adoptable maltipoo puppy

Meet Red, Adoptable Maltipoo Puppy at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary ADOPTED! May 2015

Red is an adoptable Maltipoo puppy now in Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s dog  foster program. He is about four months old, and at this age weighs about 6-7 pounds. Red proudly boasts a three quarter Maltese and one quarter Poodle heritage. He’s considered a non-shedding mix, an advantage for some furever families.  This debonair little puppy is now adoptable and looking for the perfect furever home!

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adoptable maltese maltipoo Pink

Adoptable Maltese Maltipoo Puppy, Meet Pink! ADOPTED! May 2015

Pink is a baby adoptable Maltese Maltipoo puppy now in Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary dog  foster program. Just 2.8 kilos and approximately 12 weeks old, both Maltese and Poodle breed dogs are considered non-shedding, which is an advantage for some furever families.  This shy little puppy is now looking for the perfect furever home! Pink is currently in her foster home in Mississauga, ON.

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meetup jane mexico

BCFS April Meetup Spotlights International Rescuers

The turn out at our Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary April 2015 Meetup was most incredible. First and foremost a big  “Thank YOU”  to all those who came out to support the work with the animals. And a special thanks to Jane Clarkson from Mexico. She  gave a shocking yet inspirational talk about International Rescue. I think she has gotten herself a long list of travelers willing to bring Mexico dogs up to Canada! Continue reading

adoptable alpaca

Three Adoptable Alpaca Join Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Foster Program

The call came from the Niagara Falls Humane Society asking if we had room at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary for three alpacas. A family that lives in Niagara Falls were moving to a place where they can’t take their pet alpacas with them. After some research and intense consultations with our advisors, we agreed to take them into our foster care program. Here are some facts about this interesting farm animal.

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Nube mexican rescued dog

Rescued Mexican Chihuahua Coming to Canada, Here’s Nube ADOPTED! April 2015

The roller coaster ride of animal rescue continues to throw us another loop. We have gotten word from Mexico that sweet Morita has come down with kennel cough and will not be coming to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. But we have not given up on saving the animals to whom we have committed our help. Rescued Mexican Chihuahua Nube will come in her stead!

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