mia beta rescued dog

BETA Lebanon Rescued Dog, Here’s Mia – ADOPTED! Nov 2014

Mia is one of our six rescued dogs from Beirut Lebanon. In fact, she is the catalyst for Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary’s outreach to BETA Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. They are the original rescue organization in Lebanon that saved Mia from her plight on the street. We shared some of her backstory on our previous post here, The Dogs from Lebanon. Here are our first impressions and her 411 now that she with us in Canada.

Mia lebanon rescued dog
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furever home tv at beaver creek sanctuary

Furever Home TV to feature Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

Furever Home TV on site with Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, following stories at the front line of dog rescue for upcoming series on The Pet Network.

An exciting new development for our charitable rescue that is sure to help us reach our goal – educating the general public about animal rescue and animal welfare.  The documentary series, Furever Home, produced in collaboration with cable broadcaster The Pet Network. will be spending the next few months living here on the farm. And when we say “living,” we mean actually residing here at Beaver Creek’s Sanctuary 24-7,  immersed in the daily flow of life in our animal rescue organization.

“When you work on the front lines of animal rescue, you do tend to get so immersed that some of the fundamentals of outreach get overlooked. Having Furever Home here shooting, interviewing and observing with fresh eyes is having a terrific effect on how we grow, a benefit we could not have foreseen when we agreed to host the project.” – Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Founder Amy Bremner.

In documentary television parlance, this process of film and television production is called being “embedded.” Its similar to the process a journalist would undertake when they accompany their subjects into the front lines for a feature or in-depth news story. Imagine, for example, a military zone or a political campaign. Although animal rescue does not involve armed insurgents or suspiciously-financed politicos, it certainly does have its share of conflict and subterfuge. We hope to help the TV crew capture a taste of that to share with audiences; especially viewers that may not be aware that rescue organizations even exist.

Read the Feature Story in Toronto Star about Furever Home Doc TV SeriesFurever Featured in the Toronto Star

Furever Home TV Producer Judith Keenan, herself an active animal rescuer, explains “to get the best perspective on how a dog transforms through the three “Rs” – Rescue, Rehabilitation and Re-homing – you have to know where the dog in starting from upon first arrival, see the incremental steps in healing, and be witness to the sometimes-sweet, sometimes heart-breaking end result – getting the dog a furever home. There’s no more effective way to watch that happen than to literally be there as it does. You have to gain the trust of the dog as well as its caregivers to get the real story.”

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furever home TV series Furever Network is the online home base for Furever Home TV – you will find more behind-the-scenes segments as we move through production this fall – check it out on Furever Network here!

About The Pet Network

the pet network tv seriesFor Canadians who love pets, The Pet Network is the only television destination entirely dedicated to delivering entertaining and informative stories about the beloved animal companions who share our lives.

facebook auction

Facebook Auction Closes First Round Bids; More Great Items to Come

Tonight at 6pm we closed the bids for the first 14 items in the Beaver Creek Auction on Facebook!  A huge “thank you” and good karma to our supporters who have won their coveted packages by virtue of being the highest bidder!

Visit Beaver Creek Auction on Facebook to see all the winners!

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is privileged to count many donors in their camp. That’s why we are able to offer even more great stuff in Round Two! Watch the Facebook Page – http://www.facebook.com/beavercreekauction – for more items going live tomorrow, Tuesday October 21 starting at 6pm.

Christmas Warmer Basket – never too soon for holiday shopping

facebook auction

For the info geeks families – a whole collection of “How It Works”facebook auction

Faux Fur glory – as modeled by donor, volunteer and Fab Gal Gayle!

facebook auction

Jackson is very excited, you will be too – come on over :)

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BCFS Facebook Auction 2014

Facebook Auction 2014 to Benefit Beaver Creek Rescued Animals

Our friends and fans had so much fun, and we were able to help so many more rescued animals like Cookie, Ling Ling and Tia, we just had to do it again! Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is holding their second Fall Facebook Auction 2014 to help raise funds and care for our permanent residents,  to continue rescuing more animals, and spread the good word about adopting animals in need. 100% of the Facebook Auction proceeds go directly to helping our animals. Continue reading