1roxy in the north for real

Roxy Update & Adopted!

Remember Roxy our Northern Dog that came into the BCFS Foster Dog Program sick and possibly pregnant?

She wasn’t pregnant – her uterus was full of infection and an emergency spay was performed to save her life.


She’s required weeks of antibiotics and special care. Dedicating this kind of time, nursing care and love takes its toll on a foster mom’s heart, so we weren’t entirely surprised to learn that Foster Mom Sandra has decided to adopt Roxy!

It’s a foster graduation!

This lovely husky cross is approximately one year old and came down from the great white north to find love, a warm bed and food with BCFS.


It took a team of people to save this special girl. From her initial rescue with our Northern Rescue Friends, to her flight to Toronto and her transport to the Niagara Region into the BCFS Foster Care Program.

Many thanks to Foster Mom Sandra for not only healing sweet Roxy, but giving her a forever home.

Congratulations to all!


Bill the Cat joins the BCFS Foster Program

This famous cat has had over half a million hits on YouTube. He’s a feline internet sensation! Check out his link below:

Bill the Cat Plays the Piano! 

… And now he’s looking for a new home. Bill’s family is being relocated where Bill can’t go and they’ve spent a year looking for the perfect home for Bill.

bill plays piano

They found BCFS and after extensive research they decided we were a good match for Bill the Cat.

bill brent amysharp

Bill loves the outdoors and greets strangers as they come to the house. He’s part dog and part aloof cat.

Bill the Cat is just over eleven years old with a history of skin problems that are treated with food and topical antibiotics when he flares up. He’s neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations.

Bill gets along with cat-friendly dogs and bunnies.

If you think you’d be the perfect home for Bill the Cat please fill out an adoption application!

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Ember one week later indeed

Ember Adopted by Foster Mom

She came in so sick that we had our doubts about her survival. Tiny Ember was found in a BBQ and was barely 5 weeks old.


Monique, a paramedic, heard her cries and came to her aid. This was Ember’s only chance at survival. Monique brought the tiny kitten into her home and called Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary to see if we could help this kitten.


Wheels in Motion!

The wheels were set in motion by the BCFS team to find a foster home, arrange transport and vet care. Several hours later Ember was whisked away by Foster Mom Liz and into veterinary care.

Ember’s first weekend was touch and go, but ten days later she’s doing well. Playing. Thriving.

ember one week later

All thanks to the team of volunteers at BCFS!

Wee Ember has enchanted her foster mom and the two have decided to be together forever.  Happy Foster Graduation Liz!

With joy we announce Ember has found her Forever Home!


Thank you to Monique, Liz, Amy, Silvana and Dr. Rachel for giving this little life a chance.

Happy Tails to Ember & Liz.

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Third Annual Facebook Auction A Success!!!

Many, many thanks to all those who donated and participated in the Third Annual Facebook Auction to support the animals of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.

We raised $3005 at this year’s auction!!


Every penny will be going towards our growing veterinary bills in attempts to help as many animals as possible. Foster homes are always welcome, so we can help more animals!

Thank you!!!

We can’t thank everyone enough for the time and energy in putting this auction together and making it a success for the third year in a row!


Please email Amy at mybremner@yahoo.com to pick up your auction item!


Adoptable Friendly Chihuahua – Meet Leandra – Adopted

Leandra is one of the lucky ones, a puppy mill dog who came into BCFS’ foster care program all the way from Ohio.

LendraIMG_0390resizedLeandra plays peek-a-boo!

We think we’re pretty lucky, too, being able to rescue this young, friendly chihuahua and find her a loving home.

LendraIMG_0353resizedFreedom feels good after being rescued from a puppy mill!

New Arrival

She just came into our care November 6th and we’re delighted with this sweet girl! Leandra is good with everyone, both two-legged and four-legged, and is settling in well.

LendraIMG_0361expsharpresized“I’m ready for my close-up!”

Leandra is spayed and will be going to see our vet Dr. Rachel next week.


Leandra’s paw pads are irritated and sore, which is commonly seen in puppy mill dogs.  With treatment from Dr. Rachel  and a clean, healthy foster home environment, we’re hoping Leandra’s pads improve.

Barb sent us this new photo of Leandra and writes,

“Leandra is doing great. After a good night’s sleep she is running around. She is slim and not chunky like her pictures. The attached picture shows her sore pads.” 


She’s available for adoption!  Blink and you could miss out, we think Leandra is irresistible!



If you’re interested in adopting Leandra, please fill out an adoption application and email it to BCFS’ Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at scronier@rogers.com.

You can learn more about Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s adoption process here.  Thank you for considering sweet Leandra!



Hello, Wee Kitten…

The call came on a windy day in October after the buckets of rain had fallen that a kitten was discovered trapped under a BBQ.

Her saviour, a kind-hearted medic who had rescued her, contacted BCFS and asked if we could take this weak kitten into our foster program.


As a general rule we don’t take in cats, but we have taken in sick or injured kittens and found them loving forever homes.

This little female grey tabby fell into the injured and sick category. We had an open kitten foster home who was willing to take on the challenge of a wee little kitten who was a hot mess.


Her foster home named her Ember because she was found in a BBQ. Ember is a 5-6 week old domestic long hair grey tabby mixed with orange.

Many thanks to foster mom Liz for her time and patience in nursing this wee kitten back to life. Ember is headed to the vet Thursday to diagnose and treat her, and we’ll keep you updated. Thanks to the medic who rescued her, saving people and a kitten!

ember one week later

Ember will be available for adoption once she’s healthy. If you’re the purr-fect forever family for Ember, please fill out an adoption application from our website and email it to our  Adoption Coordinator Silvana at scronier@rogers.com.


The Little Dog with a Big Heart – Foster Mom Update on Mr. Hollingswood-Adopted

Mr. Hollingswood aka Mr. Peanut is a very sweet little guy.  He follows me everywhere,  I have to be careful not to step on him.  He likes to be held and will give kisses, but he is not, surprisingly a lap dog.  He much prefers to be in his bed, maybe because he is always  cold and he is spoiled because  he has a heated bed!

dapper mr hollingswood chihuahua

He is almost deaf and blind but that doesn’t stop him.  He comes when he hears me clap for him, he will  follow the clapping until  he finds me.  His hind legs are not very strong and he is a little wobbly, and his back is a little  arched.  He has been seeing  a chiropractor and he has made some progress.   He can now sometimes  climb up the 3 stairs to come in the house, sometimes he struggles.   I always carry him down the stairs because he can’t see well enough to navigate them.

hollingswood chihuahua looking at you

He is not a barker,  although he will bark a little when someone comes to the door, probably because  my 2 dogs do.  He will  bark at my grandkids,  not sure if he’s ever been around kids before.    He is fine with other dogs as long as they keep their distance when you are holding him, he tries to attack them if they get too close. He has also gone after my dogs if they get too close when he is eating.

chihuahua hollingwood peaks

He is pee pad trained now but will  sometimes miss the pad, but he tries.  He gets so excited when he comes in the house after going outside for the last time at night, he knows it’s treat time! He runs around and gets playful,  it’s  so cute.

hollingswood chihuahua adoption