volunteer meetup event jan 2015

Volunteer Meetup Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary April 19

Come out and meet our new adoptable dogs from Mexico! Jane, the wonderful person who heads up the Mexico dog rescue end of this endeavour will be at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary too!  Curious about international animal rescue? Get it straight from Jane!

Minnie and Mortia aka M & M (pictured below), our Mexico rescued dogs arrive at BCFS on April 18, 2015. They and will be at the Farm for two days before going to the vet for an assessment on  Monday 29 April. Then they will be heading to foster homes or forever homes evening.

April 2015 Volunteer Meetup

Date: Sunday, April 19, 2015
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Venue: Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, 2930 Bowen Road, Stevensville ON  L0S 1S0
RSVP: Amy Bremner mybremner – at – yahoo.com

Minnie from Mexico
Morita from Mexico

And of course many of the Beaver Creek volunteers that help make our dog rescue the best is can be will be at the event. If you are new to rescue, or just want to hang with your compadres, come on over to the Farm.

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Volunteer Meetup Report Jan 2015

Perhaps we can organize a spay and neuter field trip to Mexico? I know a few people who have participated in an event like that and brought home rescue dogs. It would be a once in a lifetime experience to be involved with a dog start to finish.

From rescue in Mexico, transport to Canada, vet check and home visits for potential forever homes.

We welcome those interested in volunteering. Fill out a volunteer application form (download from the site here) and bring it with you.

Normally we welcome your four legged friends, but due to the recent arrival of the ladies we’d like to keep their stress levels lower, so we ask you leave your furbabies at home. Next meetup we will welcome their heartbeats as part of the Volunteer Meetup event.

kitchen crowd at volunteer meetup

We will have coffee, tea and cold drinks. We appreciate if a few people could bring cookies treats to share.


Look forward to connecting with our extended team!

Read More About our January Meetup Here

shipoo permanent foster

Harriette Shi-Poo BCFS Permanent Foster, Six Month Update

Shi-Poo Harriette 6 Month Report

From her foster family Raye and Paul

Harriette at Day One, Intake

When I first laid eyes on Harriette I thought: you sad lady what have we as humans done to you and how can we help you.

She was crusty eyed, had hot spots and sores on her body, was 32 plus pounds and barely waddled. Her ears were infected, red and full of black tar. She was on predisone to control allergies –  these horrible reactions to either bad food or bad care.
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Northern Family Update: Buddy Six Months Later

As often happens in a small town I ran into the lovely family who adopted Boston a shep cross puppy who had come down from Northern Ontario (polar bear country) last August 2014. He weighed 20 pounds and was estimated at 3 months old.

boston puppy

I couldn’t believe my eyes when looking at the gorgeous adolecent pup.  He was stunning and sweet – just like his family. In this March 2015 picture we believe he is ten months and weighs 71 pounds!

boston 10 months

They had done a lot of training and were beginning to do agility with him starting this spring when the snow melts. He was more than a dog, he was a member of the family. My heart swelled and melted.

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foster family opportunities

Help Save a Life! BCFS Now Recruiting Foster Families

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is inviting responsible foster families join our team! By temporarily opening your home to a dog in need, you can help save a life and BCFS can accept more dogs into our rescued dog foster program.

Becoming one of our foster families is a great way to have a “hands on” experience with rescued dogs and the BCFS organization. Here’s how it works …

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Splash and Gus, The Latest in BCFS Romance

Likely one of the strangest relationship we’ve had the pleasure of watching develop is the love affair between an elderly farm protector canine Gus and our little blind middle aged pony splash.

Its not that we haven’t seen dogs and horses form a bond, its just that their personalities are so different that we found their touching attraction amazing.

We put Gus back in with the livestock at the beginning of February when we spotted coyotes in the back field. We weren’t  worried about the horses, we were concerned about our slow moving elderly goat Nelly.

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.jpg2

From a distance Gus and Nelly the goat look very similar – and such is the disguise of the Kuvasz, so he blends in with the herd using trickery to convince the coyote that the livestock are unprotected and easy prey.

volunteer meetup
Gus the Hungarian Sheepdog makes a new friend!

Like a land-shark Gus the Kuvasz moves through the herd to intercept the interloper before the coyote has a chance to get a meal.

Gus is a natural born killer – its not only his calling its been his career for thirteen years running. He’s vicious with strangers that aren’t counted as members of his flock and goes for the kill rather than the maim. That’s just what he’s been born to do. Profiling? Sure, but its deep in his DNA.

Splash is the kindest soul that lives on the farm. She’s soft and gentle and full of grateful love. She adores strangers and seeks out sweet affection. She’s fearful of the unfamiliar and turns to flight rather than fight, often to her detriment.

january volunteer meetup
Splash says HI close up and personal

Splash is the earth and sunshine. Gus is the dark fire.

So, what did my eyes did see one bright morning as I surveyed my backyard? Fire and earth had come together and not scorched the ground.

The moment I did not capture was when they were sound asleep only feet from each other – both laying down in comfort. Happy in dreamland with the warmth of a body close by.

Even with death on our doorstep I could not stop my smile, my thrill or my delight. The murder and angel lay together in peace.


A knight has found his princess, a bodyguard found his charge and a protector had found his keep.

There are daily lessons that happen at the farm. Life lessons that would improve our quality of life, if we listened. From basic communications to extensively complex survival.

We don’t really know Gus’s exact age, but we do know he’s old. We don’t really know when he came up from Tennessee to Ontario, but we know he lived years in the elements – surviving and thriving to care for his sheep.

Gus has been with us nearly twice as long as we’ve had Splash and they both continue to amaze and surprise us with their love and devotion to each other and life.


Humans so quick to pass judgement, deem punishment and judge by appearances. We have so much to learn from the “lower species”.





yorkies happy tail

Yorkies In, Yorkies Out – Happy Tail Foster to Furever!

Its a wonderful thing that happens in animal rescue, those times where animals in need come into the care of a foster family, and the foster family decides that their charges have in fact arrived at their furever home – theirs! Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary foster volunteers Ellen and Gord relate their happy tail foster to furever story of yorkies in, yorkies out – foster graduates all! 

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Mexican Rescued Dogs Coming to BCFS

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is partnering with Mexico-based dog rescue Evolucion to help two of six Mexican rescued dogs on find furever homes in Canada.

Originally saved in San Lorenzo Mexico, they’ll head north by way of Cancun and land most likely in Hamilton – final logistics are still in the works. Their arrival is slated for April 18, 2015. Please consider donating to either BCFS on our donations page or to Evolucion at  www.evolucionanimal.org to help give these Mexican rescued dogs a chance at a better life. Their Journey from San Lorenzo to Cancun to Ontario will take, many, many hearts!

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Admiral Poco

Time… the great and powerful healer…

The Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary family has suffered the tragic loss of one of our beloved sanctuary animals. We are struggling to find our balance so we can continue to walk the walk of animal rescue.

It will take time  before we are ready to jump in with two feet or four paws and we greatly appreciate your patience during this time of healing.


We miss Poco more than we can express and hope our tears pave his way to heaven. Poco is the worst cruelty case we have encountered and we hope that he has finally found peace. We love you Pokes.