eulogy for a rescued dog from lebanon

Eulogy for a Rescue … Nobody’s Dog

Nobody’s Dogs are euthanized, unwanted, every day, all over the world. These dogs are abandoned to a horrible fate, because nobody loves Nobody’s Dog.

No responsibility is taken for Nobody’s Dog and no one is a voice for Nobody’s Dog. Nobody stands up and says “yes, that dog is mine.” Nobody says “I love that dog.” Nobody’s Dog is destroyed someplace cold, terrifying and alone.

Droopy came to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary as Nobody’s Dog and he’d been Nobody’s Dog for a long time. When he walked out of his shipping crate at the farm, after a 28 hour journey from Lebanon, I gasped with shock at his appearance. He was skeleton thin; red rashed bleeding skin stretched taut over his small frame. He trotted out and glanced around not quite sure what he would find.  We were just as shocked as Droopy. Continue reading

lucky lebanon dog adopted

Lucky Found His Charm in Canada, A Lebanon Dog Happy Tail

A poodle terrier mix. He’s around 1and ½ years old. Simply calm and sweet. For Lucky it’s the usual story for a stray dog, a family who gets a small dog and then decides to dump him for lack of time or whatever. – Mona Khoury, BETA Lebanon

Mona promised Lucky that his luck would change with his immigration to Canada, and she was not wrong! The day after he arrived in our country, he met a family willing to take him home to foster care. It was not long before his sweet nature and friendly disposition charmed that foster family into giving him a furever home.  Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is pleased to announce the news – we are no longer taking adoption applications for lucky Mr. Lucky!

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