Meeting with the Mayor – September 2015

Amy’s Desk

I woke up at 7am on September 2, 2015 from a nighmare. I was locked in a cage with a cold concrete floor and I couldn’t escape. There was sobbing and terror all around me.

kids abused

This was not one of my better dreams and the acid in my stomach caught fire as I remembered today was the day. The glimmer of hope to find a place to keep my dream of BCFS alive. Today was the day of the big meeting.

Time to put on my game face


The Meeting.

The meeting to determine the fate of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary was set and we were notified that the Welland SPCA had been invited. My past experiences with the SPCA could be construed as somewhat less than favourable, so you can understand my trepidation and downright panic.


Power in Numbers

On September 2nd, 2015 the President of BCFS went to the meeting armed with the Operation and Adoption Coordinators. We walked into the board room at the Wainfleet Township Hall to five new faces.

Five? Gulp.

The representative from the OSPCA sat in her uniform and offered a cautious smile and her hand to shake. Was she being friendly?

Forgive our hesitation, we aren’t used to this kind of welcome. Sitting to her right was the head of the Welland Humane Society and SPCA who smiled warmly as he shook our hands.

We were paranoid – was this a tactic to lull us into a false sense of hope?

b one year later grass

We were also introduced to the Town Planner, Chief Building Inspector and the By-Law Enforcement Officer.


Then the Mayor walked in with her shampoo commercial hair and wowed us with a bright smile. She lit up the room with a comment about loving the country lifestyle of Wainfleet.

It felt like we were on a reality TV show. It was very surreal.


The first question: What does BCFS do?

We pulled out calendars, magazines, pamphlets, business cards, media information and pie charts. We talked about helping animals. About doing a small, but very quality job of improving lives.

Saving the world one animal at a time…


We handed over letters from our large and small animal vet and the SPCA duo smiled and said we see no problem with BCFS.

What? Say that again?

We would classify you as a kennel and do an annual inspection. Is that okay?” said John, the head of the SPCA in Welland and District.

The BCFS team had a moment of hysterical deafness.

Seriously? What?

They laughed. We laughed. We were laughing. What?


Zoning – The Catch

So, what’s the catch? Zoning and Building Permits are the catch, but they were willing to work with us.

We are not zoned correctly to be a kennel, but if we go through the process and pay the $2000 we can change our zoning to include kennels. It takes a couple of months, a great deal of time and several meetings, but they are willing to work with us.


We may have to alter our building permits, which is more money, but a small investment to continue our good works.

Welland Humane Society and SPCA.

They’ve offered BCFS the use of their training facility and would like to share resources. They’d like to give us some information regarding international rescue.

They are going to give us a kennel license – which means no more dog bylaw limit issues.

If you’d like to send a big shout out to thank the Welland Humane society or are looking for a friend to adopt check out their website: Welland Humane Society

They want to work with BCFS.

I am at a lovely, wonderful and peaceful loss of words….

littleg meeting


dumping stone

Down and Dirty Ground Prep! Little g Ranch

Boys and their toys tearing it up during site preparation for our new barn affectionately called Little g Ranch. We started with a treed space and had to pull away all the dirt till we found a solid foundation. All good things must be built on a solid foundation. 

roughing it up heavy equipment

Watching the machines dig into the earth and clear the way was a bitter sweet moment. I know we’ll be doing something to help animals, but I’m always a little sad to see the land tore up for human consumption.


Wildlife Habitat

Which is why we’re working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Niagara Conservation to create a new habitat for wildlife in 2016!

Little g Ranch 

They dug and dug and then hit a solid surface where they started dumping stone. Tons and tons of stone… and I mean tons and tons.

truck with stone

Once our site was prepared we built the concrete form and we installed the drainage system.

concrete form

Next went the infloor heat. We’ll never lose another animal due to cold weather!

infloor heat

The regulator was very complex and expensive, but worth it since we’re burying the line in concrete.

infloor heat system

The big Lafarge truck came and brought the concrete. We tested the infloor heat system and can only hope it works!

concrete truck

They poured the concrete in one day.

pouring concrete

They hand textured the entire area.

smoothing concrete

Now, that’s a solid foundation! A foundation we can build something wonderful and solid.

finishing concrete


cutting concrete sunshine

cutting concrete

We put our mark in the concrete for the future site of BCFS.

BCFS in concrete


pippa in tire

Pippa – Broken Spirit, Healthy Body – Adopted

Pippa is only four years old, but she spent most of her life having puppies for profit. Her body is healthy, but her spirit is broken.

It was likely her soft apricot colour that drew the eye of the breeder. Her dark eyes and strawberry blonde coat made her a target. Beautiful and sweet to her own detriment.

There isn’t a mean bone this her little body and even at the height of her fear she doesn’t bite, but she will urinate and defecate when handled. Pippa has found people don’t want to handle a dog that pees and poops on them and has learned to use it as a weapon.

So strong is her fear that her body releases everything inside when she encounters people. What must have they done to this wee dog?

She’s terrified of people.

pippa afraid

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maggie with new mama

Maggie Adopted!!

Doing the impossible — finding a loving forever home for a sixteen year old maltese with no teeth and a wobbly gait.

1cuteby thetree

These adoptions give us such hope for mankind. After seeing so many horrific things done to animals we consider finding a loving forever home for a senior a point for the good guys!

Maggie is one such dog and we give a big thank you to her forever family for finding room in their heart for a lovely little girl with a lot of life left to give.

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sun at beach

Little g Ranch — A New Beginning

From the Desk of Amy… 

I was very sad when I realized our small town would not become pro animal rescue. I had coffee with a good friend during our struggles and she gave me some amazing advice:

I spent my entire life trying to do animal rescue in this town and they won’t let me, and now I’m too old. Don’t waste your life trying to change a place that doesn’t want to change. Go live your dream — get out of this damn town.

As I dried my tears I realized she was right. This wasn’t the place for me and my dreams. I woke one morning and remembered a dream I had about maltipoos; and realized I was wasting my energy fighting an unwinnable battle to volunteer.


It hurts on a visceral level to say farewell to the farm and all its childhood comforts for me, but that energy needs to go towards my dream of helping animals.

Through a dark storm comes the rising sun pushing me into a place of light and love where the dream of a new place is born. A new town, a fresh start and a new beginning.

Ground Breaking for Little g Ranch 

July 22, 2015 — Ground Breaking for Little g Ranch and future home of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary in Southern Ontario.

Here begins the next chapter of our lives! 


What does little g stand for? It stands for many thing — like the challenges of little government.

The lower case g is the mutt of letters.

The letter g is a hodgepodge of geometric shapes: a circle a line and a curve. The letter g starts the word God and ends the word dog. For some g is the symbol of a deity, science and geometry.

Others say the letter g is completely unremarkable.

The three Greek letters, Gamma, Omicron and Delta may be combined in a monogram to form a very fair conventionalizing of our letter “G” inside a triangle which looks not unlike our modern square and compasses. Building, guidance and direction. 

All of these definitions of “g” work and so it shall stand!

Little g Ranch and a paw 

Little g Ranch
Little g Ranch

Little g is also for an unwanted little brown puppy mill dog named Gizmo. He taught us about rescue, love, forgiveness and passion… and we failed him. What started as a penance turned into love and passion.


.. And so we build… 


Our grief at the death of BCFS East is eased by the birth of BCFS West at Little g Ranch. We mourn what we have lost, but celebrate for the future and grateful for all we’ve learned.

Join our excitment! We’ll be looking for volunteers to help with construction of the stalls, Headquarters and Q-hut support building in the coming months.

Estimated Grand Opening will be Spring 2016! 

Thank you for your support!!






love mr hollingswood chihuahua

Mr. Hollingswood — Dapper Gentleman seeks Loving Home.-Adopted

Generally, when fellow animal rescuers contact each other for help with a tough to place animal there is a sense of desperation in the plea. When we got a call about Mr. H it sounded more life threatening than usual.

In our current position we can only take in animals that can be fostered off site and BCFS is grateful for our group of foster homes.

Luckily we found an opening, because without BCFS to say yes, Mr H was being euthanized that day. 

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