Pippa One Year Later – What Love Can Do

We love happy endings for the animals we rescue! Imagine spending four years locked in a cage being continuously bred and having puppies after puppies. By a cruel person who sold your puppies for profit and was so mean to you that you would shake and involuntarily pee and poop when touched. That was Pippa’s world until BCFS rescued her a year ago.


Pippa is an apricot poodle puppy mill survivor who broke our hearts and we took into our foster care program. But Pippa has blossomed like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. Click on our underlined links to read her previous posts.

From Broken to Beloved: Pippa’s Journey

Our marvelous foster mom volunteer Raye and her husband Paul cared for Pippa, and with their dogs’ help Pippa slowly learned how to be a dog. Not a breeding machine. And to heal from her emotional wounds. No dog deserves to live in fear or be abused and they were determined to let Pippa know she was safe and loved.


Pippa became a foster graduate last December when Raye and Paul adopted her after months of loving Pippa, and renamed her Abby.


We’re so thrilled to receive this latest update from Raye that we’ll post it first and then tell you more about Pippa’s journey of healing:

It has now been a year since Abby came to live with us as a foster dog from BCFS. It has been one of the most rewarding years of my life watching Abby (Pippa) blossom into a sweet loving girl who gives me butterfly kisses every morning.


Hard to believe she used to hide under shrubs and poop if anyone touched her. How terrified she must have been after spending her first 4 years as a puppy mill breeder. To overcome tapeworms, ear mites, and cracked rotten teeth.

pippa-and-harriette-couch1expsharpcropHarriette, BCFS’ permanent Cushings foster, and pug Sally helped Pippa/Abby learn how to be a dog

Here is a picture of my wonderful little Diva Abby who we made a foster failure by adopting her at Christmas the greatest gift we shared. Hope you enjoy, Raye

PippaAbbyDSC01903expclarityexpresizedPippa/Abby today

Pippa/Abby’s journey hasn’t been easy for her. She arrived with an utterly broken spirit and terrified of nearly everything and everyone: quick moves, loud noises, cars, and any strangers, even company. Pippa would freeze, lose her bladder and bowel control and run and hide in terror. It took months before she crossed a major milestone and sought out cuddles from Raye.


This is the legacy of the puppy mill industry’s ill treatment, relentless breeding, deplorable conditions and care and lack of socialization for breeding mama and papa dogs. When they’re used up they’re thrown away, and lucky ones like Pippa make it into rescue. She was fortunate to come to BCFS and find her forever family with Raye, Paul, Sally and Harriette. Few puppy mill dogs are as lucky.

Please, always adopt, don’t shop.

We’re so happy to see Pippa’s progress and how far she’s come in one year. Thank you to BCFS’ foster and adoptive family Raye and Paul for giving Pippa her “happily ever after” and caring for BCFS’ Cushings foster Harriette!


BCFS Welcomes Four Female Bunnies to our Foster Program!

All the girls arrived and Perry (our neutered male) has never been happier!!

IMG_2776resizedsharpPerry, left, loves hanging out with the girls

The five bunnies are living together in the Bunny Patch and having a great time eating the fresh greens and playing tag. We’ve seen a few happy dances since they arrived August 17, 2016.

IMG_2772resizedsharpBCFS’ Bunny Patch where rescued bunnies frolic

All of the bunnies came to BCFS through our rescue partner the Niagara Falls Humane Society. The honey-colored bunny named Honey is a lop eared rabbit and the three pretty grey girls named Ashley, Pixie and Sweetie are chinchilla rabbits.

IMG_2845resizedPixie and Sweetie loving the cool breeze in the barn

IMG_2782resizedsharpSweet lop-eared bunny Honey cools off in the shade outside
IMG_2859resizedAnd she stretches out in the cool comfort of the BCFS barn

If you’re looking for a healthy happy little girl bunny to call your own please contact us at www.beavercreekfarm.co.

IMG_2783resizedsharpLovely Ashley

The girls will all be spayed in the next few weeks. If you can make a donation towards their spay you can do so via our Donation Page or via email transfer via mybremner@yahoo.com.


Our handsome boy Perry is still adoptable, too! Perry’s a Flemish giant mix who is neutered, litter-box trained, social and friendly with bunnies and bun-savvy dogs. Read Perry’s post here and his Petfinder listing here.

IMG_2784resizedsharpThank you!



Yorkie Poo: Verena’s Transformation in BCFS’ Foster Care-Adopted

We have wonderful news to share about Verena, our yorkie poo puppy mill mama who spent 8 years in a cage until we rescued her December 31st, 2015. Here is Verena’s transformation:


BCFS is a foster home based rescue and it’s true that fostering saves lives. Fostering also gives rescued puppy mill dogs like Verena the time and dedicated care they need to acclimate to the outside world after years in a cage and learn how to simply be a dog, not a breeder birthing litter after litter for human profit.

Foster Mom Update

We’re grateful to our foster mom volunteer Raye for her superb care and work to help Verena find her spirit, worth and potential – and learn to enjoy life. Raye writes this update:

Verena’s story to my understanding is sad but true she survived being a puppy mill breeder for 8 years. The world must seem overwhelming when your life has been a cage where you sleep, eat, give birth, and have your puppies taken from you.

We have had many challenges teaching Verena the outside world. We found she was afraid of the dark (got her a night light) motion sick in cars (a little Gravol and she’s good) the kitchen floor is not a bathroom (she now heads for the door).


She is still noise sensitive and timid of strangers but that too is improving. I have managed not only to bathe and brush her out but to cut her nails. Today was a major milestone for her, I took her to The Friendly Groomers for her summer cut nails etc. They said she did great, not fond of the blow dryer and timid but had a blast running around with her foster sister Abby and the other pooches.

verenaexpsharpresized2Verena before her summer haircut

She now seeks out cuddles and likes to curl up on the couch with the furbies. We have learned to walk on a leash and she looks forward to daily walks especially if her handsome rottie can come. She still tends to freeze when cars pass too close but we are getting better everyday, I just tell her come on silly:-]

verenabedexpcropresizedFrom a wire puppy mill cage to a big comfy dog bed

Verena is of course crate trained and knows the words “go kennel” where she will wait for you to either close the door or put her leash on for a walk. Being eight years old she likes her quiet time and enjoys the chase of a squirrel or two with her friends. I will attach pictures of her both with long hair and her summer cut so you can see that she’s an attractive lady in great shape looking for a forever home that is willing to give her time to warm up to you. Think Pawsitive Raye

Thank you, Raye, BCFS is pleased to see Verena doing so well in your care!

Verena is seeking her forever family. If that might be you, please download and complete an adoption application and then email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at: scronier@rogers.com.

Thank you! Please share our posts and help our rescued animals find loving homes!


naji close up

Naji Part Two: Rehabilitation

Whoever adopts Naji is the luckiest family ever!

This beautiful, kind, loving creature is amazing. After all he’s been through and his struggle to survive, he loves.

He loves better than any person we know.

Naji loves people and other animals. After three leash walks he’s happy to walk loose leash beside you. He’s sweet, beautiful and amazing.

We love Naji!

He’s managed to make friends with just about everyone on the farm. Including our toughest critic: Hershel the pig.

naji and hershel

We were a little worried about Naji and Elsa, but Elsa loves her new play-mate! They race around and its not always Naji chasing Elsa!

naji and elsa igloo

I suppose our fears were unjustified when we caught them napping together.

naji elsa laying down

Naji will be up for adoption after he finishes his treatment for heartworm. This beautiful boy sadly has heartworm, but the two medics who rescued him have raised $1250 towards his $1500 treatment!

If you’d like to donate to Naji’s treatment you can do so on our donations page at BCFS Donations or an email transfer via mybremner@yahoo.com

From Day One:

Day one of rescue
Day one of rescue





To Naji Aug 17, 2016!

Naji Aug 17
Naji Aug 17

Sweet Snuggler – Meet JuJu! – Adopted

JuJu is a sweet-as-sugar Jack Russell cross who loves to snuggle! She’s making up for lost time after being deprived of love for so long, and asks her foster mom to pick her up for long snuggles in bed. JuJu loves her foster family’s dogs and snuggles into them, too, realizing she’s safe at last.


BCFS rescued JuJu on July 28th and she’s thriving in foster care. JuJu is still a bit shy but has no aggression issues, she was even a good girl during her vet checkup. Her foster mom says she’s doing awesome and has been nothing but sweet. JuJu is coming out of her shell more every day and was quick to warm up to her foster family.


This lovely girl will make a wonderful family member for her forever family and would do well with a dog friend to cuddle and play with, and to learn from. JuJu watches what her foster dog siblings do and they help give her confidence.

jujucolorexpsharpresizedJuJu loves to curl up with her dog friends

She’s housetrained and had only one accident, during her first day in foster care but has been perfect ever since. JuJu’s foster mom is working on training her to walk on a leash; she froze up at first but with time she’ll get the hang of it. When walked off-leash JuJu sticks right next to her foster mom for the whole walk. A home with a fenced-in yard would be ideal, and further leash training will help her be able to enjoy long leisurely walks.


If you’re looking for lots of love and cuddles, JuJu may be the perfect girl for you. To apply to adopt her, please download an adoption application and when completed, email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at: scronier@rogers.com.

Thank you for considering sweet JuJu!

Day one of rescue

Naji’s Rescue: From Street to Rescue – Part 1

From the streets… 

The lump on the dirt road could have been an old tire and as the ambulance got closer, bringing the lump into focus, we realized – it was a dog. 

Please make a donation to the Help Naji Fund through our Donation’s Page or via email transfer to mybremner@yahoo.com.

From the Pen of Haldimand Paramedics:

On Sunday July 24, 2016, Tonya and I (Melanie) were working as paramedics and got sent out on a call in our local area. We were driving along a narrow dirt road, and could see what looked like a tire in the center of the road up ahead. As we got closer we realized it was a dog curled up in the road next to a driveway of a small property. We approached slowly with the ambulance expecting him to get up and clear the way .. but he didn’t.

He lifted his head and just looked at us.


We carefully tried to maneuver around him, but still he did not move. Finally, with a lot of effort, he pulled himself to his feet. That was when we realized the heartbreaking condition this little guy was in. He was emaciated, and weak. He very slowly moved into the grassy ditch as we squeezed passed. This was 10 am on one of the hottest days of the year, and we could not stop to help him as we were saving human lives till the end of our shift. We would have to wait until 7pm that evening to return and search for him.

Saving People by Day and Puppies by Night

All day we talked out what we would say to the people who lived on the property in hopes we would be able to bring him home with us. We went back that evening and drove up and down the area he had been. We could not see him. We took the chance and entered the property, and called out to the residents. We described the dog, and asked if they had any information on him. It turned out he was from a litter of puppies they had, and was never adopted. He hung around the property just trying to survive.

They said we could have him if we wanted him, so we  began searching the property. 

Going above and beyond: We want him!

He was found curled up under a trailer. We believe he didn’t have much more than a day or two left. We called him out and again, he could hardly stand. He was emaciated, dehydrated, dirty, covered in fleas, lice and ticks and just continued to looked at the ground with no light in his eyes.

We lifted him into the car, and in that moment, his life would change forever.

On the way home, we both realized that he would need more medical attention than either of us had the ability to give him, and that is when we began making calls in hope of getting in touch with fellow paramedic Amy from Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.


During the hour long drive home, we tried to think of a new name for him. It had to be the perfect name. We came across the name Naji, derived from the Arabic word “safe”, and also an African name meaning “rescued and saved”.

We brought Naji to my house that night where I have a large yard full of gardens and grass. For the first time in his life he had his very own full food and water bowls. He seemed so surprised that this was for him. Every time I would sit with him and give him cuddles, he would just look at the ground, with a look as if he was waiting for the punch line of the joke. A look of disbelief that this attention was genuine. By the next day he was already so much stronger. In less than 24 hrs, simple food and water had improved his appearance dramatically. He could stand on his own with less effort, and would eagerly come over to his food bowl when he’d see me with the can of food. He was starting to trust, actually willing to look at me in the eyes, not looking down at the ground as often when I’d talk to him.


On Monday afternoon he went to the Humane Society for the waiting period. If nobody stepped forward to claim him he would be legally transferred to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. 

Naji would enter the BCFS Foster Care Program 

On Sunday afternoon, he was able to come back. For the first time, I saw a light in his eyes with happiness. When I came  through the gate to see him, he greeted me with the little bum wag (since his tail is too short to wag).

On Wed he went for his first vet appointment, and on Thursday Tonya and I picked him up from the vet and brought him to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary to continue his road to recovery.

Arrival at BCFS: Aug 3, 2016

When Naji arrived at BCFS his bones stood out starkly through his tightly pulled skin. His little nub of a tail wagged as he stood terrified on the gravel. He wouldn’t walk through an open door. Had probably never been inside a home.

20160724_193901At first glance there wasn’t much to see. A dirty old street dog covered with lice and fleas, and then he turned his head to reveal bright  amber eyes that made my gut clenched.

All that shone out of those eyes was love. He looked at me with trust and hope. He looked at me for help. I suppose the medics had named him right. Naji = survive.

naji face fence

He ate voraciously. His appetite was endless as was his desire for water. We had to limit both, so whatever went in, wasn’t immediately vomited back out. Every two hours, like feeding a baby, he got food and water. He still looked sick, but his amber eyes glowed with love.

Naji’s  blood work came back with crushing results: Naji was heartworm positive and his microvilli count was very high: meaning Naji has a lot of heartworms.

The board discussed the best course of action as we contact our rescue friends in Mexico who deal with heartworm more than we do in our cold climate. Heartworm is a vector disease, meaning its transferred by insects: mosquitoes. Heartworms and mosquitoes thrive in the damp heat.

We also start our own research looking at the latest findings hoping to give Naji the best chance of survival. Heart worm treatment is expensive.

If you’d like to make a donation towards Naji’s survival please do so on our donations page or via email to mybremner@yahoo.com

Naji is also infected with the contagious disease Giardia – causing diarrhea . For the next 7-10 days Naji is in isolation for his own safety and the safety of our other animals. His medical records are piling up: lice, fleas, heartworm and giardia.

But it’s all worth it to see him filling out and getting healthy! 

Naji body

Picture above taken August 9, 2016. 

We’re about to give this dog a lot of medications in the next few months. Heart worm treatment can be life threatening and when you add giardia and a weakened immune system from starvation it decreases his chances of survival.

Naji’s road to recovery will be a bumpy one.

Please put your paws together and send prayers, positive thoughts and best wishes for Naji for the month of August. We’re taking it one day at a time, but we have a great deal of hope and a lot of medics backing Naji.


We hope you’ll stay tuned for the next installment of:

Naji’s Rescue: Rehabilitation Part 2