Master of all she sees, Taz takes it in!

My Dog Taz Shows Me How to Live with Love

I have a friend. A friend I tell all my secrets, my fears, my worries, my wishes and my dreams. My friend’s name is Taz.

Taz doesn’t judge me. Taz doesn’t reprimand me. Taz just shows me the way you’re suppose to live. With love and forgiveness. With caring, understanding and kindness.

When I find myself in a place where there isn’t a lot of love or compassion; a dark, dank place full of cruelty that challenges the limits of human depravity, I push away the grief and bring love, strength and compassion to the trapped souls.

That’s what I try to do – bring love into the darkest places.


When we started Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, Taz  became a shining example of how to think, what to believe, who to trust, when to howl, why to fight and where to live life.

How to shake off the old stuff and embrace the new. How to not feel sorry for ourselves, how to carry on and never give up hope. And to always love.

Taz is that little conversation we have when we’re working through some dark things. Its the cool pool of sparkles that helps me forgive abusers, because without forgiveness the hatred and anger would burn us up inside. We’d be left a damaged shell able to help anyone.

If you want to volunteer with BCFS bring with you the very best person that you can be. A you that is full of love and hope, because animal rescue will challenge you down to your very core and shake your beliefs.

2014 year end

Rescue will make you angry, but let that anger float away and think about the goodness. Don’t pity the animals that are damaged, rather give them what they need to find hope: love, patience, strength, confidence  and kindness.

Be their voice, but let that voice be laced with love, not the anger that often clouds our path. Fight these battles with wisdom and not revenge.

Find your best YOU and hold tight, because there are moments as you drift off, when your mind is relaxed, that images will startle you awake with grief or anger. Give Taz a hug and remember to find love and forgive. Be strong for them, for you and most of all for those that hurt.

volunteer meetup 24 jan 2015



cushings disease diagnosis

Shih Poo Diagnosed with Cushings Disease, Support BCFS Harriette Fund

Our sweet senior lady Shih Poo Harriette has just been diagnosed with Cushings Disease. If you are not familiar with this affliction, know that it’s a particularly challenging one.

Here’s a good synopsis from Kate Connick’s blog post:

Cushing’s Disease (hyperadrenocorticism) is a common condition in older dogs, often mistaken for the aging process itself. Dogs gain weight, lose hair, urinate in the house, and make owners begin to prematurely consider euthanasia. Yet Cushing’s disease is treatable and that treatment can result in a longer, more comfortable life for the dog and its owner.  [link to full article here]

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Bailey Adopted Shih Tzu

Bailey Scores One for the Senior Dog Team! Happy Tail Adoption

Have you ever made a decision, then realized it was exactly the WRONG one just by having made it?  That’s what happened with Bailey’s now furever family. And they almost missed out! But in the weird and wacky world of animal rescue, the gods of goodness often prevail in spite of us silly humans. Bailey is now safely ensconced in the perfect-for-him furever family. Here’s what happened!

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siamese george polydactyl cat foster

Siamese Cat George the Polydactyl – Adopted

George is a Siamese cat who is also a polydactyl, he has more than five toes on each paw! George has just come into the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary foster cat program. We are currently looking for a foster home or of course a furever home for this talented feline.

George is a 9 years old, charmingly crossed eyed, lilac point Siamese cat. He has thumbs that come in handy when he tries to pick up things without claws! George needs to be in a home without other cats and without small children.

siamese cat polydactyl George

If you feel you could help George get a second chance at a loving home by fostering or adopting, please do contact Adoptions Coordinator Silvana by email and / or complete an adoption or foster home application, downloadable from our Documents Page here!



24 jan 2015 volunteer meetup

First Volunteer Meetup of ’15 To Celebrate Success, Sat 24 Jan

There’s nothing like a bright shiny New Year to get things started on the right foot. That’s why we’re inviting our hard working, generous and talented volunteers to the first of our about-to-be regular BCFS Volunteer MeetUp on Saturday, January 24 right here at 2930 Bowen Road in Stevensville from 11am to 1pm. PLUS Farm Operation orientation 1pm – 3pm for those interested! RSVP to Judith via email >> Here’s more on how we’ll say “thanks” for a great year, and give our BCFS crew a heads up on what’s news for 2015 … Continue reading