LCHS walk a thon oct 11 2014

Beaver Creek Rescue at Lincoln County Humane Society Tail-Waggin’ Walk-a-Thon, Oct 11

The Lincoln County Humane Society will be holding their annual Tail-Waggin’ Walk-a-Thon this Saturday, October 11, 2014 and Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is right there in support of the initiative. We’re going to help our friends in the rescue community raise funds to cover the needs of the shelter animals and ensure they get the love and care that they need during their stay there. You can help just by spreading the word!


And of course you can take part in the Walk-a-thon with a canine companion, a human friend or meet a fellow rescue supporter right at the event. Pledge forms can be picked up from Lincoln County shelter, and online donations can also be made here on the LCHS Canada Helps page

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Adoptable AKC Chihuahua chichi

Adoptable AKC Chihuahua, Here’s Chichi

Chichi – handsome, daring and looking for a forever home! Chichi is a registered adoptable AKC Chihuahua and is a wonderful addition to a quiet family. Chichi loves to spend his days sunning on the deck, or exploring the yard with a dog buddy. This small package is looking for his retirement spot. He wants to be loved, and is particularly fond of foot massages, that is to say, your foot, his massage!  Chichi has a love of foot rubs that proceeds to lap sitting and quiet cuddles.

adoptable AKC chihuahua here's chichi

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The Idea of Rescue

I feel like I’ve been priming a pump on a machine for over a year and the engine is finally starting to turn over. Or maybe I’ve given birth to my first child and she’s ready to take her first few tentative steps on her own. Or maybe, I just bought my first house, started my first job, got my first paycheque and met the love of my life. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. That’s how I feel about my dream coming true. My dream to start a successful animal rescue is breathing, running and spinning in new directions. I’ve made some good and bad decisions. I’ve found allies in strange places and had to break a few hearts along the way, but BCFS is a ball rolling forward. My biggest fear realized when people entered the picture. People the ones who hurt and the ones who help are often difficult to tell a part. People the ones that couldn’t be trusted and the ones who stood by me. And then there came strangers. Oh dear. Strangers, but they didn’t stay strangers for long and I began to meet some wonderful people. Then, the most amazing thing happened – these strange wonderful people became friends, not just with me, but with each other.

adoptable northern dog Buddy

Northern Dog Survived Against All Odds, Here’s Buddy – ADOPTED! Oct 2014

In many ways, Buddy is the epitome of a Northern Dog. He came from very far Northern Ontario where he survived the cold as well as a series of injuries. His front right leg was broken, his ear was burned and he has scars from a smashed leg joint.

And he is an extra-ordinary dog too. In spite of all these injuries Buddy is an amazingly friendly and loving dog. He’s well balanced, loves people and other dogs, and takes his time to think through a situation. Life has made him very smart indeed. His muzzle is scarred, but his spirit remains undamaged. Buddy only wants to be loved. He’s a fascinating dog with a story to tell.  Continue reading

Adoptable Shih Tzu Ozzie

Adoptable Shih Tzu, Here’s Ozzie – Ready for Furever Home – ADOPTED! Oct 2014

Ozzie is a typical friendly Shih Tzu who is housebroken, good with other dogs, but chases cats, and is good with kids too. He’s 5 years old, walks well on a leash and is not a barker. He’s got the handsome cream and white markings of his breed, and though he currently has a puppy cut, could easily grown out his gorgeous Shih Tzu coat if one were prepared to groom him regularly. adoptable shih tzu Ozzie Continue reading