Last year was a struggle to keep BCFS financially floating and this year BCFS has done well to tread water, until now…

duck float

It’s difficult to admit that we’re getting low on funds, but it’s not surprising as we didn’t have our big open house this summer.


We’re also building and that takes its toll on our pocketbooks and our time. We’re hoping to continue our good works and re-open in the Spring of 2016 in our new location, but until then we’ll be tightening our belts.

red siding west side

Halloween Creepy Carnival Fundraiser! 

Thank goodness for the Halloween Fundraiser this Sunday, October 18, 2015 from noon till 4pm at 5 Forks Rd in Welland. I’m hoping we raise enough to keep us afloat.

halloween bcfs


A few dollars here and there isn’t much to ask to help the animals. We are 100% volunteer and 100% of our funds go to help the animals. Nobody takes a salary at BCFS!


So, if you can’t make it out to the Fundraiser please consider making a donation to BCFS via email: mybremner@yahoo or our website donation page.


Third Annual Facebook Auction! 

Or consider bidding on items for our Facebook Auction… you’re going to buy Christmas gifts anyway, so why not help an animal along the way? We are unable to print calendars this year, so consider an item from the auction!


We greatly thank you and so do all the animals.



A Birthday Wish for the Animals

Have you ever made a birthday wish and it came true? I hope mine does!  So does my shih tzu Bailey, because BCFS saved his life last winter.

Bailey loves dogs and would like BCFS to rescue more dogs like him, for whom BCFS is their last chance.


My name is Lori and I’m a volunteer writer for BCFS. October 17th is my 50th birthday, a milestone, and I have a special wish when I blow out the candles on my cake.

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creepy carnevil

Creepy Halloween Fundraiser!!

With the direction of super sisters team: Amy & Ashley, BCFS is throwing one heck of a Halloween Fundraiser!! We can’t thank this sibling team enough for all their hard work and effort!


Animals will not be permitted at this event — we wish!!!

Starting this Sunday, October 18, 2015 from noon till 4pm come find spooky fun and a hilarious good time at the Carrie Lynn Pinard Memorial Centre at 5 Forks Rd, Welland, ON.  There will be wonderful vendors to shop for Christmas gifts! See our Facebook Events Page for a list of vendors and games: Beaver Creek Facebook Events



Come on out to Beaver Creek’s 1st ever Creepy Carnival Halloween Fundraiser!!! This is a family friendly event with fun carnival themed games and prizes! Offering a Costume contest, Pumpkin Carving Contest (must be pre-carved before arriving!), Human and Doggie friendly treats available at our Bark Sale, I mean, BAKE SALE!! Send your friends or family for a time out in our Doggie themed “Jail” THE DOG POUND!! Will you be brave enough to venture through our Haunted House?!?! Bonus: Find a Gourd while you’re in there for a sweet treat! If you make it out Alive that is……. We’ll be Finishing off the afternoon with our Pie in The Face Finale, AMY VS. BRENT!!! 100% of proceeds go directly to support the animals (at the farm!!)

 Volunteers Needed!! 

If anyone would like to volunteer their time and help us run this event please don’t hesitate to contact: Ashley Tessa via Facebook or email: thatgirl@who.net

We’re still looking for help running the games and will give volunteer hours to high school students! Please contact Ashley at thatgirl@who.net


Maggie’s Happy Thanksgiving!

What a joy for us at BCFS to receive a happy update on Thanksgiving Day about wee Maggie, our rescued 16-year-old Maltese beauty adopted by new mom Lynne!

maggiefromwebsitewithmomMaggie found her forever home with Lynne on Labour Day weekend

Sweet Maggie is loving life now, and is a testament that rescuing seniors like her is necessary and worthwhile. Every dog deserves a loving home for all of their days, and Maggie is not only happy now but bringing joy to Lynne and many others!

maggieupdatethanksgivingsharpNew pic of Maggie after her spa day from mom Lynne!

Lynne wrote to us on Thanksgiving:

Hello Everyone. After enjoying this beautiful weekend I thought I’d write and give you another update on Maggie!
She had a spa day last Friday and although she was nervous going in, the girl said she enjoyed her bath and I’m sure was happy to get the hair out of her eyes. She was so white afterward that I hardly wanted to let her walk for fear of getting dusty/dirty!
We had our Thanksgiving on Saturday at my daughter’s and she was the hit of the party. My grandchildren loved her as did the rest of the family who hadn’t met her.
My 32 year old son and the children had her playing in the back yard and she had a great time. She was sleeping on my grandson’s lap when it was time to go home. Oh yes, she had some turkey along with the rest of the family!
She continues to thrive, enjoying her walks when it’s not cold or windy, and is playing with some of the resident dogs during our walks. I can’t believe how many people I’ve met since having her. She’s referred to as the ‘guard dog’ by some of the men in the building.
I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed this amazing weather. Take care and hope to see you soon at the farm.

This is the wonderful outcome we hoped for when we rescued this little bean, who was dumped at a shelter.  We learn from the dogs we rescue just how much life and love they still have within them. 1bytreemaggie We’re thankful for adoptive mom Lynne, all our fosters and everyone who gives a senior a second chance in life. Please consider adopting a senior!

red siding wicked witch

The Wicked Witch Theory

Everything is whirling around me and most of the time I’m whirling around too, but every now and then I have a moment of intense clarity.

Eye of the Storm Gives the Best View

When I stand still in the eye of the tornado and watch each item spin by like a scene from the Wizard of Oz I get a strange tingling sense of incredible detail.

Like when Dorothy is sitting at her bedroom window watching familiar objects fly by, complete with wonderful music – a chicken, men in a row boat – and then the music changes. A woman on a bike turns into an evil witch. The chicken makes Dorothy laugh and she waves to the men in the rowboat, but when the witch comes into play she screams, the music changes and suddenly she’s thrown all around her room.

Out of Control.

black and white dorothy

Dorothy doesn’t go out of control all on her own, its the wicked witch that causes her to be thrown about her bedroom. The witch is also the catalyst that lands Dorothy safely back on solid ground, unfortunately on top of the witch’s sister, but she did get some great shoes out of the deal.


Most of the time I’m swirling along with life watching the Auction begin to grow, the Halloween Carnival come to life and the rescue of a beautiful pregnant husky from the far north of Ontario named Roxy…. and then… the witch lands.

The Witch

black and white witch

Then a wicked witch comes in and throws me around my room and I’m stuck on a two hour search along the yellow brick road. But, at the end of that brick road is OZ or in my case Little g Ranch.

It’s been a personal struggle for me to not be accepted in my home town. To be unwanted and asked to leave.

black and white toronto

It’s a little embarrassing and a lot painful, but through the grief and shame blooms a new flower. It is difficult for me to even consider selling my childhood home. A place my father built from his two work scorn hands. A place where the framing 2x4s are soaked with my family’s blood, sweat and tears – literally. A small piece of my heart breaks away at the thought, but the rest of my heart swells with pride and my eyes burn with tears as I look upon what we built together.

red siding west side

Little g Ranch.

It’s not done, but the foundation is solid, the framing is new and the steel will keep it protected for decades to come. I’m watching my childhood Barbie Dream Barn come to life. Through the hurt, doubt, pain and love shines something unbelievable to me. It’s tangible. I can touch my dream and I am proud.

black and colour land of oz

Don’t worry – I won’t get cocky with my new found dream barn and I won’t stop struggling for the funding to keep animal rescue alive, but you will find me standing with mist in my eyes and my heart on my sleeve as I gaze at what we have built. We made a dream come true and that’s an incredibly hard thing to achieve. Just ask Dorothy…

red siding

Now, I know the moral of the story from the Wizard of Oz is that Dorothy didn’t need to go farther than her own door to find everything she needed, but I’m going to stop that movie when she arrives in Oz and has her eyes dyed to match her shoes.

blackeyes to matchshoes

It’s not that you can’t go home again, but… should you? 




Fluffy Bunny! Sweet Neutered Male – Adopted Nov, 2015

Fluffy Bunny is a charming, young and very gentlemanly bunny. He was an owner surrender to the Niagara Falls Humane Society and he was clearly well socialized!

fluffybunnynew2sharpcropFluffy Bunny enjoys a lap cuddle with Taz

He’s incredibly cuddly, sweet and soft. A traditional mini rex, he’s a small bunny with that oh-so-soft coat, with the wicked cool lightning strike down his back!


He loves to be picked up and cuddled. He likes to push his face against your cheek and snuggle.

We couldn’t ask for a sweeter or nicer bunny to have arrived at BCFS.

fluffybunnynew3expsharpcrop2Lap cuddles with Jackson, too!

Fluffy Bunny is neutered, loves other bunnies, and is a relaxed dog-friendly bunny seeking his forever home. He’s also litter box trained, curious and easy to handle at three pounds. He loves cuddling on your lap and kisses too, of course!


If you’re interested in adopting Fluffy Bunny, please visit www.beavercreekfarm.co/home/ to download and complete an adoption application, and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at scronier@rogers.com. Thank you for considering this sweet sociable bunny!


Have You Ever Heard of a Rabbit Named Donkey?

Donkey, the 15 pound, neutered male Californian Rabbit spends his days lounging about the farm doing very important bunny things like napping and hopping.


Donkey is estimated to be around two and was found abandoned in a local cemetery along with some other rabbits. Needless to say, that is no way for a little one to enter the world, but Donkey has been thriving at Beaver Creek, is neutered and in good health.


A bunny lives for an average of eight to ten years, when properly cared for, so Donkey has many good years ahead of him.


Looking for His Forever Home


Donkey has told us personally, that he would like to spend those years in a loving family where he can demonstrate his sparkling personality.

Californian Rabbits are known as a “Fancy Breed” due to their luxurious white coat, and coloured points on their ears, nose and tail.
Originally they were cross-bred with Himalayan breeds and the standard Chinchilla Rabbit.  Being on a farm, Donkey has been used to being around other animals, cats, dogs and even a pot bellied pig.
Donkey and Truffles
He quite enjoys hopping around outdoors, even in the winter, in a closed-in area, living the country life.
When indoors, he enjoys eating Timothy hay and a meal of fresh vegetables and rabbit pellets when needed, and cuddles up in his crate for a nap.
Bunnies are active animals and enjoy a few hours a day of freedom outside of their cages daily so that they can do the Bunny Hop and slides and jumps that keep them healthy and happy.

Donkey Needs to Stretch His Legs
Like most small animals, bunnies tend to startle easily when they hear loud noises, but as he settles down in his new home, he will learn that once again he is safe and will make an ideal companion. He could even be a little friend for your lonely female, spayed bunny.

Donkey is looking for love, and if you are looking for a loving companion, but live in a small space, that won’t allow dogs, he will be the perfect pet for you. Donkey doesn’t bark, does not need to be walked and won’t jump on counters, but he will warm your heart and soul with his dashing personality and bunny antics.

He is ready and waiting to be adopted and loved into his furever home. If you think that you are the right match for Donkey, please download and complete an adoption application, and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at scronier@rogers.com. 

You never know, your new BESTIE may be Donkey, waiting to hop into your life and arms!
1roxy in the north for real

Roxy – From the Far North

Roxy is from the far north where polar bears roam and life is tough for a dog. Subzero temperatures and starvation are the leading causes of death for these northern dogs.

We have a rescue friends who frequents the far north in search of work and will contact us in regards to saving a dog. There are so many loose and wild dogs in the north that vets from Southern Ontario have started sending spay and neuter clinics to help control the stray dog population.

Our rescue friend waits for a select few that seek her out for help. Sometimes its a pup, or a mom with pups or a lone male that finds her waiting with dishes of food and tons of love.

Such as Frost! 

frost dirty face

Frost’s Story 

There is always one or two special dogs that find their way into her heart and into BCFS. Or in the case of Mama, Buddy and Boston a family of three dogs that came looking for help in the fall of 2014.

You can read Buddy’s fascinating story of survival and triumph where he saves himself as well as Mama and her pup Boston.

Buddy’s Story 

Mama and Buddy 


Mama’s Story 

These dogs come into rescue in poor physical condition and require some vetting before they are ready for adoption. They always have amazing personalities and are grateful for any food, a soft clean warm place to sleep and fresh water.



Boston’s Story 

The love they get from their forever homes is an unbelievable bonus for these dogs. They’ve never known such comfort and peace. They’ve never known love.


Roxy comes to us by way of our Northern rescue friend who flies the dogs south to BCFS for vet care and adoption.

I’m not sure if they missed their connecting flight on purpose, but both human and dog certainly enjoyed the soft comfort of a hotel bed while they waited for their next leg homes.


Once we get Roxy’s medical issues worked out, bring her up to date on her shots, deworm, test for heartworm and have her spayed she will be looking for her forever home.


There is a chance that Roxy may be pregnant… We have suggested having Roxy spayed immediately, but her rescuer has asked that we allow Roxy to have her babies. She has seen too much sadness and wants these puppies to have a chance at a real life.

BCFS believes all animals deserve a chance. 


We have agreed as long as it is safe for Roxy.

The average litter size for a northern dog is 9-14 puppies. Many of the puppies will have different fathers as Roxy was exposed to a multitude of males when she went into heat.

This will never happen to Roxy again, but continues to happen because of a lack of spay and neutering.

Please spay and neuter your pet.



The Loving Bowl

At first I thought it was just another gimmick to get me to buy cool dog stuff that would “enhance my dog’s eating experience”.

The skeptic in me thought: Like my dogs need their eating experience enhanced.

The Loving Bowl – Click link to view 

Jackson normally pulls food out of his bowl and spreads it liberally all over the kitchen floor. How adorable right? Nothing like wet dog food all over the floor. Taz will sometimes finish her meals, but usually leaves a few kibbles behind tucked into the edges.

So, maybe my dogs did have a little trouble eating out of a bowl with their pushed in noses. Maybe I’m a bad dog mom for making my dogs eat out of a bowl where the food goes up their nose?

Maybe I should get a couple of these Loving Bowls and give it a try?

loving-bowl-ergonomic-dog-feeder-1 The first time I gave Jackson his food in the loving bowl, not only did the food stay in the bowl, he ate the entire meal in one sitting – unheard of in this house.



Being the forever skeptic I thought it was a one time thing until breakfast the next day when he proceeded to eat his meal and keep most of it in the required eating area. Taz was finishing all her food and would eat with gusto out of the loving bowl.

Maybe it was the bowl?

We met the creator of the Loving Bowl at Woofstock 2015 and by the end of the conversation about dog rescue and the benefits of the loving bowl we hugged good-bye like old friends. Bill has offered to donate a Loving Bowl to our Facebook Auction starting October
20th at 11am and we couldn’t be happier! A great product that also supports Animal Rescue? I couldn’t ask for anything more (except a picture of me and Bill).

Thank you Loving Bowl – we’ll do our best to spread the good word.



BCFS Facebook Auction: October 20, 2015 at 11am!

Click on the link below to join in the bidding wars on the Third Annual Facebook Auction to support the Animals of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary!

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary FB Auction Page 


We may not have a huge quantity of items, but we have some interesting items to bid on! Please don’t hesitate to bid often!


No member of BCFS takes a salary, so 100% of the funds raised go directly towards helping the animals.


We thank you for your support!!