Adopted! Beagle Cross Trixie Finds Her Forever Home!

BCFS is happy to announce that exactly three months after we rescued 4-year-old beagle cross Trixie, she’s found her forever family!

adoptedIMG_0275expsharpcroppedresizedTrixie happily poses with adoptive mom Irene, left, and her foster mom Tammy 

Happy Tails for Trixie: her freedom ride to her new home, clearly glad to be adopted!


What a difference from Trixie’s fearful nature on her arrival at BCFS. Trixie came to us on a snowy January evening after being abandoned in a crate for three days with no food or water.


Though she was fearful, we saw hope for healing her spirit.


Trixie was especially afraid of men and new situations. But foster mom Tammy and her husband Chris patiently worked with Trixie to help her overcome her fears and socialize her.  Trips to the dog park allowed Trixie to burn off energy and enjoy romping with other dogs.

trixiecollage2resizedTrixie’s dog park fun while in foster care

BCFS’ foster care program allows rescued dogs the time and caring, relaxed home environments they need to find their forever homes. We work hard to match the right dog with the right family, and we think Trixie’s new family is perfect for her!

Trixie’s adoptive mom and dad have years of experience caring for rescued dogs and cats, and lots of room at their home for high-energy Trixie to run and play. They also have another rescued dog to give Trixie the dog companionship she enjoys.

Click here to see a cute short video Irene sent us of Trixie exploring her new home!

Irene has the experience to help Trixie adjust to her new life, and the love Trixie needs and deserves.

adoptedIMG_0273expsharpresizedTrixie gazes at new mom Irene

Trixie’s new mom says Trixie made herself at home right away. She was comfortable with Irene’s husband and her mom and sister who popped in to meet her. Irene says Trixie was sleeping with her on the couch during the evening and is getting settled into her new home.

Congratulations and thank you to Irene and her husband on adopting Trixie!  BCFS also thanks our dedicated fosters like Tammy and Chris who provide loving care, and help rescued dogs like Trixie become wonderful companion animals for their adoptive families. Fostering saves lives!

Happy Trails, Trixie!


BCFS Celebrates Our First Grant! Thank You to the City of Niagara Falls!

BCFS has worked hard since our inception in 2010 to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted animals, provide a safe haven for our sanctuary’s permanent residents, prevent animal cruelty and abandonment, and serve the needs of our community.

We believe in our mission and the value of the work our 100% volunteer organization does to serve animals and people, so we took a big leap of faith in November and applied for our first grant.

BCFS is thrilled that the City of Niagara Falls believes in us, too, and awarded BCFS a $7,000 Sleep Cheap Charities Reap grant!!

IMG_1504expresizedThank you to the City of Niagara Falls for believing in animal rescue!

A Sanctuary Celebration!

We were so excited to receive this grant for the animals and our plans for expanding our work, we had a little celebration at the farm! Of course BCFS animals were invited, and they were the life of the party!

IMG_1508expsharpresizedOur rescued baby goat Elsa, stealing the show!

A group photo of happiness that BCFS is growing with this amazing grant!


Amy and Brent’s rescued shih tzu Super Taz kept warm snuggled inside BCFS’ VP David’s cozy jacket.

Heidi the tiny miniature horse is happy in the company of Adoptions Coordinator Silvana , VP David and blind pony Splash:


BCFS makes special efforts to serve children and teenagers like Sydney. By welcoming them to our sanctuary to volunteer, engage in activities with animals and/or help socialize them, BCFS promotes caring, compassionate attitudes towards animals and strengthens the human-animal bond.

Splash&SydneysharpresizedSydney with BCFS’ blind pony Splash

Annie is one of the four miniature horses BCFS rescued in November 2015, the perfect size to help nurture young Triin’s love for animals. Annie has been adopted and is living her life with her new family!

IMG_1478expsharpresizedAnnie puts a smile on Triin’s face

Triin’s older sister Lauren is BCFS’ volunteer dog trainer. Both sisters and Lauren’s adorable dog Roseanne were on hand for the festivities!

IMG_1520expsharpresizedLauren volunteers her time and expertise as BCFS’ dog trainer

The celebration moved indoors to the cozy farmhouse and Elsa, the baby goat BCFS rescued in January was hungry. Elsa loves her bottle and Sydney loved feeding adorable Elsa!


Did we mention how much Elsa loves her bottle?


The Sleep Cheap Charities Reap Grant Process

As newcomers to grant writing, it took a big team effort for us and many hours to complete the detailed application form for the Sleep Cheap Charities Reap grant. We reached out to friends and colleagues for advice who generously gave it.

Founder Amy and Adoptions Coordinator Silvana spent hours poring through BCFS’ records to itemize all the animals BCFS has rescued, and provided the foundation and points to note about BCFS’ achievements and future plans. The emails flew back and forth with volunteer writer Lori who wrote the grant application, which the BCFS Board of Directors provided input on and Amy edited for the submission.

Then we waited, and word came that BCFS would receive a $7,000 grant!

That’s a significant sum for a small charity organization and will enable BCFS to help care for our rescued animals and work towards our goals. Exciting times await!


It’s bright horizons ahead for BCFS and we’re grateful for this generous grant from the City of Niagara Falls. We will use it wisely to care for our sanctuary and rescue animals and to implement our ambitious new programs – stay tuned!

BCFS is a wholly volunteer registered charity number 828253435RR0001 and  your donations are tax-deductible. Please consider making a donation to further our rescue work and help fund our planned programs to help children, seniors and the disabled. Click here to make a donation.

Thank you, we appreciate your generous support!

JB Feb 2016resized

JB: Little Body, Big Personality

We’ve always said Super Taz was a big dog trapped in a little dog body and we are seeing this in our mini gelding named JB.

supertaz venice beach

He’s got a lot of punch per pound and delights all with his silly antics out in the field. He was largely left to his own devices as a young colt and has developed some challenging quirks.

1JB happy feb 2016resiz

The biggest problem: JB still thinks he’s a stud.

He was gelding at the end of December, but it takes months for those hormones to climb down and it will take extra long as JB wasn’t gelded till he was nearly two years old.

He’s walking well with a halter and will lunge after his initial struggle with the lunge line. He no longer rears when excited while being led and hardly bites people anymore — hardly.

He’s a handful, but boy is his fella flashy!

He’s very strong for his pint size and would be a sparkling cart horse for the right person.

He’s not shy with people and tends to be bossy with horses (not getting along well with other boys), but he loves the girls. A little too much sometimes.

1JB feb 2016 walkingres

He had a failed attempt at mounting our large draft cross mare, leaving the pair very disappointed.

Once we move we’ll be working more on teaching this handsome gelding the ropes of pulling a cart and put him to work clearing our walking trails.

JB is up for adoption and looking for his forever home. If you have horse experience and can handle a frisky young whipper snapper, he might be the gelding for you!




Lionhead Rabbit Luna Adoptable at BCFS!

This beautiful grey Lionhead bunny was one of two sisters BCFS rescued last year when they were surrendered to a shelter. Luna and her sister Star were a bonded pair but sadly Star crossed the rainbow bridge in October.


Luckily, Luna had our Californian rabbit Donkey to cuddle with and the two get along well together.


Luna is young, healthy, spayed, sweet-natured and cuddly. She gets along well with other bunnies and is looking for her forever home.

She is a lover, not a fighter! 


We’d love to adopt Luna and Donkey together as a bonded pair but Luna could be adopted on her own. She would do best in a home with another bunny for company.

Lionhead rabbits are a fancy breed, known for their good natures. They’re smart, active and ideal companion animals, with younger children needing close adult supervision.

If Luna would be the perfect addition to your family, she’s ready to hop right into your heart and home.


You can apply to adopt Luna by completing an adoption application and emailing it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at