Adoptions Coordinator Silvana’s view on Malti-poo Adoptions

From the desk of Silvana, Adoption’s Coordinator: 

Of all the adoptions I have been involved with the Malti-poo pups were certainly the most challenging. Twelve malti-poos came out of a hoarding situation, which meant they were under-socialized and had behavioural issues. There was a tremendous amount of interest.   Everyone wants a puppy, but most people don’t really understand what they are getting into with young pups.


Puppies are a lot of work, and puppies coming from a hoarding situation where they are left to run amuck are more work than most people could ever realize. We tried very hard to match all the pups with the right forever home. Most of them ended up staying with their adopted families working through any issues they had but, unfortunately, a few of them came back to us.

As a rescue, we are always learning. One of the things we learned from adopting out pups from this kind of environment was that it was not a good idea to home one of these pups with someone who has never had a dog. A dog-savvy home was definitely the best option.

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Sundae Update – Christmas with her Forever Family

Sundae’s forever family considers this Sundae’s first REAL Christmas, as the Christmases she’d had before this one weren’t very merry.

sundae paws

From a cage, to rescue and rehabilitation to loving forever home. Sundae is a survivor who has landed in a wonderful forever home.


Sundae was taken to the vet and given a clean bill of health. No more abscesses, no more painful burning paws and no more lumps and bumps. Only open welcoming arms and soft beds to sleep in…

Thank you to Forever Friends Rescue who arranged to transport Sundae from Ohio to Buffalo, to the friends of BCFS who brought her into Canada and into BCFS’s foster program, thank you to her Sponsor who helped pay for her vet care and to her foster family who nursed her back to health.


Finally, thank you to her forever home for giving her the life she deserves. A Christmas Miracle could never be more true.




Upsy Daisy Health Update!

Upsy Daisy has seen the specialist for her irregular heart rate and after reviewing her EKG and ultrasound it has been determined that she has a “normal” irregular heart rate. She has no symptoms and no hold back on her adoption.


She’s doing great!  Daisy has been in the care of foster mom Ashley and her own pup.


Upsy Daisy has had a great deal of interest and she currently has an loving forever home waiting for her this week. Santa was good to her this Christmas, bringing Upsy Daisy the forever home she had on her Christmas list!

UpsyDaisynewfromAshley2cropsharpresizedUpsy Daisy all decked out for Christmas

Thank you to all those who applied or contacted BCFS regarding adopting this beautiful girl. There are many dogs like Daisy looking for a home, so please consider helping another wee soul in need of love.


Thank you to all who helped Daisy find her forever home!


Carmelita Update!

A lovely update from the forever family of Carmelita – a once unloved and forgotten puppy mill mama.

Merry Christmas!

Thanks for everything you did to help make it possible for Carmelita to become part of our family. We call her Lita now for short.


Lita is getting better everyday. She now loves treats and knows that word! She is still hesitant to put on a leash but seems to really enjoy walks now. She and Tori play fight almost every evening and we sometimes find them curled up together in the same bed with an empty one next to them. We are really enjoying her and have loved seeing her grow.


Congratulations to this lovely little family!


Here’s a few pics for you!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!

Love Justin and Heather Do. (And Tori and Lita of course!)


Awesome Senior Dogs! Maggie’s New Update

Whoever coined the expression “sweet 16” must have had Maggie in mind!  She’s a sweet 16-year-old Maltese that BCFS rescued and adopted to mom Lynne on Labor Day weekend.


Maggie had a happy Thanksgiving that Lynne shared with us in October…


Now Lynne shares a new update and photos of Maggie at Christmas!


Lynne writes,

Maggie and I have been at my daughter’s which has seen many new experiences for Maggie. She continues to surprise us from where she was at when she came to me to where she is now. We know she can hear and make no mistake, she uses it for her benefit. I think it’s called ‘selective hearing’!
There’s more activity and noise and she’s always right in the midst most of the time. She’s up and down the stairs and jumps up and off the furniture. She’s pretty much taken over ownership of the whole house and Sophie (the cat) stays out of her way most of the time. She chases Sophie around the house and at other times they just sit and look at each other.
 We have another member of the family now. My son adopted a six month old puppy (Marley) and up until recently she was afraid of Maggie. That’s changed now and they’re learning to play together but Maggie holds her own!
Her personality shines through everything she does and she shows so much affection to all of us which of course, we return 100 fold. I can’t imagine life without her!
Wishing everyone at Beaver Creek a joyful Christmas season and best wishes for 2016.

Thank you, Lynne for sharing news of Maggie’s new life with you, and loving her as you do.  Maggie shows us that age is only a number and senior dogs like her have a lot of life to live and love to give!


Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016 to Lynne, all our adoptive families and fosters, and to our loyal followers and supporters.

Happy Holidays from all of us at BCFS and please consider adopting a senior dog!

ponies mini

JB – Beautiful, Spirited, Fun – Mini Horse up for Adoption!

JB the beautiful mini horse will turn two years old in January. He’s fun, lively and full of character. He’s looking for his forever home.


He was born at Candyland in Florida and imported to Canada when he was six months old. He was boarded at a local barn only to be abandoned by his owners.

JB comes to us with little handling or training, but is learning quickly under the tutelage of Michelle at his foster home – Sanderro Farms. Michelle is working handling, manners, lunging and the basics for driving.

Check out the video of JB playing with a giant ball: JB Plays Ball!

Looking for a flashy mini horse? JB could be your guy! He will require an experienced owner.

JB will be gelded Dec 21, 2015 and we’re hoping to see a change to his behaviour when he’s with the ladies.