Healing Pippa’s Broken Spirit – Foster Mom Update

In September we introduced you to Pippa, a 4-year-old apricot poodle used and dumped at a shelter by a breeder. Her broken spirit and extreme fear of people makes her pee and poop on anyone who handles her. She has a profound fear of men in particular.


Pippa Makes Progress with a Little Help from Her Friends

Pippa has been in the safe care of one of BCFS’ trusted fosters. Raye’s permanent BCFS foster dog Harriette and her pug Sally have been helping to heal Pippa’s emotional wounds.


Pippa snugly sandwiched between Sally and Harriette

Foster mom Raye sent us an update and new photos of Pippa to share.


We’re heartened to know that Pippa is gradually learning how to be a normal dog, to work on her fears day by day, and to adjust to life without being constantly bred for money-making puppies. Raye writes,

“Pippa had dental work September 30th and came through with flying colours. She had one tooth crack all the way to the gum line and also had 3 others removed. I have her on soft food for a few days and she is eating well.

Pippa is bonding with Harriette ( BCFS cushings foster) and Sally our pug as well. She now cries to be out of her crate so she can be with the girls. I am in the process of leash training her. I brace her with Harriette and she is not as timid but our route is very limited. She is learning about cars driving by.

The antibiotics for the UTI have worked, wonderfully very few accidents in the house. She still panics over any strange noise or sudden move. Paul has found that it is not just – all men are evil. She has learned to keep one eye on him but will stay out of her crate and allow him to get within 2 feet as long as he is slow and quiet. She does not hide under the plants when the neighbours come to the fence to visit now. I believe part of that is Max their Havanese is her friend as well.

Pippa still poops when any stranger goes to touch her as the vet tech found out at the dental. This may be a forever trait. I always tell her when I am going to pick her up and she is fine with me.

Although she will mostly come when I call her she needs to wear her leash at all times because sometimes life does not allow an hour with the door open to get her to come in or if she hears a scary noise and hides in the cedar bush and won’t come out. The leash training has help me get her. With Paul the leash is a great tool for him to use.”


Pippa is gradually making positive progress in foster care but Raye writes,

“Pippa will not be ready for adoption for awhile yet.  Her needs are many and her anxiety is high. She has human male issues, noise issues, and house training issues. She is still learning to be a dog. She has taken to Harriette the BCFS permanent foster dog that has Cushings .”

We’re grateful for the patience, love and healing our fosters provide to broken rescue dogs like Pippa.  With Raye, Harriette, Sally and BCFS, Pippa has another chance in life – the chance she and every dog deserves.  We’ll keep you updated on Pippa’s progress and are grateful for your support of BCFS.

Sundae day two

Unwanted, Unnamed, Unloved Shih Tzu

I had arrived at the shelter several hours late, but the waiting volunteers were kinder than I would have been to be kept waiting for so long. Lisa couldn’t hide her excitement and she strode off to bring me a ball of stinky sweetness with boatloads of charm. This was the unwanted shih tzu with no name. The shih tzu was a last minute addition to the transport that came with a frantic phone call asking if we could take just one more dog?


1scaledsundae She was sick and had been dumped at an Ohio shelter by a mass breeder with instructions to euthanize. Clearly she was useless and discarded. She was under five years old, her belly was still swollen from being pregnant and she had a bit of milk. Her body sunk low to the ground and her eye contact was fleeting, but her tail never stopped wagging. Lisa walked over with the shih tzu in her arms and plopped her on my lap. She looked into my eyes for a fleeting second before her body shook with the effort of wagging her tail.

Sundae Video at initial intake. 

Hot Mess

I felt my eyes well up as I smelt the horrible infection in her ears and skin. Her muscles were atrophied from being cage-bound and her eyes were cloudy with scar tissues. My heart nearly tore open when she looked at me with those eyes and stuck out her tongue in a very Jackson-like way. I ran my hand over her matted hair and could feel all the lumps. Her teeth were rotten and added to the smell of infection. This young dog was a big hot mess, but we help heal big hot messes, so she was in the right place. She was quiet as we loaded her into the crate for the trip home. The only sound was of her tail thumping against the floor. That tail just didn’t stop.

Did she know?

Did she know this was rescue? Did she know she was saved? Did she know her life was about to get incredible? Did she know we gave her a name?

Sundae – like an ice cream treat

sundae intake Her feet were wide and swollen from standing on a wire floor bottom and they soon erupted into pus filled abscesses that made it nearly impossible for her to walk.

She looked sick – except for that tail.

We took her to see our vet Aunt Rachel who was very concerned over her physical presentation and declared she was too ill to be spayed. We took blood and urine for analysis and swabbed her ears to determine what horrible bacteria was causing this infection. The results came back surprisingly good, except… there were basophils in her blood work. I asked Aunt Rachel what that meant and she said “I’ve never seen it before”.

It either meant nothing or something — we’ll have to wait and see. After a few days Aunt Rachel called and asked how Sundae was doing? Happier was our answer. Less sick, but very visually impaired.

Partially Blind & Lumpy.

Sundae went in for her first surgery on September 28, 2015 where Aunt Rachel completed the spay and removed at least ten cysts – one on her chest looked like cancer, but Rachel gave it a wide margin and declared her cancer-free. 1scaled They also lanced the huge abscesses in her paws and let them ooze dry. We’re hoping they won’t be a long term issue, but Aunt Rachel feels whoever adopts this sweet treat should be aware that it might be an ongoing problem. Sundae is resting now and looks a little like Frankenstein as she heals, but she’ll be free from lumps (at least for now) and cancer. 1scaledtwo Next up in a few weeks Sundae will have a much needed dental and more cysts removed…

Sponsor Mama Danielle! 

Danielle is kind enough to sponsor sweet Sundae! We are so grateful to know her vet care will be covered by this kind and generous person! Many thanks to Danielle for her kindness and generosity. Danielle has a young daughter and she’s teaching her a wonderful lesson about paying it forward and giving back! It was a pleasure to meet you both! Danielle and sundae

 Sundae’s Medical 411

Medical issues: corneal scarring – she’s partially blind and there will be costs involved in her future for eye care. Infected skin, ears and uterus. Common in puppy mill pups. Multiple cysts and one cancerous tumour. Has been developing abscesses between her toes – unknown etiology.

Sundae is under five years old.


Reece Finds his Forever Home!

What more could a dog who loves people ask for than a big family to join! Reece will have no shortage of attention from his family including two children over six years old!

I envision Reece being loved and cared for by his new family who were so excited it was difficult to contain their enthusiasm for their new dog.

reece intake

Reece will spend his days chasing, playing, eating and napping with a family who loves him to pieces!

We look forward to an update from his forever family – especially bedtime pictures with Reece tucked in with his human siblings!


Congratulations and best wishes to all!

1reece with forever family


Magic Bunny Adopted

We were so happy at BCFS when we got the call from a family who was interested in adopting Magic. We were even more excited when we learned the family was very bunny savvy and they already had a little female they were looking to bond with a neutered male.

Magic is that Lucky Boy! 

1with newmama

Magic with his new Mama!!

Taz and Magic 

Taz, our blonde bombshell forms bonds with all the animals that come into BCFS regardless of species and Magic was no different.


During the photo shoot for Magic Taz just couldn’t help herself and had to be involved. Even at the most inopportune times!


1magic photobomb

We wish Magic happy hops in his new home and look forward to pictures of him with his new BBF (Bunny Best Friend).

Congratulations to all!

1magicand tazUpdate: One hour home 

 Magic was too timid to leave the carrier himself so I ended up taking him out. He had a long scaredy cat snuggle then went exploring his new cage. He quickly found his bowl of pellets then made himself comfy in his nest box. I’ve been sitting in the cage with him during his explore, I think he may fall asleep already! Very calm little guy. Not too hard to fall in love with this one!

I will keep you posted on progress with Bella