chiropractic care for dogs with Dr. Tracy Drynan

Chiropractic Care for Chichi Does Wonders

Our little Beaver Creek foster dog, Chichi is a rescued chihuahua, ten years young.  During the time he has been here on the farm, he has showed every desire to romp and play with the other dogs, and very much wants to receive the cuddles most lap dogs of his nature enjoy.

The problem is, he hurts. You can tell from his body language. It makes him so conflicted – wanting to be cuddled, yet snappy if a finger hovered in a sensitive area – which happened to the area most people naturally gravitate to, his upper torso and shoulders.

But that was before we brought Chichi to Dr. Tracy Drynan, B.P.H.E., D.C. Doctor of Chiropractic. She was referred to us by our good friend, and volunteer professional Laura Arseneau of Four Paws Wellness.  With 30 years of experience helping people and animals, Dr. Dryan saw it too. She could tell Chichi was holding pain that was likely chronic, and unrecognized for what it was until we brought him to her. Here’s what happened next …

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harriette shih poo

Harriette on a Shih Poo Program to Good Health

Harriette came to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary a few months ago. Her natural disposition is happy and sweet, but we saw only tiny glimmers of it at the time. She was a dog literally weighed down by her terrible physical condition. Horribly overweight, she should have been about 16 pounds; Harriette tipped the scales at 32 pounds. With the dedication of her foster home, she is on the perfect Shih Poo program to good health.

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adopt a senior month gets real

Adopt a Senior Month Gets Real; Tia’s Happy Tail

Brian and Elizabeth probably did not set out to do anything other than what they usually do – adopt a dog, save a life. But their extra-special take on dog adoption was just a little bit more special for the fact that they adopted Tia, one of our senior adoptable dogs here at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, and during Adopt a Senior Month too! Could we ask for any more of a real world blessing?

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tack swap and sale

Tack Swap and Sale to Benefit Beaver Creek, Sat Dec 13

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is not just the beneficiary – we’re going to be there and be counted at the Tack Swap and Sale! Come on over Saturday, December 13 from 11am to 3pm at Sanderro Farms, 261 Sawmill Road, Pelham , ON L2R 6P7 .  

Beaver Creek will have a collection of sexy cool logo swag at the event, including “Who Rescued Who?” tee shirts and BCFS ball caps. Plus a vintage collection of leather wear, super deep discounted dog food, and of course horse tack to swap and sell.

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snuffles beagle catahoula adoptable dog

Snuffles, Beagle Catahoula Joins Beaver Creek – ADOPTED! Dec 2014

Please welcome Snuffles to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary! Snuffles is one year old beagle hound cross (Catahoula Leopard dog cross ia our best guess) with incredible blue eyes who weighs approximately 35 pounds. Snuffles is a has been in and out of the SPCA since he was 4 months old. He’s a high energy guy who needs someone to run, walk and play.  He would love a home with canine companion to keep him company.

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bentley adopted to furever home

Big Red Rhodesian Bentley is Off to Furever Adventures!

Gone for Bentley are the hours pent up in a crate; gone for him are anxiety-ridden days and nights due to owner insecurities. Here come fun filled hours in parks, running alongside his equally energetic doggy brother, and attentive training from his new-to-him furever mum and dad.

Here’s a little happy tail snippet they sent to us the morning after Bentley’s adoption ….
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adoptable bunny blossom

Adorable Adoptable Bunnies Will Steal Your Heart

We have three adoptable bunnies in the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary foster program, and any one of them is ready to steal your heart with their adorable cuteness! Donkey is a Flemish Giant, and the big daddy (figuratively speaking) of the trio; Blossom and Petal are house rabbits with lots of cuddles to spread around. Our foster family including Olivia and Sydney give us an update on these pretty pets….

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