Catch UP!

I’ve been a little crazy with the wedding stuff, but it’s important to write this down.

First of all: The Farm Update!

Mr & Mr Smith are learning to fly! I’ve found them in the driveway, the bunny pen and beside the house. They’re usually hunting for bugs. I call them and they waddle over excitedly and follow me back into their home. Even on their own they return to the safety of their pond at the end of the day. Once winter comes, the bugs are gone and the only feed is the stuff I provide I imagine they’ll hang out for the winter to eat and take shelter. They seem a little more aggressive and I believe a female might be in order.

The pigs: no change. Still fat and happy strolling around their paddock that they share with the goats, chicken, bunnies and Oreo the cat.

Nelly and Willow are doing well… except…. well, Willow has grown to take great pleasure in head butting everyone who enters her paddock. She does a playful little dance and then: POW! Usually right in the bum. Nelly looks healthy for a nine year old goat. She really needs her hooves trimmed, but I think it would be more of a struggle than it’s worth. Pick your battles.

I watched Willow and Oreo have a play fight yesterday. Nothing like seeing a cat and goat duke it out to remind you that size doesn’t matter, but claws do.

Nugget looks good and her passion for Ginger the pig has grown. The pair spend all their time together under the watchful eye of Charlotte. Nugget gets so excited when I cut the grass stirring up all the bugs. She has grown to love the sound of the lawn tractor.

Gizmo is really coming out of his shell and runs around playing more than ever. It’s very heartwarming.
Many months ago Gizmo stole a plastic teething ring from JR and every night he insists that we play a rousing game of fetch. It usually lasts ten minutes before he feels the need to wander over to the feed dish, but it’s a delightful ten minutes.

Taz is doing well and takes her career as bunny/kitty patroller very seriously. Our large feral ragdoll cat Athos is currently sitting under a tree outside the livingroom window driving Taz insane. He’s sitting and staring at the house. When Taz first spotted him she tried to go through the window head first. It did not go well. Taz and Athos are about twenty feet apart and separated by a pane of glass. It’s a little creepy that the cat is trying to watch us as we watch Monday Night Football.

I decided to try my hand had making home made dog food. I use chicken, rice and veggies and grind everything up in the food processor. Brent loves the stuff even if it’s a little bland. The dogs love it too and they seem to be having healthy poops and less scratching.

Poco has taken a bit of a downward turn. He’s become more aggressive and confused. He seems to be losing his vision and is very wary of everything. He seems so unhappy. He shakes most of the time and we can’t trust him with anyone in case he has a bad moment and tries to bite. I feel so badly for this little guy and I’m at a loss as how to help him. It might be time for some more serious sedation to help calm his nerves. This constant state of fear can’t be good for his heart.

Brief Wedding Update: It’s Saturday!!! Oh MY! I’m mostly excited and a little nervous. Brent is all the way excited and it’s contagious. We’re back to laughing and smiling and joking about everything. It’s at a point where whatever happens is going to happen and we’ll make it beautiful.

Brent and I didn’t register. We weren’t comfortable registering. We tried to think of stores we liked and places we could go, but it didn’t seem like us. I’ve had lots of people ask what sort of gift, so I came up with the following:

We’re heading south after the wedding for two weeks. A gift certificate to a restaurant where could have a honeymoon dinner might be nice. We love to camp, so fun devices that don’t require plug in power.

We love our dogs… so any kind of doggie gift would be fun. Gizmo has bad allergies, so grain free treats please!

Any fun thing that would work on a farm or the beach is a good idea. I think we’re pretty easy going for the most part.

Okay… those are my ideas, but please don’t feel the need to buy us anything. We’re so happy you are able to come out to our special day. Thank you.

I have twelve hours of work separating me from being engulfed in insane wedding planning… I can barely wait!! I had no idea you could do so many things with your hair.

The Bride Feels the Heat

I noticed the basics were starting to go off line. I was having trouble eating without feeling sick. I would wake up at 0430 and be up for hours without having to go to work. Wine was replacing Brent as my best friend. I was cranky with family, friends and Brent. I was starting to wish that this whole wedding thing was over. I was starting to think that things would be better after the wedding.

I started to recognize the signs of … Bridezilla.

Oh dear. Was I?

I didn’t have high demands of the wedding, my groom, my family or his parents. I wasn’t looking for perfection. I hadn’t made my bridesmaids wear aqua-marine taffeta. I didn’t want the most expensive dress or an exotic honeymoon.  I didn’t demand the flower girl/puppy dye their hair pink. Please don’t import special flowers that cost a fortune. I would like candles, but if you don’t have blue that’s okay… we’ll manage. I’m pretty sure the groom won’t be wearing shoes.

No. I wasn’t Bridezilla and I breathed a huge sigh of relief, I was just worried.

I worried we’d never meet with Pastor Tom and in the end we’d not have an anyone to officiate the wedding. Really… did this matter? Naw… we could always white chapel it later.

I worried we wouldn’t find a band and we’d be playing music from an ipod in the house. Would our friends really mind? They’d still have a few drinks and dance like next year wasn’t coming.

I worried the cater wouldn’t make it. Would my family and friends mind take out pizza? Probably not.

I worried the weather would be horrible – rain and wind. Can I stop it? Nope.

I worried the picnic tables wouldn’t be ready in time. I worried the green barn would never be cleaned out. I worried the port-a-potties wouldn’t arrive.

I worried about parking, high heels in the sand, Gizmo licking himself in the middle of the vows.

I never worried Brent wouldn’t show up. I never worried my puppies would run away. I never worried my wedding party would have a huge fight and leave.

My family and friends love us. They support us and care about us. Thanks for listening to my worries and I hope that with your good wishes I’ll finally have a good night’s sleep. This eye cream I’ve started using will only work if I get a little sleep!

Thank you.
ps…. I’m a closet country music fan.  I thought you should know all my secrets.