

We’re overjoyed to announce that after 232 days or about 7-1/2 months in our foster care program, Verena has found her forever home!

verenaadoptedimg_0675Verena in her dad’s arms, with her mom and new sibling Rupert

Verena’s family adopted her on September 9th and her mom just sent us this marvelous update and three new photos of Verena with her adopted sibling Rupert:

When she first arrived she was hiding at the opposite end of the room to where the couch is.  I put a bed there so she could be comfortable.  The next day I moved the bed closer to us and a half an hour before bed, she went to go to her bed and then looked at Rupert’s bed beside me and decided that was the bed she wanted to lay in!  Since then she has fully taken over his bed. She loves to cuddle and if I stop petting her she looks up at me as to say, “hey, why did you stop?”
 Verena has really bonded with Rupert and follows him around.  If someone comes to the door that Rupert knows she goes right up to them and gives them a good sniff.  She’s still a bit skittish but she lets them pet her.  She doesn’t like the stairs to go to the upper level so I carry her up and down. She is a good little eater and meat and cheese are her favourite treats and takes them right from our hands.
At night I don’t hear a peep from her until about 6:30 when she makes a little growl to go outside to do her morning business. All in all she is still timid but has made leaps and bounds since arriving.

We’re so happy for Verena to have found the perfect family to love her like she deserves to be loved! Puppy mill dogs usually do best in a home with another dog to bond with, and Verena and Rupert are adorable together!

When Verena came to BCFS she’d never known anything other than a wire cage and being continuously bred to supply puppies to pet stores. She was rescued from a puppy mill last December and arrived at BCFS on January 21st, 2016.


Verena has made a remarkable transformation during her months in BCFS’ foster care program, becoming socialized and learning how to be the dog she was meant to be.

Eight years of neglect in a puppy mill had taken a toll on this sweet girl and her intake photo on the left reveals the extent of her physical neglect and how Verena looked after her initial grooming:


Verena was shockingly unkempt and matted as many puppy mill dogs are. This shy girl was groomed and bathed, had a fresh dental and teeth cleaning, was brought up to date on her shots, and spayed.

Under all that matted hair emerged a petite girl with big ears and sweet brown eyes that held a look of vulnerability but also hope when she took her first steps into freedom at BCFS.

verena2 (1)

But the toll that Verena’s eight long years in a puppy mill had taken went deeper than her physical appearance. Verena had emotional wounds and a lack of socialization and familiarity with the outside world that needed months of dedicated care to heal and overcome.


Verena was initially very skittish and shy, but within weeks she was taking treats from her foster mom’s hand and sharing a bed with her foster sister, pug Sally.

verenasallyFoster sister Sally (left) helped Verena heal and learn how to be a dog

Puppy mill dogs are often more comfortable with other dogs than people, and the companionship of another dog or two not only helps them adjust but learn how to function normally and most of all, to trust people.

Verena gradually learned to trust, be picked up and petted, groomed, walk on a leash, ride in a car, meet new people and dogs, get used to cars passing by and noises, and everything a dog needs to know to live life. Verena became loving and wanted to be petted a lot.

Verena’s whole world has opened up for her thanks to long-term foster care and her brave steps into her new life with her forever family.


BCFS is immensely grateful to our foster family volunteers Raye and Paul for their many months of superb care and rehabilitation for Verena so she could enjoy life with her forever family. Fostering saves lives and we couldn’t do what we do without our dedicated foster families.

Verena slowly blossomed in foster care and we think she’ll come to love her new family and be a joy to them for many years to come.

Adopting a rescue dog is a noble act; her new family is not only helping to save Verena’s life but the life of the next dog who will now find a place in BCFS’ foster care program.

Our foster families are lifesavers. If you’d like to foster short-term or long-term please download and complete a volunteer application.  We’re currently seeking fosters for mother and daughter jack/shih tzu mixes Allura and Delena.

Thank you and congratulations to Verena’s adoptive family from all of us at BCFS!
supertaz venice beach

Skipping Stones in the Waves

It’s difficult to skip stones on a windy day. The waves are big and the wind changes the trajectory of the stone.

You can find the perfect stone, but, if the stars don’t align and the throw is off the stone gets buried in a wave.

Then you find a stone you think will never skip, yet alone skip on a stormy day – and it does. The stone that is too misshapen, too jagged and not nearly flat enough, somehow skips eight times on your perfect throw.

Many things must align to get that perfect skip, and it rarely happens, but when it does – magic.

There are all sorts of days in rescue: great tragic days and wonderful miracle days. The ups and downs are more treacherous than an old wooden roller coaster.

Some days you just hang on for the wild journey and other days you force yourself to get out of bed to face tragedy. The worst days are the not-so-patient waiting for news.

Some tragic days are so powerful it makes you want to quit. It makes you want to throw in the towel and surrender. You start thinking about other adventures you could have, like dinners out or going to a movie.

Then the phone rings and you jump back in that roller coaster and hang on, because their life depends on it.


Because… we’re warriors and have innocent lives to protect and save.

tashi body

Because… we’re healers and there’s no shortage for healing.


Because… we’ve got a gift with animals and we want to use our powers for good.

roo tippa close up

Because… they need a voice. Our voice.


Because… they have run out of options and we’re their last chance.

naji and hershel

Because… we love them all.

elsa day 8 crate



delana pair

Jack / Shih Tzu Mixes: The girls

The call came from Furever Friends Rescue of Western New York that they had many animals coming from a puppy mill. What could we take?

We were getting pretty full with dogs like Walter and Tashi, but we agreed to take two puppy mill girls who would need time, patience and love to learn to trust again.

Allura and Delena are a mother daughter pair who came to stay at the sanctuary, until we could place them in a foster home.


Allura is five years old and has known little than being locked in a cage.

Allura on alert

Her mama Delena was a house dog before being sentenced to live in a box.

Dalena walking

Both girls are shy, fearful and will take a great deal of time and patience for them to love again, the good news is they are already showing signs of interest in their surrounding and in the other animals at the sanctuary.

delana showing interest

Both dogs have been spayed, vaccinated, heartworm negative, had dentals and have been treated for fleas and worms.

We’d like to find patient loving foster or forever homes where these girls could continue to love. They do not need to be adopted together, but puppy mill dogs always do better in a home with other dogs.

They need to learn what it is to be a dog and they need a dog to teach them to sniff, bark, seek affection and learn where to potty.

If you’d like to be a foster home or assist with socializing these two girls please fill out a volunteer applications from our documents section.

delana walter

It takes many hands to heal.

We have committed to bringing in three more mill dogs in the coming months, so please consider becoming a foster or forever home for a dog in need.


zig aug 16

Update on Zig – Shih Poo Mix

 Zig, a one-year-old shih poo mix, is now living happily as a permanent resident at BCFS.


Zig has been through a lot in his life thus far, leaving him anxious and wary around new people. After living homeless with his previous owners and being surrendered to a shelter, Zig has since been through two foster homes and one adoptive home. Zig has now been returned to BCFS due to severe fear aggression.

zig new home

Since returning to BCFS, Zig has been adapting wonderfully and socializing well with the other animals. He is energetic, healthy, and has responded positively to training.


Despite unstable beginnings, we are confident that the best is yet to come for our pal Zig.

walter running

Walter finds a Foster Home

Our sweet old man Walter who came from LCHS, where the shelter shaved over four pounds of hair and feces off him, has recovered reasonably well after many weeks at the sanctuary. He’s recovered enough to find a foster home.

walter looking outside

We can’t believe how far he’s come and how much he manages to understand as a blind, partially deaf dog. He wandered the home of his foster family for hours before he finally settled. He needed to know the lay out and wouldn’t rest until he discovered every nook and cranny.

His foster family still struggles to administer his eye drops, but each day gets marginally easier. Walter is slow to trust.

His transition from day one…

Walter intake

…to late Aug 2016 is amazing.

walter sept 16


We hope one day Walter finds his forever home, but until then we wish his BCFS family would continue to send love and encourage him to trust.

He’s a beautiful boy with a wonderful soul.

walter sleeping


tashi post groom

Nobody’s Dog: A Blind Shih Tzu

The blind starving  shih tzu was found wandering the streets and after five days in the shelter, nobody came to claim her, so ….

…She became nobody’s dog. Unwanted. Unloved.

Tashi 4

She’s alone, afraid and injured.

Thankfully, the shelter staff thought BCFS might be a good place for this nameless and abandoned wee pup to go for help.

tashi intake

Suddenly, this frail black and white shih tzu became a BCFS dog. She had a human and canine family who loved her. The love came quickly, but the healing of her body, mind and spirit would take much longer.

tashi 3

We loved her when she smelled terrible from a massive ear infection and was stained with filth. We loved her when she was covered in fleas and had gone blind. We loved her when she peed and didn’t realize it – shirts can be washed.

tashi intake 2

We love her now and always.

Tashi has a name now. A name and a family. Tashi needs plenty of vet care including dental surgery and spay. Tashi needs to be vaccinated, dewormed and microchipped, so she never becomes lost again. Tashi is at least 12 years old, perhaps even older and its very evident that she’s had many litters of pups.

tashi at the barn

Tashi was assessed to have a shattered jaw and requires special food to eat. Her teeth had to be removed from her broken jaw due to the massive infections and tooth abscesses. Her tiny jaw would not heal as the infection spread to the bone. Our vet described Tashi’s lower jaw as “a bag of rocks”.

We were struggling with how to make sure she could eat when we thought of using the Loving Bowls donated by the same-name company last year. Click on the link at for more information:

Tashi Loving BowlThe only way Tashi can eat is with the help of the Loving Bowl.

Tashi is left with 11 teeth (dogs start with 44) and was bleeding from her mouth for days after the surgery with little drops of blood spreading across the kitchen floor. After a particularly bad episode of bleeding Brent was holding her in his arms with a cold cloth to her jaw when Tashi started to shake.

I ran to his side and we put Tashi on the ground as she had a seizure. We held our breath, until she took a breath, after the seizure ended. I was on the phone to the vet and he reassured me that it was likely a pre-existing seizure disorder and was probably related to all the medications she’d been given for the surgery.

We brought Tashi’s bed up to our bedroom that night and watched her sleep. At 4am she stirred and started to pace the unfamiliar room.

I picked her up and took her outside for a potty break. She had a long pee and we went back into the house and straight to the water bowl where Tashi did her best to get sips of water into her mouth with the pain of a broken jaw.

tashi looking outside

Please consider donating to Tashi’s vet care and let her know that she is part of your family too.

tashi close up

Tashi is horribly thin, but will be eating well tonight and for all the nights that follow. With your support we will continue to save dogs like Tashi.

tashi outside

Tashi is a kind and generous soul and provided comfort and love to a partially  paralyzed kitten named Roo Tippa, as they both made incredibly recoveries.

roo and tashi

Please watch a special Video about Nobody’s Dogs written and read by Amy – BCFS’s founder.

(click on link above for video)

tashi body

roo tippa close up

Roo Tippa: A Calico Kitten

Our friends at the Niagara Falls Humane Society contacted BCFS regarding a little kitten who’s back legs didn’t seems to be working very well.

Roo Tippa’s First Day at BCFS Video

roo tippa body

The wee female calico was assessed by a vet and determined to have an unknown neuromuscular skeletal issue. They weren’t sure if she would be able to walk normally or if she would have control of her bladder and bowel.

I said we’d pick her up Friday.

roo and brent

The little kitten was cuddly and had a wonderful appetite, however her wobbly walk earned her the name Tippa – because she would tip over at every turn.

The Roo part came a day later when she started bouncing like a baby kangaroo! A strong push from her back legs would send her flying forward, usually into one of the dogs.

Taz was immediate on Mama patrol, while Jackson was unconvinced to share his bed, Tashi permitted a bit of cuddling.

roo and tashi

We found a litter box with a low side and Roo Tippa was able to climb in where we discovered she does have control of her bladder and bowels and used the litter box every time!

By day three we could see improvement. Roo Tippa was able to stand on her own and could walk a straight line. Cornering still proved to be trouble, but she kept trying! What an amazing little trooper.

We had a group of visitors who were interested in adopting a bunny for their vet clinic, and they brought friends. Two vets and an animal physiotherapist! What luck!

After an assessment and a lot of cuddling it was determined that the kitten had been malnourished and was unable to develop the muscles needed to walk. Good food and lots of exercise would get this kitten on the road to recovery!

And Jackson agreed she was so cute he’d have to cuddle.

roo and jax

Roo Tippa headed to her foster home today (September 5, 2016) to continue her vet care, exercises and cuddling. Thank you to the crew from Niagara Canine Conditioning Centre for having a peek at our little kitten!

Roo Tippa first day at foster home

We look forward to updates from her foster home! Roo Tippa is up for adoption. Please fill out and submit our adoption application if you’re interested in having this feisty kitten become part of your home.


Roo Tippa Day Five in BCFS Foster Care Program

Foster Mom says Roo Tippa is a cuddling fool who follows her around more dog than cat. She’s happy to tell her two adult step-cats to back off when they bother her too much.  She’s walking well and enjoying the carpeting!

Foster Mom Tonia Says:

She’s definitely improving in her walking. She slides around on the laminate floors, but it makes her work her muscles more to help her get stronger. Her right side is worse than the left it seems.

img_2835She sleeps near my head at night Eating well and using the litter box. She is super cuddly!


Roo Tippa day 7 – walking like a champ!