Halloween Fundraiser Result: Excellent!

October 31, 2015 – Halloween seem the perfect time to tell you about the results of our Halloween Fundraiser held October 11, 2015! 

Our Event Coordinator Ashley gave us a rundown of how she felt when the First Annual BCFS Creepy Halloween Fundraiser came to a conclusion.


From Ashley’s Desk:

I’m on cloud 9 right now… maybe I’m just delirious from the lack of sleep, but I’m pretty sure it’s due to today’s success. Although I’ve told BCFS (for a few months now) that I was going to host a fundraiser for them, THIS day came together with only a few short weeks of preparation.


Why, so short you ask? Because when Amy from BCFS mentioned “how about a Halloween one?”, I could not say no. If you know me, you know why! Some call me the Queen of Halloween. I just had to take on this opportunity to not only step up to the plate and put my money where my mouth was, but to do it style. Halloween Style!!!!


This journey has had a bunch of ups and downs, some sibling rivalries, not much sleep at all, and tons of hands on work, but when I can say that we raised over $2000 for the animals, it makes it all worth it. Of course this day could not have been such a success without all of our volunteers and everyone who came out to support us!!!! I love each and every one of you!!

1halloween pic

We are totally making this an ANNUAL EVENT!! It’s only going to get bigger and better from here! Did someone say HAUNTED BARN?!?!?!?!


Annual Event!

When you get an individual with this much passion about a holiday you have to grab hold of the reins and hold on for the ride. Ashley coerced the help of her sister Amy, mom and her husband to create an amazing haunted house and a wonderful carnival complete with games for the kids!





The bake sale was a huge hit!


We can’t wait to do this event next year at Little g Ranch. Ashley is already talking about haunted hay rides, a barn full of tricks and bags of treats!


We can’t wait!

Sign up early to volunteer for this event. It’s going to be a hot one because we have so much happy fun!!


Big woofs of thanks from all of us at BCFS for coming out to support the animals and make this a great success!  We raised over $2,000 and as an all-volunteer charity, every penny raised will go directly to helping animals.  We couldn’t do it without your support!

Sundae day two

Sweet Sundae Shih Tzu Up for Adoption

One look into those eyes and it’s hard not to fall in love. She’s sweet as a caramel sundae with a loving heart, but this girl has a few issues and we need to make sure her forever home is well educated on her needs prior to adoption. She is special needs.

sundae intake

Sundae came to BCFS from an Ohio breeder who left her at a veterinarian’s office with orders to euthanize. Sundae was very sick, but her tail never stopped wagging. She could barely walk as she had no muscle and no coordination from sitting in a cage for years, but  she still kept trying. A few steps, fall, get up… over and over again.

She built herself up. 

When Sundae came into rescue she had a horrible smell. It was the scent of infection and rot. Her ears were black with infection, her paws were thick with pus filled abscesses and she was covered in about twenty little tumours.

We should have called her lumpy.


Through all the illness and pain Sundae’s personality shone through. She was lethargic, but always had a smile waiting and a tail wagging.

She was on antibiotics for a week and then we spayed her and removed 12 of many lumps. One on her chest was black with cancer, but Dr. Rachel was able to remove it entirely.


The abscesses on her paws were lanced and left to drain in hopes of healing. She was going into week two of antibiotics and her vet bills were starting to pile up when we met a lovely lady who was willing to sponsor sweet Sundae.

Thank you Danielle!

Danielle and sundae

Knowing her vet bills were covered was a relief for our small rescue.

It would be weeks before she would be well enough for her second surgery to remove the remaining lumps and perform dental surgery to clean her teeth and remove any rotting ones.

The staff at our vet hospital was pleasantly surprised at how well she was doing. She had her dental and five more tumours removed and was up pawing at the kennel door immediately.


Sundae was being cuddled when we picked her up and we had to pry her out of the arms of the vet tech. Sundae is quite the charmer with her tongue sticking out all the time.

Partially Blind 

Sundae’s other medical issue is that she’s partially blind. It affects her depth perception – she often misses a step or the height of the couch when jumping. She is quite blind at night and gets a little fearful of the dark. Her blindness is from untreated eye ulcers – we believe with a healthy diet and regular grooming she shouldn’t have future eye issues, but we won’t rule it out.

Separation Anxiety

Sundae has a single behaviour issue: separation anxiety. During change her anxiety at being left alone can be severe. She has damaged doors trying to scratch her way through them to get to her people. This will be a lifetime work in progress.


As Sundae is a puppy mill dog with separation anxiety so severe that she’ll harm herself if locked in a crate, we strongly recommend she not be crated.

Sundae is good with other dogs, cats and kids. She’s very sweet and only wants to be with you and have your love all the time.


Sundae would love to sit on the couch with you and go for walks. Another little friend might help her with her separation anxiety, but she’s more of a people dog.

If you’re interested in adopting Sundae please fill out an adoption application off our website.

Adoption Application

Thank you for considering this sweet 4-year-old rescue girl. Sundae will be a wonderful companion for a forever family willing to give this puppy mill girl the happy life she deserves.


Carmelita Update: Yorkie Paradise!

We had to share the update on our sweet girl Carmelita from her foster mom:

Just thought I would send an update. Carmelita is doing well. She and Tori seem to be getting along and are learning to play together. We haven’t mastered walks on a leash yet but she certainly loves to run around outside. Carmelita is also excited now when we come home and she comes close for some head scratches haha. She smiles with her teeth too!  


Puppy Mill Mama with a new lease on life!

Thank you from all of us at the farm.


Adoptions Coordinator Silvana comments on Canine Chiropractic Session

Thank you Dr. Dryan!

Tracy Drynan, Dr of Chiropractic & Certified Animal Chiropractor has been a volunteer with Beavercreek Farm Sanctuary for over a year now.  During that time she has helped numerous dogs at BCFS overcome their mobility issues.

Canine Chiropratic3


Although my dog Lexi did not appear to have any mobility issues she did injure her front leg a couple of weeks ago and I thought it would be a good idea to bring her in to see Tracy.


Lexi is a 9 year old Pom-poo with an abundance of energy.  Tracy was great at explaining everything she was doing during Lexi’s session.  I just wish I could remember all of the terminology used.  As a Reiki Practitioner I work with energy therefore do understand how blocked energy in a body, whether it is in a human or animal, can cause health issues.

The Spine

Tracy explained how the spine worked in a dog in relation to the energy flow.  She also pointed out how Lexi’s tail movement showed how much stiffness she was experiencing.  I never noticed that before.  Lexi has a tail that curls up over her body and I did not realize that her tail should have a slight wiggle movement when her back end was moving properly.


The Adjustment

After the adjustment I could certainly see that movement.  This morning when I was walking Lexi I made an effort to watch her and could plainly see the difference in the way she moved and the slight wiggle or should I say more of a shimmy in her tail.  This is not the same as when they are wagging their happy tail, it is a regular movement in the tail area.


DIY Massage

Tracy also showed me how to massage parts of Lexi’s body to keep her limber.  When the spine is not moving properly it can affect internal organs as well.  I plan to have Lexi around for a long time and am very grateful to have been shown how to keep her in the best possible shape.


Thank you Tracy!

Tracy is a loving, gentle soul and BCFS appreciates your contribution so very much.  I look forward to Lexi’s next appointment.

Tracy’s office (Stride Fourth Chiropractic) is Located at 1931 Fourth Avenue, St. Catharines, 905-641-3000.






Lionhead Rabbit Star Crosses the Rainbow Bridge

BCFS and our foster bunnies are mourning the loss of one of our grey Lionhead rabbits, Star.


Star and her sister Luna were in our foster care and available for adoption together as a bonded pair. They were surrendered to a shelter because their owner didn’t want them any more.

P1210537_08112015_LionHead_RabbitsStar and Luna were closely bonded sisters

Sadly, on Saturday morning BCFS’ founder Amy found Star had passed away in the bunny pen, with no signs of trauma or injury. Rabbits can show little sign of illness before dying suddenly. Star had been a happy, feisty bunny who ate well, cuddled with Luna and our white and brown neutered Californian rabbit named Donkey, and was waiting for her forever home. We’re saddened by her sudden crossing over the rainbow bridge.

Pretty Luna is still looking for a forever family to cuddle with.

Luna&DonkeyexpsharpDonkey comforts Luna with a cuddle 

Star’s sister, Luna, has been spending lots of time cuddling with her foster bunny friend Donkey. They’re becoming quite bonded and it would be lovely if a forever family were to adopt them together as a bonded pair. Luna was close to her sister and would do best with the company of another bunny.

P1210545_08112015_LionHead_RabbitsLuna is a friendly and beautiful Lionhead rabbit waiting for her forever home

If you’re interested in adopting Luna, either alone or with Donkey, please complete an adoption application and email it to our Adoption Coordinator Silvana at: scronier@rogers.com.

Happy trails little Star, we’ll miss you. 



Carmelita Adopted!!

Carmelita is a wee little yorkie puppy mill mama who was emancipated in early October and came into the care of BCFS. She was deemed unadoptable due to her fearful behaviour.


Poor little Carmelita was on the verge of giving up on life.

We got her in the nick of time – to breathe life back into her body and give her hope. Physically she healed quickly, but her mind was going to be a challenge.

It took weeks before she would venture out of her bed, so we made sure she ate by serving her meals in bed. She would glance around now and then, but never made eye contact. She shook.

It was a warm fall day and I gently picked Carmelita out of her bed and took her outside and placed her delicately in the long blades of grass.


Foster Mom Report – “the trigger”

When rehabilitating mill dogs there is a turning point or a trigger that gets their brains fuctioning after years of being shut down. This trigger for Carm was a combination of sunshine, fresh air and another dog.

“Sundae bounded up to me with her waggling tail and Carmelita lifted her head and curiously walked over to give Sundae a sniff. That was the exact moment I saw hope shine in her eyes. 

Sundae turned around and gave Carmelita a poke with her nose and trotted off to send some important pee-mail. To my surprise Carmelita trotted willingly after the dog with the waggling tail.”

Most mill dogs are more comfortable with dogs than with people.

Sundae day two

Carm started making eye contact and moving around on her own, but she was very nervous. Then, one fine day, she came alive bounding over the grass to race along side Sundae down the fence line.

Once Carmelita started racing around the yard on her own we knew it was time to start looking for her forever home.

Forever Home

We had a great deal of interest in the little yorkie, but we had a very specific forever home criteria for this sweet girl. She needed a home with a fenced yard and a friendly small dog – another yorkie if possible.


The meet & greet with her soon to be new family showed us that Carmelita was ready for adoption. She was curious of her potential new sister, a nine year old yorkie named Tori who had world traveling under her belt. Tori is upside down in this picture.


Tori had come from Korea with her family. She’d lived in a bustling city, so it took a great deal to faze this delicate diva. She was generally standoffish with other dogs, but Carmelita’s quiet nature charmed the aloof Tori, and Tori’s confident nature wooed the tentative Carmelita. After ten minutes, the two were fast friends.

First Reports

We are delighted that the first reports from Carm’s forever home are that she’s playing with toys, comfortable in her bed and joyful in their fenced yard.


It’s so rewarding to find a perfect match. Many thanks to the patience of our foster homes, the diligence of our adoption coordinator and the love of our volunteers.

Happy Tails Carmelita and Family!


Auction Begins!!!! Ends Nov 6, 2015 at 7pm.

Don’t miss out on the great items we have up for auction! 

Visit our Auction Facebook Page to check out our items and make your bid!

Visit HERE! 

Basic Information: 

Running from October 20th, 2015 at 11am till November 6th, 2015 at 7pm. Same rules apply as last year. All items end on the same day. We will not be adding additional items after Friday, October 23, 2015. Any items donated after Friday will be saved for the 2016 auction.

The top bid will be taken at 7pm on November 6th, 2015 — bidding wars at 7pm will be allowed ending when two minutes have expired after the last bid at 7pm. Good luck!!

Help us continue to help animals! 


The Long Version: 

Please check back often, as we will be adding new items every week of this Auction!


Please click on the item and place bid in the comment box.

By bidding, you are stating that you are ready and willing to purchase that item for your bid amount, plus any shipping charges disclosed in the listing. If you are outbid you are under no obligation to buy. But in all other cases, you are entering a contract with BCFS to buy the item, and to deliver payment within the time period specified. If you can’t pay, on time, don’t bid! Your bids are final and non-retractable.

All items are “as is.” BCFS has attempted to describe items correctly based on the information provided by donors and / or our assessments of the items. The value listed is an estimate of fair market value. Items have not been professionally appraised. Items that are of an experiential nature will not necessarily have an estimated value.


All payments should be paid within 5 days the closing date and / or the 2015 Auction final end date November 6, 2015. 

Payments can be made in one of the following ways:

Please contact us if you would like to use another form of payment at mybremner@yahoo.com

Item Delivery & Pick Up

We will make every attempt to hand deliver your item if you wish it to be sent to a destination between the Niagara Region and Toronto. If we need to mail or ship the item, the cost of shipping will be assumed by the winning bidder. When we ship to the United States we will ship from within the United States.


Normally, an Auction closes at the scheduled time as displayed within the listing. However, if there are successful bids entered within the last 2 minutes of the closing time, then the auction will go into overtime. The auction is extended until there are no further bids for a continuous 2 minutes. This is similar to an auctioneer continuing to take bids until there is no further interest. For example, if a new bid comes in with 1 minute left in the auction, then there will be 1 minute of overtime. Unless more bids come in. It is possible for the Auction to be extended continuously, but the longest overtime so far has been 20 minutes.

Overtime helps dissuade “snipers” or last second bidders. For example, you may have spent considerable time achieving your high bid status at an auction. Without overtime, someone could time their bid entry to within a few seconds of the closing, leaving you without enough time to notice the bid and enter one in response. This is a common practice at online auctions, and unfair because you would not know that this person is waiting to pounce on you.

End of Auction

We will send out notifications to the high bidder after the end of a successful auction. Both the buyer and seller are expected to contact each other via email, within 5 days after the end of the auction. After email contact please send payment; our receipt of payment will allow us to ship the merchandise. If repeated emails go unanswered after 5 days the next highest bidder will be awarded the merchandise.

Once contact has begun, the payment arrangements, shipping arrangements, and expected dates should be settled upon. The goal is to complete the transaction within 10 days of auction closing. This may vary a little, depending on payment type, how long to wait to clear, when BCFS can get the item to carrier, etc. Basically, the specific dates should be worked out between the buyer and BCFS, and each party should follow through with their part of the schedule. Plan to exchange several emails or phone contacts, updating the other party with every step.

Each person bidding assumes all responsibilities related to the auction and items obtained at the auction and agrees to hold BCFS harmless from any liability. In the event of a dispute, BCFS will act as final authority.

Happy Bidding and hope you enjoy the process as much as the valued goods and services you’ll receive!



From the Desk of Lori

BCFS would like to welcome a new writer to the BCFS team! Lori has joined us and comes with a plethora of writing experiences.

She’s helping us keep up with the telling of the wonderful stories and tales of the BCFS animals.

We met Lori when she adopted a sweet senior shih tzu Bailey from BCFS. We’re thrilled that Bailey got a loving forever home and BCFS got another great writer!

DSCN1907croppedresizedBailey people-watching at the window on Lori’s Mom’s lap

Welcome Lori and don’t be shy to tell us what you think of your experiences with BCFS!

Lori:  Thank you, Amy!  Gladly!

Sometimes when you least expect it, things happen to change your life and the focus of your work, and to connect you with inspiring people.

A year ago, I’d never heard of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, and now I’m privileged to volunteer with them. Bailey got the ball rolling when he waddled into our house in January for a meet-and-greet and home visit from Amy and her own three shih tzus. Bailey was a roly-poly shih tzu being fostered at BCFS waiting for his forever home.


Since adopting Bailey on January 21st, he’s stolen my heart and helped lead me on a new path in my vocation of volunteer animal advocacy. My volunteer work writing for BCFS is all his fault.

Clearly he’s racked with guilt…


My brother and I grew up with our cocker spaniels Inky and Ollie, guinea pigs and our bunny, and our parents instilled a keen love of all animals in me. Ollie was the guest of honor at my wedding. My own cocker spaniel, Mandy, graced my life in my mid-20’s and was with me til her last breath 13 years later. Life is unimaginable without animals in it.

BCFScollageDONEfinalusethisoneRESIZEDAnimals make the world go ’round…

In the past five years I’ve been involved in local, national and international campaigns for wild and captive elephants, rhinos, marine mammals, dogs, and other species. I work with like-minded, compassionate advocates all over the world, advocate for the solitary elephant Lucy at the Edmonton Valley Zoo, and am a core organizer for the Global March for Elephants and Rhinos, with 136 cities across the globe marching against their extinction.


Marching in Toronto during the first Global March for Elephants and Rhinos with a close friend, October 4th, 2014

I’ve learned to use social media to advocate for animals: adminning Facebook pages, groups and a Twitter account for elephants, joining online campaigns, creating graphics for social media and designing posters for demos, writing and publishing articles in The Dodo, and posting videos on YouTube.

Bailey has even pitched in to help advocate for rhinos and was a hit on social media:


Bailey paying it forward:  sticking up for rhinos

When Amy asked if I’d be interested in doing some volunteer writing for BCFS, I was thrilled and immediately said YES!

So I’m happily spreading my wings again, learning WordPress and how to write posts for BCFS’ website, how to list adoptable animals on Petfinder, and how to create adoption packages for newly-adopted animals.

Writing is in my blood, animals are in my heart, and writing about animals is sheer bliss. I get to write about a range of rescued animals, from the happy posts telling the stories of adoptable bunnies like Luna and Star, to updates on abused rescue dogs in foster care like Pippa. Those are the tougher ones to write, because my heart goes out to these poor animals who clearly suffered some undeserved physical or psychological horrors in their lives.


Fearful Pippa, now learning how to be a dog in the care of foster mom Raye

In BCFS’ care, they receive the veterinary care they need, and fosters and their own companion animals provide healing, comfort and socialization.

Getting an email and photos from Amy that an animal has been adopted and asking me to write an “adopted” post, makes my day to know another precious life like Maggie has found a forever home!


Another Happy Tail: 16-year-old Maggie and new mom Lynne

Amy, Silvana their Adoption Coordinator, the foster parents, other volunteers and I all communicate by email and occasional phone calls. We coordinate upcoming posts to write, share info and photos for the adoptable animals, and fosters send updates for us to include. The marvels of the internet and modern technology enable this team effort since we’re spread out through southern Ontario.

I’m still a little unsure about myself, wishing I could write more in Amy’s charming storytelling style instead of my news/advocacy style, but I think I’m growing as a writer. Mainly, I’m hoping I don’t try Amy’s patience peppering her with questions asking how to do stuff. But she’s always kind, patient with me as I handle this learning curve, and just really cool to work with. The other volunteers are equally kind, patient and nice. I feel welcome and appreciated.


Writing for BCFS is not only rewarding but interesting, fun, a challenge, and keeps the neurons in my middle-aged brain firing by learning new things.

The nifty thing about writing for animals is that you can do it from anywhere in the world.

I live almost an hour away from BCFS. Just like I can advocate for Africa’s elephants and rhinos from my home, I can help this wonderful sanctuary rescue and rehome unwanted animals while sitting on my comfy loveseat with Bailey warming my feet.


When I first learned of BCFS and read dozens of Amy’s past website posts, with my love of good writing I thought, “What an undiscovered gem of a writer she is!” and admired her heartfelt, poignant and often quirky, amusing writing style. Then as I kept reading I marveled at the animals they rescued, the healing and care given to them, the love that clearly goes into everything they do.

amyandsplash-1024x889Amy with blind pony Splash after her surgery in 2013

Amy and everyone at BCFS knock themselves out to rescue needy animals and provide them with veterinary care to bring them back to health and adopt them out, to provide end of life care, or to care for lifelong resident animals with special needs at their sanctuary.


I’m happy to volunteer for BCFS out of gratitude for the warm little shih tzu bottom often sitting on my feet keeping me company as I write, for the shiny dark eyes that gaze at me, Bailey’s sweet voice (he’s a charming talker!), all the smiles Bailey has put on my face this year, the times I’ve laughed at his funny antics. For saving this little boy so dear to my heart and letting our family adopt him.

DSCN0901croppedBCFSRESIZEDBailey having fun at a classic car show with my folks and me in June at Hamilton’s Pier 4 Park

That’s the “me” reason. But more importantly is the “them” reason. For all the lives Amy and Brent have saved through their determination to keep rescuing unwanted, needy animals. Like all these dogs:


And these:


It’s wonderful to be a small part of a group of caring volunteers who all contribute in different ways, whether writing, listing adoptable pets on Petfinder, doing home visits and checking references, fostering dogs, or the hard physical work of helping to care for animal residents at BCFS, pitch in on maintenance and repairs and a myriad of other tasks it takes to operate a rescue and sanctuary.

I can’t do the heavy-duty physical work that others do, but I do what I can, with what I have, where I am.

BCFS is entirely volunteer, relying solely on donations, and I’m more than happy – honored, actually – to contribute my time and efforts towards their invaluable work saving lives. It’s exciting to anticipate the grand opening of BCFS’ new location next spring, and to think of how many more animals will be rescued!

BCFS really IS their wonderful motto: “Saving the world one animal at a time…”


Thank you Lori! This lady has been a kindhearted and kindred spirit. We greatly appreciate her contributions, style and time. We’re so glad you adopted Bailey and BCFS as one of your own.

The BCFS Team

creepy carnevil

Come out today!! Oct 18 from noon till 4pm for Halloween Fun!

Its today! Come out to Dain City and come dressed in your Halloween Best Costume!! We’d love to see you at our Halloween Fundraiser to help the animals.


There will be a haunted house and lots of games to win prizes! Come out and have fun!

Carve your pumpkin ahead of time to enter the pumpkin carving contest and come dressed for creepy Halloween and enter the best costume contest!

halloween costumes

You can’t win if you don’t come out and play!

Hope to see you there!

BCFS Team.