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So happy to spread the word that Global Pet Food is supporting Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary during their Show Us Your Heart Campaign

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Go make a donation to Global Pet Foods in Niagara Falls and they will match the donation with another dollar!!

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Thank you Paugh Family!

Thank you for supporting BCFS!


Big Bouncy Chocolate Lab – Here’s Charlie! – Adopted

BCFS welcomes Charlie into our Foster Care Program! Charlie is a handsome chocolate lab/Chesapeake Bay cross.

Charlie’s a young fella, only 4 years old with many years of love to give since labs generally live 10-12 years.  He’s a big boy, about 90 lbs.

Charlie’s enjoying life with his foster family and his foster mom says he’s settled in very well in the past month, getting along with her labs and showing no signs of aggression.

He doesn’t show interest in playing with her dogs but there have been no confrontations, including no food aggression. Charlie is reported to be allergic to wheat so that should not be a part of his diet.

Charlie is well-trained and will sit, lie down and stay. Good boy!
Charlie also walks well on a leash and likes his exercise.
True to his nature, this friendly boy likes to be with his people and follows them around everywhere. He likes everybody but has a special liking for men – a bonus for his foster dad! Charlie is not suitable for a family with small children because of his high energy level.

Good-Time Charlie!

Charlie is a big galoot with lots of energy. Fun-loving Charlie loves romping in the snow and would love to play ball all day, outdoors and indoors.

charlieIMG_1333cropresizedLet’s play!

His foster mom says Charlie “is like a bull in a china shop. He will move furniture to get his ball!! Lol”


Charlie’s active and rarely settles to sleep during the day, but settles well at night, sleeping on his dog bed in their bedroom.

Charlie’s a well-behaved gentleman when he’s left at home alone, with no problems at all.

If playful, high-energy Charlie is perfect for your family, please fill out an adoption application and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for considering Charlie!

Adoptable Beagle Mix Trixie Thriving in Foster Care! – Adopted

Every dog BCFS rescues is unique and all have different life experiences and personalities. Some dogs who have endured hardship or abuse heal quickly, while others take a little longer.

We work on dog-time at BCFS, preferring quality over quantity, and our foster care program allows dogs like Trixie the time and experienced care in a home environment that they need to heal, learn, and become loving family members for the people who adopt them.

trixie2Trixie on her arrival at BCFS

Trixie is an energetic beagle mix who came into BCFS’ foster care program on the snowy evening of January 21st. This 4-year-old girl was abandoned in a crate with no food or water for three days, until she came to BCFS and foster mom Tammy gave her safe harbor in her home.


Trixie arrived fearful of people, especially men, and of new situations, but her spirit showed signs of hope. In the weeks that Trixie has been in Tammy’s care, we’re delighted at receiving Tammy’s email updates of Trixie’s progress.

We hope you’ll read Tammy’s notes here that provide inspiring insight into how fostering benefits dogs, and consider adopting lovely Trixie.

trixie&gusGus helps Trixie feel welcome on her arrival at BCFS 

Foster mom Tammy wrote on Trixie’s arrival,

She went pee and poop first thing. Was too scared to eat her breakfast. She was scared of Chris the whole time he was home and would not come downstairs til he left for work. Trixie was by my side before Chris was even out of the driveway..

She is stuck to me like glue, she will follow me from room to room and if I get up she is up.. I am the kind of person who is always on the go all day long, no time to sit to watch TV for me, so she will be pooped tonight.

She has been playing with toys, chasing her tail, she even has bouts of the zooms (goes nuts for 5 minutes at a time playing and running up and down the stairs then needs a small nap.) I have had to stop her once because my cat was not too happy with her and she listened ASAP and stopped..

trixie2feb2016expsharpresizedTuckered-out Trixie is ready for her power nap

I have her eating and laying in her crate with no fuss. Tonight I will put her in the crate to sleep. Paws crossed she is OK!!!

I was able to put a doggie coat on her no problem she let me touch her all over. We went for a 20 minute walk, she was fine with the cars, we did not pass anyone so I do not know how she is with strangers yet. I left her for about 30 minutes. I put up a baby gate, and gave her my P.J’s, a toy and a bed. When I got home she was laying on my P.J’s there was no barking or mess.

She plays fetch, it is such a joy to watch her leap and play.

As of 5 pm. So far she is doing better than yesterday and this morning. She is still scared of Chris but she is moving about the house. At 6pm she even is wagging her tail.. Sitting with me with Chris in the room. At 8:30 she is sitting with me and Chris on the loveseat but when Chris walks in the room she is fearful of him. FYI I need to take her out every hour on the hour…

THEN, an even better email from Tammy that made us smile:

Lots of positive news today!! Oh my stars she is doing so GOOD.. She is 80% more relaxed all the way around, she is going up to Chris and lets him pet her!!! She even went into her crate for a little cat nap.. WOW such progress in only 24 hours!!

Zero messes in the house yesterday. She is always by my side and looks to me for comfort and confidence. She laid beside me the whole time Chris and I were using power tools, hammers and a measuring tape. No fear at all..

Just got back from an extra long walk to Global Pets with Trixie. We had a 40 minute walk and 20 minutes of shopping. She took treats from the staff, met a cute as a button rottie pup and golden doodle.

Trixie in a downfeb2016cropsharpGirly-girl Trixie is tutu pretty while shopping at Global Pet Foods

She looks so pretty in her new matching hot pink Martingale collar and leash.. She LOVES shopping this makes her a true girl! Tomorrow we start our training while on our walks..

After Trixie’s girly day shopping, Tammy sent this next update:

Today Trixie was not as scared of Chris. When she was let out of her crate this morning she went up to him when he was standing up for pets and is very interested in him as he talks to the cats. WOW!!! Big step forward in trusting a man!

Trixie thinks she is a lap dog and LOVES to lay across my lap to be hugged and kissed..


She is getting better with Chris and likes him as long as he is sitting.  She likes green peppers, carrots, spinach, and olives for treats. Week one has gone so fast.. It is hard to believe she was once a shy, scared dog. In the house she is a brave guard dog but, once outside she is a scared skittish girl.

She is not sure of the oddest things such as the cable or bell boxes that are at the ends of people properties, bus stops, park benches. This makes me wonder if she has little exposure to the outside world. To help her with this I will be working with her more outside. More walks at different times during the day. I can take advantage of our busy neighbourhood, there are a lot of schools, buses and people.

The second thing I want to work on is her fear of people. She has found her bark and is using it when my clients come into the grooming shop. Right now she is barking at people, running and hiding behind me yet when I sit beside the stranger and we ignore her she will come up to us sniff, lick our fingers but as soon as the stranger stands she is back to barking and hiding. In Trixie’s defense the strangers are only here for about 5 minutes at a time.

New update February 11th:

She is a lap dog that is for sure.  If she can squeeze beside you she will then she will wiggle onto your lap..  She has lots of spunk, loves to run and dance and play like a puppy.  She LOVES squeak toys, playing with other dogs and grooming cats.  She would do best in a home with another dog to learn from.

trixiefeb2016expresizedTrixie likes her foster home dog and cat friends

Fully crate trained in fact she will need to have one for her comfort in a new home.  She plays with her toy in her crate, eats in it, and sleeps in it.  I leave the door open for her and often times I will find her just relaxing in her crate..

As for her health issues the vet thinks Trixie has past head trauma that is why one eyebrow is much larger than the other.  (poor baby) And her ear is most likely  the result of a past ear infection not being treated.  The ear canal is narrowed and requires cleaning and watching, but at this time surgery is not recommended. 

I am meeting the dog trainer tomorrow to ask how to help Trixie get over her outside fears. She is a sweet love..  Oh and she snores like a man!!!

Thank you to foster mom Tammy for her detailed updates on Trixie!

Trixie has made significant progress in foster care. Giving these wonderful dogs a second chance is what we do. You can, too, if you open your heart and home to a BCFS rescued dog.

Trixie would likely knock over a toddler with her high energy enthusiasm but if you’d like an active girl to take on walks and to love, Trixie may be your next best friend.

If you’re interested in adopting Trixie, please download and fill out an adoption application from our website and email it to BCFS’ Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for considering Trixie, and for your support of BCFS!



Verena Yorkie Poo Looking for Loving Forever Home-Adopted

Verena is an adorable 8-year-old yorkie poo with soft dark eyes and crazy ears.  She arrived into BCFS’ foster care program on a cold snowy evening in January, rescued from a puppy mill.

Yes, pictured above is the same dog. The ungroomed picture was taken December 31, 2015 on intake prior to her groom and bath. This is Verena post-groom.


It didn’t take Verena long to warm up to her newfound freedom, and begin coming out of her shell.

verenda2Look at those ears!
verenda3Verena gets her first taste of freedom

Foster Mom Update

IMG_0085expcropsharpresizedIt’s nice to be carried!

After nearly three weeks in the care of her foster mom, Barb says she’s still very shy and skittish but gradually learning to trust. Verena follows Barb around and wants to be with her all the time.

Verena is now enjoying the comforts of home. Up on the bed …


And tucked into her own bed …


Verena is a good eater and loves her liver cookies. She’s very loving and wants to be petted all the time.

She is not trained but could be with time. She can do stairs, but very slowly.  Verena gets along with Barb’s cat and small dogs though she doesn’t like big dogs.

Barb says Verena’s getting more trusting and coming out of her room more often. When she’s outside she runs around more, enjoying her freedom.  She’s not cowed as much as when she was first fostered ~ it’s one day at a time for rescued puppy mill dogs learning how to be dogs. With love and patience, Verena will learn to trust.

Verena most likes to be petted when Barb pets her other dogs, and would do well with another small dog for a friend.

moses&verenaexpsharpresizedVerena in her bed with former co-foster Moses (adopted February 4th) and Barb’s papillon mix in front

Verena is a wee girl, only 8 pounds, and too fragile for a home with small children.  She’s healthy, and has been spayed, had a dental and is up to date on shots.

Verena’s sad puppy mill days are over, and she’s looking for a loving family to cherish her. Could that be you?

If so, please download and complete an adoption application and then email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at

Thank you for reading Verena’s story and considering adopting her!


Adopted! Moses Finds His Forever Home!

Love at first sight is how Moses found his happily-ever-after in life. When new mom Judy saw a photo of his sweet face on social media, she said her “heart melted”.

Moses is a shy 6-year-old shih tzu who spent the first years of his life in a puppy mill. Life hadn’t been kind to him, but a turn of good fortune came for Moses one cold, snowy January evening when he arrived at BCFS to join our foster care program.

moses“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Moses’ first steps to his new life

His first steps to freedom were shy and fearful, as little Moses had no idea what to expect. With his head down and low body carriage, this frightened boy’s swollen paws stepped slowly out of his travel crate. He broke a few hearts.


Soft voices spoke to him kindly, and Moses wagged his tail. Though he was afraid and broken from abuse and living in a cage, we saw hope for healing his spirit.


Moses arrived the same night as Verena, a yorkie poo puppy mill mama, and the two survivors were whisked off to the home of their foster mom Barb.

With Moses’ rescue came a grooming, dental, vaccinations, and he was treated for ear and bladder infections. Now his emotional healing began.

Moved by Moses’ story, a BCFS volunteer shared his Petfinder listing on her Facebook page, where her animal-loving friend Judy saw him. Judy had just lost her shih tzu-Maltese mix named Tasha who was a rescued mill puppy, in December. Though still mourning Tasha’s loss, she was drawn to Moses’ dear face. Judy has the experience, patience and love that Moses desperately needs.

Judy submitted an adoption application and made the long drive to meet Moses at his foster home.

moses&verenaexpsharpresizedMoses enjoying the company of Verena and Barb’s papillon mix pup in foster care

Judy was approved for adoption and Moses began his life as a dog on February 4th when Judy took him home to Toronto in his new Sherpa carrier.

She writes that though Moses is broken from the puppy mill, foster mom Barb did an amazing job with him and she thinks with a lot of unconditional love, devotion and time spent with him, Moses will be fine.

Forever Mom Judy sends this update and photos:

“At age six, Moses is only beginning his life as a dog. He is responding to the concept very well.

Moses is a puppy mill discard. He has been in a wire cage since birth and suffered both physical and emotional abuse. He is understandably fearful yet with such a sweet, sensitive and willing nature. And since all of his deep suffering was caused by humans, he is also unbelievably forgiving and brave.

He had a good day and is starting to relax, wonderful to see. He can be so easily shaken though, takes a step forward and back before forward again. Keeping it all very peaceful for him. He had bursts of activity between long and frequent naps, good for him as he processes it all.

It took him some time to take the one step down from the deck. But now he goes up and down like he has been doing it all his life. His paws are still swollen from wire cages, they will calm down over time. Moses has not had one accident, he will be house trained in no time, a very clever boy.


It will take empathy, unconditional love and time for this broken boy to become himself. But he is already giving signs of a playful and adventurous spirit. Today he chased (and more or less returned) a ball, and dragged his already cherished new elephant friend into his bed. He loves his toys, and takes care to arrange them.


He often very deliberately places that one ellie [elephant] leg in. He has a big plush softball in front, behind him unseen is the little ball from Barb. This time squirrel got left out.

Moses has chosen his big soft bed where he takes long naps over his crate. At first he was not sure what this round deep cushiony thing was, and no surprise after life in a cage. He spends a good time arranging his bed.

We consider Moses as a mill survivor to be an “extreme” rescue. There is no doubt any dog with his horrific past needs a committed and experienced caregiver. A fenced backyard is also critical. Moses is adored and will never have to fend for himself again. He is just starting to believe it.”

Congratulations to Judy and her family, and to Moses who has found his happily-ever-after home!

BCFS is thankful for caring people like Judy who adopt, don’t shop, and who are willing to devote the time and dedication to healing puppy mill survivors, giving them the happy lives they deserve.

Moses’ happy ending also demonstrates how important it is for BCFS’ followers to please share our adoptable rescued animals from our website, Facebook page, Petfinder and Twitter account. One of your friends or family members might just be their perfect match! Thank you!


Sundae day two

Muffin Update – One Year Later…

Do you remember Muffin? She came to BCFS after being found abandoned in an apartment. It was estimated Muffin was two years old and she’d never been groomed. She is a shih tzu and these dogs grow hair that needs to be trimmed every 6-8 weeks.


She had to be put under in order to shave pounds of faces, hair and filth off her skeletal body. Read Muffin’s Beginning here! 

Muffin post grooming.

Muffin had several surgeries to repair a cherry eye with many set backs with infection. She nearly lost her eye at one point, but we opted to treat and in the end it healed after they removed her tear duct – Muffin would need eye drops for the rest of her life.

And then she found her forever family. Read that story at:

Muffin Adopted January 2, 2015 

Muffin spent six months at BCFS getting healthy and was adopted January 1, 2015. One year later we get a lovely update from her forever family and wanted to share it with you:

Muffin – January 2, 2016

Hope all is well with you and Brent at the farm and you enjoyed another year of rescues. Just wanted to update you and send you a few pics on this the anniversary of our adopting Muffin.

muffin needs lotion
We have had a wonderful year and Muffin is fitting in perfectly. Muffin loves the beach here especially in the colder weather we let her off leash and she just loves to run and play. Muffin loves the car and we take her everywhere with us in our travels working around Ontario. It was a pleasure driving to Florida with her in November. It took a little adjusting to the Florida home and weather but she settled in quite nicely after a few days. One particular day of having fun in the pool with muffin running back and forth along the edge she slipped by accident and ended up in the pool. I panicked and my Dad jumped in fully clothed to save her. We discovered she can swim but she would much rather watch from the sidelines. Just one of our many Muffin stories from Florida.

Muffin Running on C B

Grooming and eye drops are routine now and vet checks show no health issues. Muffin is a huge part of our family and dearly loved by all! We are looking forward to 2016 and more wonderful muffin adventures!

N Y E 2015 Crystal Beach

Thanks to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary and all the wonderful volunteers.. We wish you all a very Happy New Year and many more happy adoption tales!!!!

All the Best!!

Kim, Bob and Muffin
(Muffins forever family)

Happy endings do happen. What a great start to 2016!


Magic the Mini Rex Update: Love found with Bella

A wonderful update from Magic’s new family! So good we had to share! Thank you Leah for giving Magic and Bella a wonderful and creative home. Magic was adopted the fall of 2015 from BCFS’s foster care program.

From Magic’s forever Mama…

Hi Amy. I was looking for something in my folders and found an email I sent you a while ago was not sent!! Sorry about that! I’ll give you that update I promised now 😲


 Magic is doing well. He is Bella’s shadow. Although he doesn’t come to us on his own for affection, he will let us pet him when Bella is getting pet (she loves us) Magic seems to be quite content with only getting pet by Bella, and she is constantly grooming him. He has a very good appetite, he loves most of the foods we give them, except he has not quite caught on to strawberry tops and banana yet. Nothing ever goes to waste with the pair of them!

magic and bella

 It is amazing to see the two of them together, especially knowing the anxiety I had about it such a short time ago. They play chase, cuddle and chew whatever is around, always side by side. Its so nice to know that they have that companionship. I regret not having mates for my pet bunnies as a child, seeing these two together has shown me the bond that rabbits need with one another. My attack rabbit Bella has completely changed, she doesn’t’ even get mad when Magic steels food right from her mouth, she just hunts out another piece. It is very obvious that they love each other. This was totally worth all the hassle and work of bonding them, probably I didn’t even need to be so cautions and wait so long. I think back now and believe I may have miss read Bella. She may not have been trying to attack through the cage the first couple times but may have been trying to get into the cage to get close to Magic… if only animals could talk, then we wouldn’t make so many human mistakes!


 So in conclusion, Magic and Bella seem happy and comfortable in there home. They love each other and always have a cuddle buddy. They love to eat and eat well.  Magic is extremely well groomed (of course he is a typical male and does not return the grooming favor to Bella, I may have to brush her out in the spring unless he learns…) And Bella and I thank you very very much for introducing us to Magic, giving us the chance, and encouraging us when we were worried!

magic, bella people

 There success makes me wish I could help another bunny like your Donkey by bringing him into the brood.  At this time I don’t think I have space to do so adequately though. But if I am able to build the outside run that I hope for, I will defiantly consider it. I want to make a run attached to there current home via tunnels … like the runaround that they sell in Europe. Have you seen these? Seems like a fantastic idea, as long as they withstand Canadian climate. If the bunnies had permanent access to a run then they could have grass and “freedom” from the cage at any time they liked. Not an easy task though so its just a hope right now.

 Hope your enjoying the winter and keeping warm.

Thanks again, Leah

1with newmama

Thank you Leah for the update, the pictures and the wonderful life you’ve given to these special bunnies.

elsa day 11

Elsa’s Adventures!

It was a snow covered frozen Saturday morning the day Elsa came into the world and as she laid in the snow struggling for her first breath her mother was watching her with sadness.

Elsa’s mom bayed gentle and licked Elsa encouraging her to stand and take her first drink, but Elsa was too weak to stand.

Elsa was the third and smallest kid born to the goat mama and with two healthy kids to manage, her mom didn’t have the time or energy to devote to a small, sickly baby goat.

After a long time of laying in the snow and ice Elsa got very cold, so incredibly cold. Elsa’s breathing was slowing when she felt gentle hands touch her body. They were so warm. Those hands felt like hope, if hope had hands.

Gently those hands lifted Elsa’s body out of the snow and she was wrapped in a blanket. The motion of walking felt strange to Elsa, but she was too weak to fight. She let out a soft bleat that made no sound and the person carrying Elsa smiled in relief.

Elsa was still alive. 

elsa 7 days old

Elsa was getting warm when a bottle of milk was brought forward and at first she didn’t know what to do… but when the first drop of warm white milk touched her tongue she began to drink.

It would be several days of feeding and staying warm before Elsa would continue her journey to arrive at BCFS.

She was exactly seven days old when she was carried through the door of the warm farm kitchen to be greeted by Taz and Jackson.

elsa day 7 first day with bcfs

She was small and weak, but managed to drink a few ounces of warmed kid grow formula, as she stood on the kitchen floor.

elsa day 7 first day with bcfs. 7 days old

Elsa was fed a few ounces of formula every two hours for the first forty-eight hours. After being accepted by our pack, Elsa was carried to the couch to have a nap on her new daddy.

The both fell into an exhausted sleep for hours…

elsa day 7 with dad

By the time Elsa was eight days old we knew she was something fragile and special. She made herself comfortable in the farm kitchen and we noticed that when fed, warm and happy Elsa looked like she was smiling.

Elsa jax brent 7 days old

Each day that passes we watch as Elsa grows stronger, more adventurous and demanding! Elsa does everything to extremes whether it’s sleeping or playing.

She’s a typical baby in many ways. She plays, eats, poops and sleeps for hours. For the first few days she would only seek us out for food. She would cry when she was hungry and once fed would fall into a sweet milk coma for several hours.

elsa day 8 crate

After a week Elsa began to call for us for play and comfort. If she couldn’t find us she would bay loudly and scream until we called out,

“Elsa! We’re over here”

elsa day 8 all red

She would then bound over with much vigor. We took her for a short walk and at first she traveled with tentative steps until she saw Jackson zoom by and she couldn’t help but chase him!

elsa day 8

Elsa fit right in as another shih tzu! We ran into our neighbour on one of walks and she had to look three times and ask “what breed of dogs is that?” She laughed at herself and was delighted to find herself holding baby Elsa.


The stairs continue to be a deep well of entertainment for Elsa. Whether it’s the stairs to the second floor or the little dog stairs that lead to the window seat, she is delighted.


Elsa doesn’t love the snow or the cold and if we didn’t make her go outside for a potty break I don’t think she’d ever leave the house. Her inevitable transition to the barn will be a slow one to keep this saucy girl happy. elsaday11 snow

She’s sassy and fun, but sweet. She’s just starting to head butt when she wants something. I’ll be washing bottles (I’m always washing bottles) and she’ll head butt my leg for attention. If that doesn’t work she’ll start nibbling my pants and talking.

We’ve had many wonderful conversations in the kitchen.

Elsa 12 days bed

It took Elsa a few tries to master the stairs, but she’s brave and strong and really worked those stairs until she could bounce up and down.

See Elsa figuring out the stairs thanks to this video by Silvana our adoption coordinator: Elsa learning stairs

Two days later: Elsa the stair master! 

elsa stairs 14 days

She never gives up even when the going gets tough!

elsa 14 days

We will continue to bottle feed Elsa with Kid Gro formula until she is three months old. She’s just turned two weeks old and we’ve offered her hay and a bit of grain.


She’s gone so far as to sniff the hay, but still won’t take the first bite! Soon our little Elsa will be strong enough to spend more time outside. Until then she’s happy to spend her nights sleeping in her heated crate and her days exploring the farm kitchen.

Many thanks to those who have come out to feed and play with Elsa… even when she sleeps through the visits.

We look forward to watching this kid grow into a beautiful mama goat. We’ve already seen a noticeable change in her size and confidence.

elsa 15 days bed

We look foward to many long nights this winter being entertained by this darling diva. Thank you for joining us on Elsa’s adventure!

elsa teepee 16 days old

Please share Elsa’s story, so we can educate people that farm animals have personality, feelings and emotions.