2015 BCFS Year in Review

This has been a year of growth and change for BCFS. This year has given us food for thought in deciding what kind of rescue we would like to be and the animals we would like to help.

What kind of rescue is BCFS?


There are many different flavours of rescue that appeal to different people. We offer extensive veterinary care and the much needed time many animals need to heal. We are low volume and high quality.


We made the decision to be a high quality rescue and the rest fell into place. Through our dedication to high quality we have developed relationships with SPCAs and other humane societies who transfer dogs with medical needs to BCFS foster care progam.

We have just forged a relationship with a small rescue group who has made it their mission to help save dogs from mass breeding operations.

Puppy Mill Dogs often need extensive veterinary care and time to heal. They need socialization, love, patience and skill. BCFS offers specialized care for recovering survivors of puppy mills.

Puppy mill dogs.


We’ve developed relationships with organizations and individuals who help dogs in need in the far north of Ontario. These are unique dogs who come with treatable health issues and end up being some of the best dogs we’ve had in our foster care program.

Dogs like North


… and who can forget Frost? 

frost logo

Special Needs

We’ve lost animals this past year and we have a handful of older animals who will likely pass in the coming years. We endeavour to give these animals the best quality of life while thinking of a safe end of days. These animals are in our palliative care or special needs program.

gus face

Little g Ranch home of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

We are physically moving our facility west to Wainfleet in the spring of 2016 and we will be opening our gates to the public in hopes of educating people about animals through school programs and organized tours.

xmasbarn and Q-hut

First Grant!

BCFS has applied and received our first grant in 2015 and the $7000 will go directly towards helping the animals as we transition to Wainfleet.


Grant Applications

We are hoping to do some large grant and donation requests to build an arena where we can start a program for special needs individuals working with horses. Splash will be spear heading this initiative inspiring others to work hard, give back and learn respect for animals.


Wildlife Habitat! 

BCFS will be starting a new wildlife habitat project where we are donating ten acres to be rejuvenated to support wildlife in our area. 409617_orig

We will need volunteers to help plant trees and create paths with signs for a self directed walking trail.



We shall be welcoming volunteers in the spring of 2016. In 2015 we became wary of strangers as we were pressured to close our rescue.

We open in the Spring of 2016 with a different strategy that protects BCFS and the volunteers who are true to our cause: Helping Animals.

girl power

Let the excitement build over the next few months as we continue to build, learn, teach and grow.

Thank you to all those who supported BCFS and the animals we saved. Its been an amazing 2015!



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